Thursday, June 11, 2020

I Like Thursday #197

I like color and beads

It's Thursday again, and I want to remember there have been some things to like this week.
I admit, it's so hard to deal with the issues going on now. 

as trivial as it sounds, this is my list of likes for the goes...

I like my rainbow socks purchased years ago from ArtFabric

I like that dh's socks are almost finished

I like doing math puzzles like

I liked sunshine this week. Sun, rain, winds, blowing pollen, birds nesting, clouds forming pictures in the sky, the moon glowing. Nature is doing it's best to continue on.
 I support it best I can. I am only one person, but I am not alone in wanting to support the environment.  I salute you, and I like you!
banana pancakes and turkey sausages
I liked learning online recipe to make pancakes from scratch. ( I admit I only made them from bisquick in the past. There were a few bad ones to start with, we live in high altitudes here, we needed more milk than they suggested, but the rest came out great. I mixed in some overripe bananas, , sliced some on top, put peanut butter on mine, almond butter on DH's and Milo's and we had the leftovers the next day, just as good.

I liked learning new skills this week from Sue Spargo on blueprint (my pictures HERE)

I liked finishing up the quilt "Life is Messy"

"Life Is Messy"

I liked using a new photo of my pink flower painting to print out a lighter version in  black and white gray scale. This allowed me to color it with pencil as the third version of this artwork in fabric.

I like having Jacquard fabric sheets that can go through the printer so I can merge my two favorite art forms, painting and fabric.

I like the book I'm listening to on disc by Fern Michaels, in the studio. I loved the Susan Wiggs book I finished this week. Our library is now accepting  returns so I have to face going there, touching the outside book return handle, to finally return my books. I will not be entering the library or checking out books again. Remember we have no prevention for Covid other than distance. There is no treatment other than support and if you body can't fight it, then it's all over.
As the country opens more establishments the numbers are rising again, of course!

I liked a recent TED talk (HERE) that explained how we're creating a hospitable environment for viruses to flourish into pandemics in future, because being aware is forewarned, is anyone in government listening? no? oy vey...

I liked being brave enough to cut dh's hair again... he wanted it short so I did that but I prefer it a bit longer on top. Still... it looks about like it did from the professionals. When I pointed out the flaws in it, he said good-natured-ly, well you'll have a long time to get it right!

Speaking of my husband, the pressures of life take their toll on us, and I appreciate his funny jokes. While some of them are not that funny, some make me laugh out loud in a guffaw! Like the other day, I asked what's a wall organizer? He answered, it organizes walls... haven't you ever wanted to know where you put the kitchen wall?
Thanks honey.
hangs on my corkboard
I liked this interview  on how do deal with anxiety during the Skavlan

 I believe in the golden rule.

I don't ask that you agree with me, I ask for peace, grace, and understanding

Last but not least, I like Jesus' words, Love One Another

is that mine??
I can't quite reach it on the counter, Dad
nom nom nom, yum! Could I have a side of bacon too? no... wah!


  1. love the quilt... you described my day with it ;O))

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  2. Having a husband who makes you laugh is priceless! I appreciate that about Mike, too. (Although sometimes I don't quite get the joke at first...) Pancakes - yummy! Lucky Milo to get some, too!

  3. I like your quilt, "Life is Messy!" That's a keeper for sure! Your needlework is really impressive! I love allrecipes and your breakfast looks so yummy! Have a wonderful day and Milo--Scout wishes she would get pancakes too! :)

  4. Good morning LeeAnna! C.u.t.e. rainbow socks! How fun and they certainly go with just about every outfit. I definitely don't touch any handles in public places without some covering. I usually wear gloves when out and about but I've been known to use the hem of my shirt in a pinch. Aww, Milo! I can see you enjoyed the pancakes. They look yummy. Keep doing a great job on watching your pawents! ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. You sure have so many pretty and colorful things. Homemade pancakes are sure yummy and they smell so good. It looks like Milo enjoyed his pancake too. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  6. I've got to incorporate more likes/thankful for in my thirteen thursdays or my life in general. I used to keep a notebook of them and I used to make felt ornaments. You are inspiring.

  7. Fun socks just brighten up the day don't they? Our library has reopened with some limitations, such as the community room isn't open. We "broke quarantine" this past week to join our kids to celebrate 2 grandson birthdays. I'm trying not to be quite as paranoid about being around small groups of people. And I met 3 friends for outdoor coffee yesterday. All 3 ladies have fragile immune systems so we have only gotten together as a group twice now, and both times outside. Everyone brought their own beverage. It was good for the soul to be with people.

  8. Hi,
    Love the Life is Messy pretty. I can't seem to find the linky for linking up my I Like I missing it somehow?? Have a great day!

    My I Like Thursday Post

  9. Oh LeeAnna! That quilt is fantastic! I think the composition is really strong and I love all the colors and scrappy shapes! And your knit socks are fantastic, I love the colors and it's so cool to be so close to finishing them. They'll be super comfy!

  10. I must be overlooking the link you mentioned on my blog as I don't see it, but I will hunt her up and see if I can find it. You are a very busy person!

  11. Lucky you to get a whole pancake all to yourself, Milo. All I ever get is one stinkin' forkfull!

  12. Hi LeeAnna,
    The pancakes look good! everything else looks fun too!

  13. Yum, pancakes! So many fun likes this week, LeeAnna. Life is Messy is looking great, and I'm glad you are still playing with your flower print. Milo has a cute covering for his house too!

  14. I only use Bisquick for pancakes too. Don’t know what makes them so perfect. Congrats on hubby’s socks. You and hubby sound like a good match with your humor. Nice.

  15. I love the socks! The ones you're knitting are gorgeous. I'm so afraid of using too many different colors. Life is Messy is so appropriate and looks wonderful! I think Milo loved his pancake! I would have loved one too! (Or maybe more!)

  16. What a treat for Milo! He is a lucky boy. I should listen to that TED talk. Although...maybe it would just be depressing. and I want rainbow socks like yours. So cool!

  17. Nap on a full stomach is always a nice thing. Love your life is messy quilt. And those socks! Socks should be festive. :-)

  18. I cut the Husband's hair last week, too, and thought I did a pretty good job, almost professional. He went from looking like a wild man with a tick in his giddyup to a nice guy with a silly sense of humor. Sudoku is fun! I learned it last year. I had no idea my brain could think that way. So many things I'm learning and unlearning these days.
    I love what you're doing with your B&W photo. I learn so much when I come visit. Thanks LeeAnna.
    Almost forgot, here's my link for the week --
    I appreciate you letting me join in when I do. :-)

  19. Awe I could have taught you to make pancakes from scratch, I have been doing it for years. Nice treat for Milo too. What no bacon. Love your quilt, and the painting. Love you my sweet friend. Have a fabulous Friday.

  20. Love both pairs of socks. Take something with you like a paper towel or disinfectant wipe (if you have any) or disposable gloves to open the library book drop door. Sorry you don't feel comfortable going into the library, but your library is probably much bigger and busier than mine. Our library doesn't open until Monday, but I'll probably wait a day or two before going. I haven't been since we left for FL in January. Need some new books to read. All of your projects are looking good.

    1. our library is massive, and always packed. Never empty. Never without people right next to you.

  21. ...I have a bunch of tie dye shirts, but no socks! Now I'd like a pancake too. Thanks for stopping by!

  22. Those socks you're knitting are absolutely amazing. LOVE THEM!!

  23. LA - digging all the colors in this post, which is no big surprise from you! Thanks for the interview - I needed that today. I am feeling a bit discouraged on a number of fronts, and I needed a boost! Enjoy the rest of your week!