Monday, November 19, 2018

the week ahead

Welcome to this week's Happy Homemaker party!

It was a busy week last week, with physical therapy, an art quilt meeting, and my husband's car was hit while he drove to work. Like they say, the best laid plans... the other driver was found at fault so their insurance should pay to repair the car, however it will take almost 2 months to get back.

The other driver's lack of care caused us untold trouble and I hope everyone drives safely today, looking out for the other guy, giving people room, being patient, watching for crazy drivers.

On the way back from PT a driver got mad at me again, for stopping before turning right at a red light!
Honk, honk, honnnnnnnnnnnk! Where does all the aggression come from, and it serves no purpose but causing discontent.

So, this week... now that we've had the car towed twice, and had to pick a different repair place than the dealership suggested (they were going to take 3-6 months to repair!!!) I will look toward Thanksgiving.

We are thankful Drew wasn't hit broadside, the person hit his back right side.
We are thankful for shelter from the cold and snow, for good food, and each other.
Our little family of three.

The weather in Aurora CO
It got cold again, below 20F on Saturday, and sleeted all the livelong day. What a mess it was, too icy to do anything but stay home. It's still icy on sidewalks now, but the sun might handle that today.
I slipped a couple times trying to walk, and my back was hurt even more. Today, sunny and in the 40F for a high but still ice on sidewalks.

As I look around
I've taken to putting things away before going to bed, so I can get up to less chaos. That silly poodle pup drags shoes back here, tears up paper, pulls all his toys out, the quilts are left in a puddle on the floor... I walk around clearing things so that I look at a nicer view while having my coffee.

Outside,  snow from a week ago is mostly melted, and we got a new mat for the season yesterday. Milo has artfully arranged his toys across the back yard, and the pumpkin is still orange and sturdy despite the freezes.

Our flowers, carefully covered each night, have finally given up for the year as the baskets cling together just outside the back door. Need to get rid of those.

Breakfast lunch and dinner
Even though it's just our wee family of three again this year, (think about inviting friends to your gatherings sometime, we'd all appreciate being included).....

We have begun getting the special foods I traditionally make at Thanksgiving. We have a little turkey in the freezer to come out today to thaw. We will have zuccinni casserole, sweet potatoes, ambrosia fruit salad, homemade cranberry sauce (we love this so much on sandwiches after the big meal) stuffing, and I put root vege into the roasting pan with the bird, so we have celergy, carrots, onions, mushrooms and potatoes too)

I usually stand and section the grapefruit and oranges while watching the parade on Thursday, and it's a throwback to my Southern roots: Grapefruit, navel oranges (both sectioned) pineapple, coconut, cherries and bananas.

I've been working in Studio 2 to arrange my supplies. I really want to make art again, paint, draw, quilt, bead, etc. I moved most of the boxes and supplies out of the room, so I can position things back in a more organized way. I ordered a great teal shelving unit of 6 fabric boxes from Amazon to hold my knitting but it didn't get put together. I really REALLY want to get this all handled finally so I can relax a little, then set up the guest room.
Maybe I'll try to put together the shelving... as if I can easily understand the directions.

Along with the usual daily to do list, I'd like to make sure I drink a lot of water today... I've been very congested so that might help. I want to put a pan to simmer some apple peels to make the house smell nice, and to look through my library books on felt ornaments. I found my felt at least!

I want  to gather my supplies to try the beaded icicle ornaments I want to make this year. And to send Christmas cards, I need to find the ones I have, somewhere in the guest room.

I'd love dh to take the halloween decorations back down to the basement for me too... They are in a pile in the hall, blocking the door to the basement, which he carefully moves each time he goes down instead of taking them down. Do you do that? Block a passage with stuff that has to go upstairs or downstairs, and your mate steps over it?

I'm kind of looking forward to getting out the Christmas dishes for the season too! I plan to do that day after Thanksgiving! And put a red tablecloth on the kitchen table.
 If I can find them, put my snowbabies on the mantle, again after Thursday.

I'm finishing up the novel I've been reading about a young woman who chooses to work for a winery in Sonoma instead of a high powered NY firm... it's a hardback and heavy to hold in bed at night!
Next up the next Tea House Mystery by Laura Child. I fall asleep reading and don't get far fast.
 Also, if the library gets in my quilting book, I hope to catch up with the chapters my art group has already read.

We love ACORN on the Roku... we are nearing the end of the available episodes of 800 words, and Murdoch Mysteries, and in the middle of the Irish law series. Last night I watched a show on women's rights in England... when she said they were given the right to equal pay for equal work in the 1990's I thought, wow how late, then I quickly remembered we STILL don't have that protection  here in the US.

Craft basket
I want to start the icicle ornaments, and a hexi project with some small Christmas squares I purchased. I love to methodically work with my hands at night while watching tv. I need to find my paper hexies though I may just go to Joann and buy some more so I can make stuff.
I was ecstatic to find my marking pens and pencils Saturday while the ice rained down outside. And some of my stencils... I'm on my way!
no picture with snow, these are just breaking open

I want to make an abstract nature quilt with neutrals... on my walks I've been watching the field of cattails with snow on them. The colors are very quiet for me, but I see it finished in my mind's eye, just need to do it.

I've been labeling my fabric bins, so I can tell from a distance which one I want to grab. I use envelop labels and draw on them with marker. I have somewhere some fancy labels from the container store but who knows where. These are helping me remember where I put things in the new space.

Lessons learned
How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time...
I've felt pretty overwhelmed this week with our new financial and logistic struggles from the car accident. My back is so bad I can't ride in cars who's seats may be slightly off... so I have to now drive everywhere we go together (my car seat is set for me, and DH's seat was set, but not the rental) which is stressful. Our trip over Christmas is now off as I doubt we'll have his car back and I'm worried it will be wonky now. I'm worried about a lot of things. I am tired and worried about the future, and if we'll have enough money to retire now that I caused us to move here where it's lots more expensive than it was back East.

I'm trying to take it a step at a time, not think about the overwhelming future, just look ahead a few steps. I'm trying to keep positive about the holidays.  Every time I watch a holiday movie where the actors say family is everything, I cry a little.
One step at a time. We have shelter from the cold, and food to eat, and each other.

I was reminded that connections happen in mundane ways sometimes. Like at the book store yesterday. Milo was with us, and several people talked to us because of him. He brought us connections. We had several really nice conversations, one was with a couple who have grandchildren living in Norway, so we chatted and laughed at dog and children stories. Milo laid down on the woman's feet. I am quite open to these encounters, knowing life is richer for sharing it with others even strangers. 

I hope one day to be wanted and included in holiday gatherings but for now, we are lucky to have each other and our  poodle son. One step at a time, just look to the next step.
Enjoy that step.
We have so much to be thankful for.

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  1. yes... you have each other and the poodle son ;o) Idk why people are so aggressive this times, there are so little things what become such giant waves... maybe the christ-madness?

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about the car accident. It's a shame that we're all busy going from one place to another. Where I'm from, the drivers gets mad because you stop at a red light. The expectation is that even though the light is just about to turn red (because it's been yellow before you got to the line) you'll go through. its sad, cause I have kids in the car and I'm not about to get into an accident with them.

    So it's very good and thankful indeed that it wasn't worse, but I am very sorry for your back.

    When I want my DH to take something out, I end up blocking the door with it, send him a text that there are things that has to be brought out. I tried to make it as easy as possible (since if it's too much work--it tends to get put off), and I remind him when he comes in through the door. I've learned that I can't drop hints with my DH, I just have to tell him what it is that need--or it will never get done.

  3. So sorry about the car accident

    Happy Thanksgiving to you 3. I'm sure you will meet friends who will include you soon, you are so open with people, it can't fail.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about the accident! I'm a slow and careful driver so I get people angry at me a lot :( I wish people would slow down and consider others feelings over their mad rush to get nowhere important!
    We are home alone for the holidays as well, choosing to travel to family after Christmas. Its going to be strange! We actually have been invited to a few dinners, but wonder how hard it is to include a family of six in your already large gatherings? Not sure what our plans will include, and kind of sad already about missing family, but I know that we will be okay, and thankful, even if it means that we just have more quiet time to ponder our thankfulness!
    Have a wonderful week! Prayers for quick healing and you to get your car back soon!!!

  5. Leeanna, You are much loved by us, your fans. Think of "us" at Thanksgiving, and you'll have lots of company. My family of 5, 2 humans, 3 pets, will be having our Thanksgiving together. The pets and good health give us great joy. I''m glad Drew was unhurt.

  6. So sorry for the stresses weighing you down. But very glad your husband wasn't hurt in the accident. Holidays often tend to make folks sad - as we miss friends and family we won't see. I know that I'm one of those folks.

  7. Praise the Lord for His loving hand of protection! Love all your artsy ideas and love the picture of the cattails. Speaking as a naturalist, I think that an abstract nature quilt would be AWESOME! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! <3

  8. So sorry to hear about the accident, but glad he's okay - that amount of repair time is just crazy! Your advice to drive safe, have patience and include others in celebrations is very sage. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  9. Oh, Leeanna! First, are they manufacturing you a new car? That repair time is insane! Glad that at least Drew was unhurt. If you were still over this way you could totally come join our Thanksgiving. I'll be thinking of you anyway, and I hope you have a lovely, peaceful day with Milo.

  10. Oh goodness, some drivers are just plain rude. Glad your husband was not injured in the wreck. Yes, one step at a time. Praying for you. 'Looks like you have a lot planned craft-wise. Wishing you all a happy Thanksgiving.

  11. Standard Poodles- always ambassadors of friendship.

  12. Time to start working on that gratitude list. Thankful that Drew was not inured. Cars can be fixed or replaced, people, not so much. (but why is the repair going to take so long?) Thankful that you are unearthing craft and quilt supplies and beginning to create again. And yes, my husband can ignore piles for days. Reminds me of an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond when he left at a suitcase at the bottom of the stairs and neither he nor Deborah would take it upstairs. We will also be home alone on Thanksgiving (and Christmas for that matter). The friends we used to join for holiday dinners now go to Florida. Children are far away and the one who isn't goes to her father's house for Thanksgiving. She does come to our house or Christmas Eve. I am very sorry that your back is causing you so much pain. I hope the PT will help. So, yes, one step at a time, focus on the things you have to be grateful for and keep working on the studio! Give Milo a cuddle for me.

  13. If you started driving now, you could still make it for Thanksgiving … but it sounds like now is not the best time for all of you. Perhaps knowing that you are welcome is some comfort? I am praying for peace for you, peace from worry and concern … and that you can find joy in what sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving menu for two special people and one very special poodle!

  14. Staying in the present has always been my struggle. After several decades of living, I've gotten better about living and enjoying today, thank goodness. I can get so anxious second-guessing myself and worrying about what-if's. Your Thanksgiving meal sounds wonderful. It has me thinking seriously about making the Mama's stuffing sometime this week. I did buy chestnuts at the store today. We'll see. Big hugs to you, your hubs, and Milo, LA!

  15. Sorry to hear about the accident and the long repair time. Thank goodness your husband was not injured. It is hard not to worry about can be so uncertain. It's good that you are keeping busy with your organizing and getting out among kind people. Your Thanksgiving meal sounds wonderful. Wishing you sweet blessings for your week. xo Karen

  16. Hi LeeAnna,
    You're welcome here...but the drive to get here is insanely long! :)
    That fruit dish sounds good!
    Yes, giving thanks for what we have.
    It's hard to ignore the news! ...did you hear what Trump said about Finland and forest fires? crazy!
    The holidays are too commercialised here. Images of happy families gathered around a huge over full table...who can keep up with that? It should be about what it was for...the original idea. giving thanks. Enjoy those near to you.
    Thanks for blogging!
    take care, and hugs, Joanne

  17. When it rains it pours so it's easy to feel depressed. But, we have to make our own happiness. I have been a worry wort for years and finally had to talk to my doctor recently about my nerves because it just became overwhelming. There's a stigma with asking for help. But, my daughter noticed my stress level and mentioned I might need help. I got an anti depressant/ anxiety med called Escitalopram (5mg-the lowest dosage available). I take a half tablet because I am so sensitive to drugs. The good news is-it has worked. I handle life's stress so much better now. Honestly, I was skeptical and now wish I had spoken up earlier. What with my brother's cancer, my own health issues this year and normal life events, my plate is overloaded so I hope you know I understand your feelings right now. Have a chat with your doctor and maybe he can help. I hope your PT improves your back-that is so debilitating!
    You are such a talented artist, I can't wait to see your ornaments!
    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Hang in there girl. We love you. mary

  18. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear of the accident. I would think the other driver's insurance should cover the cost of a loaner vehicle since it's going to take so long to get yours repaired. It will just be Cabo, Entrepreneur and me on Thanksgiving Day. Our youngest daughter, who lives in Florida, has Friendsgiving where they get together with others who don't have family in town. I like that tradition. I usually haul out the Christmas decorations the weekend after Turkey Day.

    I agree, connections can happen in the most unusual places. Like the blogosphere! And, yes, all we can do is take life one step at a time and make the best of our situations. The holidays can be lonely so I hope you develop some close friendships in your town so you all feel connected. No one has holidays like what we see in the movies! Usually, the holidays are pretty messy for everyone! Perhaps there is a church that might interest you where you could connect with others? I do hope PT is helping your back. I was plagued with back pain for a number of years before I had surgery for a blown disc.

    I wish for you a grateful heart and for continued opportunities to connect with others in your area. And a heartfelt Happy Thanksgiving from Missouri to Colorado! xoxox

  19. What a week! We, your readers and cohorts online in arty adventures, are thankful for your posts and observation of the life around you that inspire our lives when shared. Time to make the cranberry sauce of my dreams,wow, seams just like yesterday i put in too much jalapenos i my sauce.....Be well, Sonja

  20. So sorry to hear about your husband's car getting hit. Glad he was okay. Oh, us homemade cranberry sauce people need to stick together. Just made mine to take with us. Hope your quiet small Thanksgiving is wonderful!

  21. Glad your husband is okay and lots of healing energy hugs for your back ~ and hugs for dear Milo ~ Yes, be glad you have each other ~ Small families are important as much as the big get togethers ~ May you share the love and yummy Thanksgiving with each other and dear Milo and find the joy within.

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)