Thursday, May 28, 2020

I Like #195

 welcome to this week's list of likes... did you notice we've moved from Spring to "OMG it's hot!" ?
more pretty paintings on Friday's paint party post!
saw this inspiring Iris growing in a neighbor's yard yesterday. She's the only one of over a thousand homes in here to have iris

want to get to know me better through a meme of questions??? you know you do, everyone's doing it! Read it HERE

Of course I have a glass cow ornament... it got broken in the move, an I used superglue to put the leg back on..... then noticed I glued it on backward... oy vey!

so happy to be knitting socks again! I successfully (sort of) turned the heel on DH's sock yesterday, it's been a really long time since I did a sock and had to look up how to do SSP (a decrease on a purl row) after messing it up a couple times but I'm on the way to a finish. I suppose he'll want a match for his other foot...

Did you hear blueprint has sold out and is closing down? Craftsy advertised having classes for "life" when you purchased them, then they sold to blueprint. Blueprint advertised classes for "life" then they sold to NBC who is shutting it down. I just joined for a year because they advertised unlimited classes for your subscription time and being isolated seemed like a good time to invest.

blink blink
Aren't you tired of being lied to and manipulated?
I know, things change but when a promise is made, a contract is signed, and in general...

So I'm trying to see a few classes before the end, and am watching a good one by Mary P Murphy on painting. She also speaks to design principles and drawing. She's good. Photos of my work tomorrow.

we had a big rainstorm last week, and even the robins were trying to escape it
I wonder what else goes on when our backs are turned? Are the birds having a party on the patio?
ran across this cute song on youtube this week. I grew up watching Dean Martin

google images but this is exactly what it looked like!

How about that moon on May 25th? It was the smiley face we thought might happen earlier. Well it happened on Memorial Day, and came not a moment too soon to lift my spirits. Unfortunately my camera couldn't capture the stars well, but I saw it. I'm a witness!
my point and shoot image
 Ain't nature grand? Aren't scientists wonderful to help explain it to us?
I painted this to commemorate it

Milo made this toy arrangement in honor of the moon's smiley face!

Speaking of eating, and who isn't? I made banana cake again, but something went wrong and it didn't rise into a fluffy big cake this time. Still tasted good even being dense. I made two  mini trifles with it one night for desert...

I like bada bing cherries (yea, no corn syrup) so into a handled cup went a big square of cake, pour on some cherry juice, layer on half a tapioca pudding cup (yea, no corn starch!), a bit of whipped cream, put two actual cherries on top, and it was moist and delish!
Speaking of sweet, and who isn't?

button up your overcoat

 have you ever been around a group of children? All of them are cute and nice, but they'll pass on germs like little infection vectors, til pretty soon everyone in school has strep, pink eye or head lice...

they may be opening up business again, but nothing is changed as far as infection goes. The virus spreads like a drop of water in a lake... in every direction at once.

be smart.... this is no joke, no one is trying to strip you of your rights to get sick so put away your guns, just don't give it to the innocent law abiding careful people who are trying to keep a distance from you. (this is to the hundreds of people who come right at me on a 4 Ft wide sidewalk while panting and running)

Milo's Moments
pining for my friend Kuna
I get it,  Mama!
 Remember this week when that tree guy's dog ran right at me when I was on a leash? Then his stupid owner ran right to all of us saying, she's just friendly. First of all no dog wants free dogs running up to them when they are on a leash, being all law abiding and all. Second of all,
even  friendly dogs and people can make us sick because who knows who they've been around?
Makes me want to put my head in a fire place!
I just sleep when I'm tired
HA HA! Just kidding about that... what I want to do is play with that dog but it's just not smart right now. I'm a big smart poodle, I know what the word WAIT means! I can do it, and so can humans!
My friend Kuna walking by...catch ya later girlie!

Heyyyy what's that little orange thing?
Mama: that's a goldfish cracker I gave you... why aren't you eating it?
Milo: I don't know... I'm not sure what it is
Mama: Oh NOW you're a discriminating diner? I've seen you pick up junk on the road to eat. I've seen your nose headed for a trash can. Every night when dad snacks before bed you're right there as his noshing companion eating goldfish!
Milo: oh. well. maybe if Daddy tries to eat it....

Now sit! Stay! visit these people to see their lists of likes and join us sometime!
 It seems hard to find paw-sitive things to like right now, but there is always some little thing that makes you laugh, or sigh, or smile... right?


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  1. We had a big rainstorm last night, just after the sun went down - one I would call a gully washer! I didn't know about the moon and two planets the other night - would like to have seen it. Love those long legs of Milo's!

  2. Naturally, it was cloudy for us to do any planet watching. It never fails! Milo? If you don't mind, I'll take the goldfish cracker. Yum. And yum on tbe banana cake. What a fun-filled post.

    1. I'm not I missing your bird photos for I'd Rather B Birdin'?

  3. I'm with you 100% on the mask thing. In my opinion it's purely a "political" statement to NOT wear a mask. No one complains about the no shirt, no shoes, no service rules in restaurants. Why isn't that taking away their rights? Don't get me started!! Cases are on the rise - slowly - around here so I plan to remain cautious and wear my mask out in public.

  4. We don't often get to the OMG it's hot phase here and I'm happy enough for it to be warm enough to need the sun umbrella up on the patio!
    I had a phase of knitting socks a couple of years back but your photo made me realise I don't remember much about how to do it now! When I made my first pair I (briefly) thought about knitting a pair for everyone in the family, but then decided that just knitting some for me is probably the most I should take on!
    Love the iris in that first picture - how pretty.

  5. Hi LeeAnna! So cool that you're knitting. I was able to knit some dishcloths when I was younger but I was self taught. I couldn't hold both needles upright so one always leaned against my leg. Unorthodox for sure! The mini trifle sounds delicious with banana cake and cherries plus whipped cream. YUM! Aww, Milo - Goldfish are yummy. Dominic and Addison love to eat Goldfish and if you were here, they would happily give you some. Sometimes they even share with me. Take care! ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. It's great that you got the heel down, I have to watch a video when I knit again.
    Yes, apparently they love your garden furniture, that it crawled down there amazes me, laughs ... nice what you have made and painted by the stars and moon. Your dog who was so tired after this walk was also so warm.
    Great this post from you thank you!
    Greetings Elke

  7. We're in a heatwave here. It's HOT!

    I grew up with Dean Martin too. Funny man.

    I always enjoy seeing Milo.

    Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday. Scritches to handsome Milo. ♥

  8. The worst part of knitting socks is having to do two of them☺ Molly is sleeping with her head on the fireplace hearth here too, Milo. The weather has been hot and humid for 3 days now. YUK!

  9. The stone must be cool for Milo to sleep like there ? Only you would have a cow like that. LOL. You have a lot of patience to knit socks. Pretty colors too. I was not happy when Craftsy was sold so I dumped everything and never looked back. What a great idea to memorialize that moon in painting!

  10. What pretty artwork!! I always love seeing Milo!!

  11. I love the moon happy face and your art! How neat is that! And we walked on a trail today and saw a few other people but everyone stayed apart! YAY! Saw lots of birds so it was a fun day! Take care and enjoy your walks with Milo!

  12. Awww...I missed the happy face. I forgot about it. Too bad about Blueprint. It seems like maybe if enough people complained, they would do something about it? You should get some compensation.

  13. Poor cow with its backward leg! It probably doesn't know it, though. That company should refund your money if they are closing.

  14. Sounds like you're having a pretty good week (well, except for the Bluprint thing, don't get me started on that). I didn't get an email for the Wed "Getting to know you" post. Found a few more things we have in common. I have some iris in bloom, but the tall bearded ones are still just in bud stage. I can knit, but never tried to do socks. Can you knit both at the same time, like you do with sleeves? It's been very hot here so I haven't been able to plant my zinnias and marigolds. It's supposed to go back down to the 60's this weekend. It would be nice to get a week in the 70's.

    1. as to socks... yes my book had me knitting both socks at once on two circular needles but it gets heavy to hold near the end (toes) part so I now just do one at a time on two needles.

  15. Our Female Human has been taking classes too but not nothing crafty, she finally got her certificate in Feline Behavior and Psychology and she's now doing a pet bereavement counseling certification. The Tribe is now finding out she's getting better at figuring us out!
    Purrs & Head Bonks,

  16. Wonderful post to read, Lee Anna. I was disappointed when Craftsy closed as I had had good service from them...never did check out Blueprint. A lot of things are closing it seems.
    You are keeping busy with so many interesting and creative ventures. Always fun and inspiring too.

  17. That moon painting is really pretty. Oh Dad grew up watching Dean Martin too. Hey Milo, that's some impressive chilling out with strangers running up to you. Some humans are crazy these days. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  18. love the one note Samba, it reminds me it is almost Summer!
    great posts and have a great weekend!

  19. Pretty iris. Great likes for the week. Awe Milo likes the cold tile. Obviously not listening or reading the news I missed the smiley face moon. I saw it though. Milo being a discerning eater? ROFL.

  20. That smiling moon is too funny. That glass cow is pretty cute. I like the colors on your sock. Hang in there!

  21. I missed the moon show too, and we have had quite a bit of rain here lately. Today was beautiful, so I visited a friend. We sat on her deck, 6 ft apart, and chatted the afternoon away. It was good.

  22. Thanks for the heads-up about Bluprint! I have several classes I'd better go watch!!! Hugs, H

  23. What a fun post! Love the leg of the cow, it's part of the cow's story now! I was upset about Craftsy closing and never joined Blueprint. So glad you posted about Blueprint closing because I had just found a pattern I was thinking of purchasing. I love Milo's moon art! :D Have a great week!

  24. It's hot here too. Whew. I try to get my outside things accomplished in the early - ish morning time. Interesting about Blueprint closing. A contract is binding, in my mind. Thanks for linking up.

  25. Hard to believe there are few bearded irises in your hood. It's a perfect plant for the climate and soil and look so pretty.

  26. Looks like the bird found a great place for a party hang out! That iris is gorgeous. Hoping mine maybe forgive me for moving them around to the sunny side of the house and bloom again next spring. Hope you've had a wonderful weekend!