Thursday, November 29, 2018

I Like Thursday #117

Welcome to this week's list of likes! I like these Christmas-y flowers from Trader Joes on the now cleared off kitchen table with it's red tablecloth

Wouldn't it be a little Christmas miracle if it stayed cleared off?
I like a the pops of red in Christmas decorations, and the new "old" ornaments I found at Michaels on black Friday
Santa is driving up in a 1960's car this year! 

 Look at that Rudolph mug! and of course Santa Cow!
We got a new green fake tree that day but haven't set it up yet. I did set up my older white tree with the burnt out lights (pre lit trees are really fast but when the lights go out? )
Pull them off with great difficulty and add in some flamingo lights (thanks to Maria, and Nancy)
and a big "Glam-ingo" for the top!
I am not happy that all my ornaments are lost in the basement (best case scenario) from the move but I now have the two older trees up at least!

and of course to go with, my pink tree. I'm now fretting because the lights on this pink tree are also pink, and when they blow out, where will I find more?

I have lots more quilty Christmassy goodness to share tomorrow... hope you come back to see them!

I like the cookies DH brought home, I like the box, and the cookies taste so much like my grandmother's "tea cakes" as she called them.

Not overly sweet, crumbly soft texture, big and white.

I enjoyed this library book, and hope to make some felt ornaments this year...found my felt, yea!
The pattern wanted you to enlarge them and what a pain! I had to make a copy, then cut it out, put on our copier saying fill the page, where it made it a tiny bit bigger. Cut that out, repeat four times to get it large enough to make. But now I'm copied and ready to start!
I LOVE sewing hexies by hand. I got two little pre-cut 2.5" packages of really cute Christmas fabrics, made up a little kit to sew while watching Survivor tonight! I plan to mix in some of my Christmas stash fabrics as well, and make a table runner.
I really like having a kitchen desk area. We charge devises here, and I love all my little items from the flamingo pen of feathers, to my old fashioned clock, to the big window. I love the windows in this house bringing in light. Each morning it's a joy to go around opening shades.
I love Essie fingernail polish and it's time to paint the town red! Or at least my nails. Place your bets now as to how many hours til it chips.... As I said in my happy homemaker post on monday, I wanted my red damask table cloth on the table but it's big enough for all the leaves in the table. The table isn't opened right up now, so I folded the cloth in thirds and it looks pretty showing the dark brown ends of the table.
love the way the IKEA star shines each night on my adirondak table, and the new bunny ballerina
On Pointe!

Milo's Moments
Ho Ho Ho Bark!
I like the rug Mama put by the back door, it's really cushy and smells like back home in MD. I like watching the morning show, with the bunnies and squirrels and joggers.

I've been thinking about stuff a lot lately, now that I am a year and nearly 9 months old...
Mama doesn't realize all the Great Poodle Thoughts I have. But I do. I want to understand everything Mama says to me, even if I don't know why the things are impawtent to her. Like "stay with mama" of course I'll stay with Mama! That's a given. It's just that sometimes I NEED to follow up a smell or chase a rabbit.
Know what I mean? I want to make her happy, by walking next to her, but when nature calls, and it does nearly every tree, I have to answer.
Sometimes I sit and think, and sometimes I just sits... but mostly I thinks about stuff I see on walks. And I do not like the weird Santas all over the place but don't know what to do about them but to bark at them.

She's talking again... I tilt my head so the words can better fit into my ears.  Heh heh when I do that Mama giggles, and when she laughs I do more and more funny things to keep her laughing!

It's so much better when she laughs than when she barks, stay! with! Me!

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  1. I have a little pre lit tree which is almost 20 years old. I have been kind of on the look out for a new tree but which way to go? Great likes, and your Flamingo tree is fabulous!

  2. Hi LeeAnna! So many pretty Christmas decorations and I love them all. Don't worry about your pink lights. They made things to last longer years ago. Plus you can probably replace one light and it will keep working! Oh Milo, you look so cute thinking your thoughts! You just keep on thinking and stay by mamma. Happy Happy Thursday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Very pretty Christmas decorations! Hope you can find the rest. I think a lot of us (even without cross country moving) probably have boxes of decorations lost in our basements. Such pretty flowers to brighten up your table. Milo's sharing a lot of wisdom this morning, better go work on my post right now. Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. I hope you find the rest of your Christmas ornaments!!!! I love the pink tree, we have a bright pink one to put up at work- we'll probably pull out the office/lab decorations on Friday or Monday. I also love felt ornaments, I probably won't make any this year, but they are lots of fun...

  5. OMG this was such fun to read-twice. heehee. That 60's car, the lighted mantel (I need to add lights to my shelf), I need those cookies! and, Milo's facial expressions. Have a great day! mary

  6. I enjoy all your ornaments and decorations. I need to get busy with mine but also have loads of clearing out to finish. Sigh.
    Pink Christmas tree! My grandmother would adore it. She had flamingo statues in her yard.

  7. Fun to see your Christmas decorations! I am slowly getting mine out. The cookies look and sound delicious! Some Christmas hexie sewing sounds like the perfect thing for TV time this time of year. And that smart Milo - love your photos of him!

  8. Love those flamingo lights! So cute. At a former workplace, we had a Christmas tree in the reception area, and our receptionist changed the lights and decorations for every season. I have no idea where she found some of the fun light sets but it was always cute.

  9. Thank you for sharing pictures of your Christmas decorations with us! Love the Moravian star - it reminds me of my hometown.

  10. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Cool.

    I took one of the cookies. It went very well with my morning coffee.

    Milo looks content.

    Have a fabulous day. Scritches to Milo. ♥

  11. Hello Milo! You are a very smart dog, and handsome, too! Don't worry about all the Santas - in a few short weeks they will be hidden away in boxes again. And tell your Mama that I really like her red tablecloth!

  12. You have great decorations! Those hexies are cute, and I like the felt trees. I dread enlarging patterns. Milo is so handsome!

  13. Of course, you would have flamingo lights. I have only brought a few things out so far, including a table-top tree whose lights are not working. It's a 10 or 15 light string and I haven't found another one yet. I guess I should try to replace a bulb at a time (if I can find the extra bulbs). Last year I probably only put out half my decorations. We'll see how far I get this year. How could anyone stay mad at Milo when he looks at you so sweetly?

  14. I love all your decorations..your home looks so festive...and
    Your little Christmas hexagons are so pretty...
    Is Milo looking out there for Santa??? hugs, julierose

  15. Milo looks sweet and regal. I love the drops of red in your photos! Santa in a 1960's car, priceless! I wonder who will have chipped nail polish first, you are me :)


  16. I love your Christmas things and Santa sure has a cool ride. Hey Milo, what are you thinking you want for Christmas? Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  17. Now I wish we had bought cookies yesterday when we were at the market. Instead I bought flour, sugar, and eggs with the intention to bake cookies, but I truly wonder if that will happen today or tomorrow or any other day soon.
    Your kitchen desk struck an ah-ha! moment for me. I now know where to put the father-in-law's desk when we take it out of storage.
    Milo, sometimes I wish I could bark at the scary Santas.

  18. Love your Christmas decor. I haven't even decorated yet! lol I need to get with it. Thanks for linking up today.

  19. Hi LeeAnna,
    Love the sights of Christmas lights!
    Why don't they make crafty patterns with the seam allowance included or the pattern at the right size!?
    Enjoy the weekend!

  20. You should really think of a children's book for Milo...Poodle Thoughts are so much fun.
    This post is chockablock LeeAnna with such great things. I too prepare a kit for the evening's tv viewing and panic if I don;t have something ready. Love hexies, have never made them but want to try. That would be a great runner. All your lovely, flamingoes, amazing colours. So pretty in the room.

  21. I love lots of red in our decorations! That red tablecloth is very nice! Wish I lived close to you to craft and sew with you. I would learn a lot! Hugs!

  22. Love the Christmas touches you have all over the house. Very pretty.

  23. Red sure is a great colour for nails and a table runner. Yes it seems like dogs have no end or urges that humans really don't get... then again humans have lots of urges we cats and dogs don't get so I suppose it balances out, MOL
    Toodle pips and keep keeping you human laughing_its the cure for most ails.

  24. Almost all of your photos (and what a collection it is!) seem to have shadows. Nice job!

  25. Luv all the photos. The Rudolf mug is so cute. Have a nice week


  26. I need to look out for that felt book it looks a lot of fun. I love making ornaments!

  27. You know the moose Christmas decoration is my favorite!!! I wouldn't know where to begin to look for pink bulbs … what a problem!