Thursday, November 8, 2018

I Like Thursday #114 Quilts, shadows, books and a poodle

look at my old phone... my Barbie phone that's great for a purse!
Welcome to this week's list of Likes... Short list this week folks but I'm here. First of all I've written two posts already this week: Monday Happy Homemaker and Tuesday's Poodle with a Pearl reveal of my challenge piece.
That post is HERE
I liked finding Marshmallows made with tapioca instead of corn starch at Trader Joes! Got several bags for recipes then got home and noticed the soy protein... uh oh... I'm allergic to Corn and Soy.

I liked the sun we had several days, balancing the cooler weather. I took this cool shadow shot showing off the sun

I cannot say I enjoyed the time change, I do not like darkness but we've had some spectacular star shows lately. Adding to the sparkle one evening was 7 visible airplanes flying over at once!

I am enjoying this show on youtube, about Victorian Farm life. Three historians agreed to live as people on that farm might have in 1850, have to renovate the farmhouse and handle crops with horse drawn plows, deal with the new miracle COAL, and all the thousands of things a woman had to do. There are 6 parts so I'm not embedding it, this is the link

Usually I think of Victorian homes in a city, full of bric a brac and velvet. Farm life was of course quite different. People fought the new-fangled  thresher as it took jobs from workers.

Times change, jobs that were needed in one decade are no longer needed, one has to keep up, not hold on and fight progress, even in 1850.

I love the aqua super narrow rolling cart I ordered at Amazon, to fit between my cabinet and sewing cabinet!

I am liking my new novel,

I like Honey crisp apples

I like packing away the Halloween fabrics and being nearly finished with this year's quilt

I liked being able to, as they said when I was younger, "letting out" Milo's jim-jams. I made this sort of long t-shirt when he was younger, and it fit. Then we put it on one night during a cold snap, and it was too small now!
My baby's growing up!

So I carefully folded it in half matching the leg holes, cut down the back to make a Poodle Cardigan, found a scrap of the fleece and cut a 3.5" strip,

finishing the neck edge with a tiny scrap of the existing neck fabric, hemmed the end, and sewed it into place. 

Voila! It fits perfectly and is ready for a baby to snuggle up on the big bed between his pawrents, all cozy and comfy!

Milo's Moments

Hi Y'all.
I've had a great week of fun with my pals. First of all I noticed three of my buds are named Murphy... then I began to wonder if Murphy means dog?

It's hard when Mama says I've got a playdate with Murphy... which one?? Well, two of them this week! Little Murphy the Welsh Terrier and Big Murphy the golden doodle.

I also ran into my new girlfriend Onyx one night. She was out walking her mama, and I saw her across the street and stopped! I was not going to move til we had a chance to run together so we both had to convince our pawrents to let us. They know we'll stay right there in the grass, but we ran and ran and that girl can run like me! Whee! I sometimes had the ball, sometimes she had the ball, but it didn't matter who had the ball as long as it wasn't her Mama!

I like the new kibble Mama has been giving me with Salmon in it. I'm also taking fish oil capsules.

I like snuggling on Mama's blanket when it's cold at night
Mama tries to get it from me, saying she's cold too, but I want it so I close my eyes tight, and pretend to sleep... I can't hear you I'm asleep!
Gotta rest up for any playdates !
While I pull the wool over Mama's eyes, you just take your time and visit these people keeping it pawsitive this week with a list of their likes!
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  1. murphy means dog in the us? in france it means ophelie... we have 4 frirnds with the same name, they are all weims...they should wear name tags huh?...oh wait that would be stupid LOL

  2. Another great list of likes! Had to dash over to my library site and place a hold on the book. I chose the audio version to listen to while quilting. Time change is not on my list of likes.

  3. I just bought Honey Crisp apples this week too. Yum! The time change always takes a while to get used to. As someone who used to be on the road to work early in the morning I used to like this change as it meant fewer miles driven in the dark.

    1. oh... a day dweller... I'm a night person, or late afternoon early evening person.

  4. You are one busy guy Milo! We sure don't like the change either. I saw someone posted a twist to an old tune, it made me smile:

    Hello darkness my old friend,
    Why are you here it's 4PM.

    Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  5. Hugs Milo, I have to put a blanket on Holly when she comes up at night. She has arthritis in her hip now, so was feeling sorry for herself when we had a cold snap a week or two ago. But when she decides it is almost morning (maybe when the heating comes on?), she decides to go back downstairs. So, her blanket is left behind streaming down the stairs.
    I like the shelving unit the right colour and the right size. and I really like the little quilt in your photo with the book!

  6. I love the shadows thos time of year, too! The light is at such a different angle now. I'm not really a fan of the time change either - I really look forward to those days in January when you begin to notice the light coming back. That narrow rolling cart is perfect for that spot - great find!

  7. I love your Milo Cardigan! It looks so snuggly. I remember making a vest for little missy- she would get cold in the winter after her haircuts. I love that aqua rolling cart- what a bright fun pop of color. I love cute organizational things and have to remind myself I don't need any more because they're so tempting. But that fits perfectly there in what might otherwise have been the dreaded-hole-things-are-always-falling-into. Have fun sewing!

  8. I don't like the time change but I do like I'm trying to adapt! Love that little rolling cart. I need a short one so I think I'll do a search. The color is FUN!

  9. Milo! You need to share the blanket. Victorian Farm life looks interesting. I've watched a bunch of shows like that (my favorite so far had been 1941 house). I like the photo of the shadows and huzzah for the perfect shaped set of shelves!

  10. Well, for the love of apples, fuji or honeycrisp on sale, are YUMMO. Granny smith if baking. Oh, and a good afternoon
    snack is peanut butter on apples slices.
    About time changes, we don't. I think Arizona stays same also?? It is always the same time here as is Alaska. Only have to get up earlier or later to watch Rachel or CBS News Sunday Morning. love that you could retaylor Milo's snuggie!

  11. I like your remake for Milo. I am not a big fan of marshmallows, but make I will look for ones with tapioca....thanks for the tip.

  12. Honey Crisps are always a favorite in my house. Thanks for linking up today!!!!

  13. Aww, Milo - pretending you're sleep doesn't require squished up eyes. That's a dead giveaway. Just close them like normal, grasshopper, and they will think you really are asleep. I hope you like your new jam jams! They look cute!! Happy Thursday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  14. Aww sweet boy. Nothing sweeter than seeing a curled up poodle. Stay warm, little man.

  15. Love the poodle with the pearl! That is amazing and the eyes remind me of Scout so you must have captured Milo! Well done!

  16. I like your cart. Amazon is awesome....for finding exactly what you need. Milo you are pawsome.

  17. I have a blanket just like Milo's blanket. It's a good, cozy, and warm one. Great picture of him (both the photos and your painting). Sorry about your marshmallows, that's a bummer with hot cocoa weather coming. Have you ever tried making your own? I see recipes for that quite a bit but I have no idea about them. Great cart! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  18. Love your poodle quilt square! A perfect portrait!

  19. I always like silhouette shots. It makes us notice details we might otherwise miss. I also like period shows like the one you're watching. As I get older, I'm more fascinated with the nuances of history. I just bought honey crisp apples too! They were on sale, so I splurged. I've toyed with the idea of getting Cabo a sweater for our winter walks....but who am I kidding....I doubt if I will want to walk if it's that cold! :-) I hope your weekend is wonderful. xoxo

  20. It wasn’t until about 10 years ago that I tasted honey crisp apples, and I never went back after that. Those are my favorite.

    It’s interesting that you mention Victorian times—cause I can’t help but think of city and the fashion, and the way the upper class lived (thanks to all those years ago reading historical romance novels), but I never really looked into how the farmers lived and how they worked. Thanks for sharing that link.

  21. Milo has such a diverse interesting life

  22. Great shadow shot! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  23. It's always nice to have sun on a cool Fall day. Milo seems to enjoy his life. Always enjoyable to have a good book to read.

  24. The leafy sidewalk with shadows is lovely.