Monday, November 26, 2018

The week ahead #11

Ahhhh, is it Monday already?
Thanksgiving 2018 is behind us, and Christmas is ahead. This is my view this morning as I write this post. A fresh bright red damask tablecloth on our kitchen table.

Look fast, it's as cleared off as it will ever be!

Tips and tricks
My red table cloth is very large, big enough for all the leaves in the table, but the room only supports one leaf at the moment, so I had to figure out how to use this pretty cloth. I folded it in thirds, and turned it so that the table shows on two ends and there is little hangover. I do not like hitting a too long cloth when I sit down, so this works, and looks quite pretty!

The weather in Aurora CO
Now that the latest storm is over, the sun is out and trying to melt the latest snow. Unfortunately it does a half job, just melts the sidewalk snow on the top layer making ice. We had 60 MPH winds that blew decorations all over the place, breaking many of the ones neighbors had carefully put up. Sad.

On Saturday it was so hot in the sun I put on a short sleeved shirt, then by that night, gale force winds, 22F and snow. Whatever.

Of champions! Left over stale cinnamon sugar monkey bread from the holidays! Yum! (gnaw)

such a list! I already watered the dry indoor plants
and started one of four loads of laundry. About that, I changed from fall quilts, rugs and tablecloths so they all need a quick wash to put them away for a while. I already got out the Christmas kitchen towels, which makes me happy. I'm in the great room more than any other space, and love to see the seasonal towels change.

I need to locate more decorations, and put them around the house. I did a little of that this weekend...
I put this little Betty Boop snow globe quilt on a picture easel near the TV so I can see it and placed one of my first little quilts is on Granny's antique dresser
I have to do the usual home things, like dishes, walking, and the ever present studio organization. I am not physically strong at the moment so all of that takes 10 times longer than it would have a few years ago, pre injury. I got some black out curtains on sale this weekend, and need to put them up in Studio 2 to protect my now exposed fabric bins.

I am not going to make a real list to do as it would depress me! I'm going to careen from activity to activity getting as much done as I can. Likely I'll get upstairs to some room, then say, "what was I going to do?"

still on the one novel but it's more engaging now. Want to look over my Christmas quilt magazines to dream of what I could make if I knew where my Christmas fabrics were.

I found some hexi paper forms, and two little charm packs (2.5 ") a needle, basting thread and needle threader all ready to sew while watching tv.

Lessons learned
I can't say in truth I've learned it but I want to.
I know nowadays the euphemism for fat is "curvy" which irritates me a little. Curvy is small waist to big hips and chest. I am overweight, a condition I have fought all my life.
I'm an endomorph.
Since the stress of the last year, I'm now a bit heavier too. So much stress.
When I grew up, fat was one of the biggest insults for a woman. The idea that fat was a character flaw imprinted in my self esteem. I admire women who are overweight but don't feel less than.

Don't get me wrong... I know it's not that big a deal, if you're healthy. I know it's just a body thing like brown eyes, or blond hair. I know... but... I feel bad about how I look. I feel guilty about clothes that no longer fit.

I ran into that this weekend when I bought some replacement cuddle duds long underwear. A few pairs of my older ones, have now become too small. This is likely from our blankety-blank washer that does shrink things.
I'm now seeing a lot of pants and shirt sleeves that are too short while the other part still fits fine.
But my heart feels sad when I pull on a too small garment.

The other thing is... clothing isn't meant to last forever. It's my cheap side, why get rid of something that is still functional? Well, as my dh says, if it doesn't feel good then it's not functional.
It is... what it is... and it would be a good lesson to realize it's not a character flaw, or wasteful, it just is... what it is. Too small. Let it go. Maybe someone else will enjoy it now.

I'd like to accept my big feet, my pudgy waistline, my graying hair as what is.

I like your fat tummy Mama!

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  1. my granny always said there is just one you if you like it or I will accept what I've got from my maker ...sigh...;O))

  2. Your temperatures sure swing alot! We will be having a few days of snow this week (unless it turns to rain). I,ve been preparing for Christmas too.
    Me, when I gain a little weight I'm happy means my stomach is feeling better (I have crohn's and ibs)
    Have a great week

  3. I'm comfortable in my skin. My hair is gray, I'm 10 pounds overweight, and I'm old. I'm good with all of that.

    Have a fabulous day and week. Scritches to the pup. ♥

  4. Your table is pretty! I know the ongoing struggle of having a clear table, I worked yesterday to clear our kitchen table but it's creeping back to completely covered already. I'm sorry you aren't feeling good, clothes that don't fit never help but it is hard to let go of good clothing. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

  5. I know that I am heavier than I should be, but I also know why so I deal with it and refuse to get any larger. I wear sensible shoes and have graying hair. But I am who I am and my family loves me and my friends appreciate me SO life is good. You can come to this point, too -- just let it happen and give away than stressful baggage of trying to be who you were before. Celebrate the NOW.

  6. What a beautiful table! I miss the big diningroom table that we had when the children were growing up...and the big diningroom to put it in! LOL! I had a big red tablecloth like that that we'd use at Christmastime and for Valentine's Day. So pretty! And, yes, I understand exactly where you're at with the weight issues. If I allow it, it is something that I struggle with on a daily basis, but I'm learning to relax and take small steps because, small changes reap big rewards. Start where you're at and just take one minute at a time and keep your focus facing forward. Blessings for a great week ahead! <3

  7. Looks like some good advice above, so I won't add to it. What I will say is that I treasure you for you, the person that shines so brightly through her posts. Keep being that person, and love that girl!!!

  8. I love that Betty boop quilt :) The miniature quilts are so much fun to use around the house, aren't they ? Have a great day!

  9. A flamingo plant holder? sweet. It took me an entire day to change out quilts, table toppers, placemats and thoroughly clean the living room before putting out a few decorations. Then I had to put all the old stuff away! I was so exhausted at the end of the day. I'm 70, overweight(about 20 pounds), gray, old skin,going bald on the top of my head,etc. I am surprised when I see myself in a mirror at a store- who is that old woman? But, I just go-WHATEVER-I'm doing the best I can. And, I'm happy with my life. I hope you can be too. mary

  10. I like your Betty Boop quilt. Christmas decorations are still in boxes here. Must get busy.

  11. I find I'm shrinking from the inside which leaves the outside a little 'fuller.' Enjoy those 'howliday' decorations. Red always brightens up winter interiors

  12. I know the feeling. My thyroid gland stopped working when I turned 34. In two weeks I gained 12 kilos or about 22 pounds. Did not fit into any of my clothes and have never since. Gave all of it to my younger sister. Medication for my condition does not work. It took years before accepting the new me. I have gained a lot more weight. We make little changes, like going for a walk around the block, cutting out meat. The walking I do with family, at first it was short distances, now it is a lot longer. It makes me feel better, and it means spending time with loved ones. They have benefited from it as well. So it has had some positive benefits for everyone. Now I feel happy in my own skin. What others think is not as important, as what we think. It is time to be kind to our selves.

  13. I love your red cloth and your 'Betty Boop' quilt! My daughter was nicknamed Betty Boop when she cut her hair short (very black), years ago. Oh, 60 mph winds are no fun on top of snow....Yes, I struggle with weight, too. I am very short, which doesn't help. I went blonde from dark brown to hide my white hair, and that made me feel better and helps with grow-out issues, and I got rid of all the clothes that don't fit me any longer. It was hard, but I knew it was just a guilt inducer to hang on to them. My knee has gone out on me this year so I can't go on my power walks any longer, although it is slowly healing. A torn ligament. I'm 63 now and after feeling bad about wrinkles, pudginess (I am a pear) and all that, I decided to never get on a scale again or focus on my wrinkles. I keep telling myself that growing old is a blessing denied to many. (I read that somewhere :) It's my mantra. Sending hugs xo Karen

  14. Oh Milo, I love your curly hair. That is crazy and except for the short sleeves after snowstorm, kind of familiar. We've escaped the storms so fair but I think some crumby ice snain is on its way. Nice job on the red tablecloth, I had taking leaves out of the table, ach, one more thing to do. I'm looking at Christmas lights tonight, just looking, no commitment. I love that plant stand, btw. Yeah, I'll take curvy over some other passive aggressive slurs.

  15. The dang weather here is crazy, thats for sure! I'm so sorry about your physical issues, including weight. I was skinny all my life and 5 years ago my thyroid decided to die an early death, so now struggle with weight issues. Jerry just found out he is diabetic, so hopefully we will both lose some weight with new cooking. Milo is as stinking cute as ever. Hang in there, my friend. Hugs, Sharon

  16. Love your red table cloth LeeAnne Makes me smile and think of family and Christmas. Hugs Glenda

  17. Beautiful . Keep commenting on my blog because I love your comments.