Saturday, May 23, 2020

Sewing Saturday I need a name...

Welcome to this week's sewing round up! I finished one of two green strings improv pieces this week, along with making a kindle cover, and sorting through some studio supplies.

The design wall looks very spring-y I think
plus in the world of fiber, I started knitting socks again. DH loves my hand knitted socks and his have been repaired so many times they look like tiny patchwork quilts!
I had to remind myself how to knit them on two small circular needles, so it took longer than usual to get this ribbing done and start on the cuff but I'm happily zen at night while a show is on tv.

before I forget this is the post on the kindle cover, some of you only come on Saturday so you can  read about it HERE

 while I had the scraps out I made a couple strips too, in case I wanted to overlay them on the long banner piece about to be quilted.

I just need to even up the outside edge a bit, and trying to decide whether to let the banner sway and bend a bit or make it straight, because I'm ready to quilt it.

This is how I quilted the other piece....

a mix of rayon, green sparkly metallic, and oliver twist hand dyed cotton threads
Letting my whims lead me I tried to stay mostly to walking foot but did free motion now and then too.
I loved how using lime green threads made the batik leaves on the bottom pop!
little free motion flowers in little hst star blocks that finish at 4" with 16 pieces!
It's all improv so a bit wonky which lends itself to a more organic feel I want right now.
The whole piece is about 17" X 24" and I decided to bind the edge in black.
A very simple frame.
I also decided to add side pieces along each edge to make it rectangular and regular, adding order to an organic scene.
I see forest, and DH sees a river with petals floating on it.
He asked if he could put it in his office.
It needs a name

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  1. The spray of flowers you added were just right to complete the quilt. LOVE the quilting you did on this sweet piece! Flowers in the Field? Naming quilts is sometimes the hardest part of the process.

  2. Oh, I love this. I don't have suggestions on a name, but I'll give it some thought as I play in my sewing room today. Will let you know if anything springs to mind.

  3. How about "Petals on the water"? How delightful that Drew wants to hang this in his space.

  4. Flying free, came to mind. I am terrible with naming things. When I've put art quilts in a group show, I've often called then things like "green series 1", "green series 2". But I thought the title fit for this time, as I am sure we all would like to be flying free.

  5. Nice quilting! Love the greens! Thanks for stopping by my blog today and for the comment. I will be back here again:)

  6. Go with the flow..... came up first.
    Really like the white blossoms sprinkled on the green strip quilted piece as if they have just fallen to the grass below the tree. they reminds me of the plumeria blossoms, so sweet of fragrance !

  7. Your green pieces are amazing! Very inspiring!

  8. Gorgeous! LOVE those white petals on there. New life.

  9. Love your spring piece with the white flower petals! How I wish that I loved to knit socks *sigh*

  10. Beautiful combination of colors, textures, piecing quilting and overal design!

  11. frais , superbe et original j'adore

  12. I love it, your quilting finish it beautifully!
    Thank you for linking this beauty at Patchwork & Quilts!

  13. I’m not good at creative names. I like the petals on the water suggestion or just Plumeria! Lovely!

  14. Hi Leenna,
    It's gorgeous!
    love the combination of improv with a few traditional blocks ! great idea!
    I've been thinking about a name since I saw it yesterday...nothing popped into my head.
    The design wall looks cheery ! Amazing what you can do with green scraps and a few bits and pieces!

  15. DH's quilt, DH's naming opportunity. I see it both ways, though. The white petals just really make it. Such a sparkle, whether they are in the forest or on the river! Beautiful finish!

  16. Wow - so beautiful! A work of art! I would call it 'Fairy Glen'. Such nice work. x Karen

  17. Flowing with Hope. It is beautiful!

  18. LeeAnna's Garden of Enchantment!!!

  19. Lovely piece, but can't help you in the name department - that's something I struggle with all the time

  20. I love this! I thought it was a Jen Kingwell from a distance, but no, so interesting! What a great job and I hope you find a perfect name....lousy at that but Emerald Forest comes to mind. Thanks for linking up to TGIFF