Thursday, May 14, 2020

I Like #193

"you are getting sleepy... sleepy... drop the cake!"
 Want to caption that photo for me???

Welcome to this week's list of likes... always something to like out there... for instance I was grooming the poodle this week, and the scissors fell off the table merely grazing my foot.
Just imagine how that could have been different...

We'll start with how nice it was to have a sweet smelling, tidy soft brushed out trimmed poodle again!
It was so hot here, I just trimmed him right down and look how skinny he is!
Milo: I like it! My collar is almost loose enough to come off on walks, heh heh, bunnies look out!

we wash our fruit and veg with vinegar when we get it home from the store and it looked so pretty on this spring towel. I HATE to waste food, so when our other bananas went too soft this week, I looked for and found my fave banana cake recipe, "sour cream, chocolate chip banana cake" and learned how to deal with baking in high altitudes.
increase liquids, increase temp. decrease baking powder. It was wonderful! Half is already gone!
To our credit, we are eating fruit.
I TOO enjoy eating fruit, in a cake! Please pick out the chips first!
We got all fancy and put a cake plate out on the table too!

I'm a sucker for a pedestal.
I wanted to share our half pan too...
We love these little baking pans with silicon liners. Just the right size for two... so much better than the big ones for our needs.
love this thread palette
I've been painting and sewing a lot this week... more on paint party Friday, and Sewing round up Saturday.
I Liked this list of tv shows recommended to binge watch during the isolation

I'm writing this on Wed evening, and looking so forward to the Survivor finale! I am sad the season is almost over but love that they are able to do the big reveal via zoom for us! I like the new show Council of Dads, and am loving Pillow Talk where real people watch 90 day fiance and make snarky comments like I'm thinking. Planning on checking out some shows from the above list soon too.

Reading an Ebook in the tea house series, on my ipad kindle app. I have come to enjoy it, finding a way to balance the ipad in bed for night reading,  soft light, and now can swipe to the next page with the hand holding the ipad. Look at me, an old dog learning new tricks!

I fell in love with this widdle baby...

 Found this free tutorial on a newsletter from Shabby Chic, think I'll make a mama and baby bunny soon.

And look what's coming on the 16th
moon smiles

Milo's Moments
I was lucky to escape that grooming session with my ears on! I'm on some new allergy medicine so, paws crossed, it helps my ears. Anyway, I like mama even if she insists on touching my feet!
I like a full toy box!  Here I am checking out the situation...
Mama: Milo! What a mess you're making!
Milo: Well I'm looking for the right toy. No not the headless chicken, not the reindeer with one antler, Maybe the gnome, it needs chewing... hmmmm no not in the mood to chew up a plastic bottle...
Give me a minute! there are a lot of  toys waiting to be pulled apart!
is it time to walk???

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Thursday Thirteen


  1. wow Milo, we love your fabulous hairstyle... and we like the idea with the collar LOL

  2. Hi LeeAnna,
    don't try to catch falling scissors or a knife ! Just try to get out of the way in time. Way back, when I was a kid, while getting a pair of scissors out of the drawer, the scissors fell with the pointy bit landing in my big toe, going through the toe nail. No harm done. Just took a while for the nail to grow out. Then there are the working in the kitchen stories...then the gardening experience!
    Quilting....that's going well! I have to laugh at that "oh, Kay ! " youtube video!
    Banana bread ! I can almost smell it!

  3. Milo looks awesome. Your banana cake looks yummy. Pretty thread. I have been noticing that Pyrex is making smaller single or 2 serving baking dishes too.

  4. Good morning, LeeAnna! Milo is really stylin'. He looks great! Ah, the season finale of Survivor. I'm not surprised that Tony won but was pulling for Natalie. She used her tokens just the way she should have to purchase extra advantages in that challenge. I also love watching Pillow Talk! Sue got me hooked on the show last summer, so here we are keeping up on the show. I totally understand the need to pick just the right toy, Milo. Keep on keeping on. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. I enjoyed the Survivor finale last night, but was hoping for Natalie to win. It has been an interesting season all along. I've watched way too much TV this week. The first month of this quarantine I baked banana bread a LOT. But we're tired of it. I am considering doing my own grocery shopping this afternoon instead of ordering online. I always think of additional items I need right after submitting my order.

  6. Milo looks lovely after his trim! And your banana bread sounds delicious. I'm out of fruit and veg, so I think I'm going to have to make another grocery run, but I've been putting it off....

  7. Milo, you are looking good! And so does that banana cake, LeeAnna! Maybe you need to share the recipe...hint, hint. A smaller cake pan would be really handy to have! I was wanting to bake again, too, so made more banana bread. We watched the Michelle Obama documentary on Netflix last night and it was very good. I cried through some of it, thinking of what we have now compared to the Obamas. Hope you have a great Thursday!

  8. Milo! You handsome dog, you. Banana cake looks good! I love my silpat. They're very useful.

  9. Milo is so handsome. I am impressed that you groom him. I do good to bath the dogs and trim their nails! Thanks for linking up.

  10. You look so handsome, Milo, and my mom loves baby elephants as much as your mom does!

  11. Fruit in a cake, with chocolate chips - yum! Milo is looking very handsome indeed. The bunny tutorial will be fun to see.

  12. I was going to caption the photo with "Time for a Walk" ,,, lol ... Milo said it for me in the end. He looks handsome with his new do. The banana sour cream choco chip cake looks so good I dug out my recipe and have one baking in the oven. Do you use the Land O Lakes recipe? Bananas are fruit. I like them as is, but Charlie prefers them in cake. I would have added cherries, as Charlie loves them, but we did not have any. He only likes the kind in a jar with red food color, which I do not, but I would put them in and pick them out. Do those cherries count as fruit? Love the thread colors ... <3 Pat

  13. Milo looks cute and very comfortable now! Love what you're baking and I think I'll see if I can get that bunny pattern too! I need to sew or do something crafty! Hugs!

  14. Milo looks so handsome and ready for summer! Watching a baby elephant video just makes me smile all over.

  15. Fun post. Milo looks so cute all trimmed down. That banana cake looks really good too. Where did you get the 1/2 pan? A Smiley Face in the Sky? I kinda liked Milo being picky about his toy. Just sayin.

  16. Lucky Milo, he doesn't have to wait for the salons to open. He can get spiffed up in the comfort of his own home. Your banana cake looks yummy. I've been going to make banana for three days now. It's going to rain tomorrow, so I hope the bananas aren't too far gone. Love Aurifil thread colors even though I mostly use neutrals. I do usee the bright colors for quilting kids quilts. Looking forward to seeing what you are up to with painting and sewing.

  17. Milo's sporting a handsome style, LA. You do good work. Was it last week that got so hot I thought about shaving off my hair? The days have a bit of nip to them so I'm glad I didn't give in.
    I was rooting for Natalie to win. Tony deserved the win, too. For that matter, so did Michelle.
    Yummy looking cake. Hmmm, is there a baking day in the near future for me?

  18. Hello,
    Milo looks handsome trimmed. He sure has a lot of toys to play with, but a walk sounds great too. Your banana cake sounds yummy. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  19. You do such a nice job grooming Milo! I wish Scout looked half as good as he does. We keep working on her but oh well. Banana cake is a great way to use up soft bananas for sure! Looks delish! Have a great week!

  20. ...washing your groceries has become a topic of conversation, should or shouldn't you! How times have changed.