Thursday, November 15, 2018

I Like Thursday # 114

 Welcome to this week's list of likes!   I guess I enjoyed how pretty the 4" of snow was in the back yard on Sunday. (I can't believe I got the series number wrong! It's #115 but can't change it now!)

Luckily we went to a craft show on Saturday. I'll show you a few pictures, and although I interviewed several people about their inspiration, I forgot some of it.. I laughed at this booth of crocheted hats...
the maker said her favorite one was a gray one for an older woman! Her friend dared her to wear it to church so she did!

I liked this booth of barbed wire items...
 Bob's barbed wire. Check out the Christmas tree! The owner's sister was booth sitting, and said he used what he had to make stuff with! 
He also makes these horseshoe flowers! And Angie... a horseshoe Moose you need for your new digs!
This little guy welcomed the crowds in to the show
DH bought a thin wood book mark. There were about 40 varieties, so it took a while to decide and the maker knew each tree's name. I chatted to him about his work... I asked how he chose to work with wood. His wife carves boxes. He told me his great grandfather was a wood worker, his grandfather was a pattern maker, his father worked with wood and made patterns and he works with wood.
A pattern maker carves an item from wood, to be used to form a crevice for metal tools to be built.
He says, wood is available, you don't need too many tools and they last a long time, and well, he's always been around wood.

I bought a thin copper bracelet made by a woman who lives fairly near me. She likes to work with metal in her basement but also weaves beaded jewelry upstairs. Her studio gets very messy in show season but she tidies it up in the winter. I got her card and hope to visit her studio and do a post on her work.

I loved seeing this bird in the snowy berry tree... you have to really hunt for it. It's near the white frame of the garage.
In person, the berries were brilliant red, the bird had beautiful red on it too. The moment was lovely in general... that kind of quiet that happens in snowstorms.

Earlier that week when it was Fall, I noted this yard with spotlights that looked like the yard was looking back at me!

I liked quilting the borders of my web quilt and getting the binding and sleeve on this week
I liked finishing a little flamingo quilt (post HERE) this week
I liked getting a lot of the unboxed stuff out of studio 2 so I can move around. I even found some stencils, not all of them but some. Now the guest room is awful but I need space to organize the supplies back in.

I liked my Sunday Story this week, and would love more people to read them Post here

I liked that the garage door, that has broken twice in a month, possibly got repaired. The repair guy this time said they put the hinges on wrong (for 13 years) causing it to catch on the house. Now it smells like chemicals in there but hope springs eternal that it will eventually stop smelling.

My heart goes out to the people of California, who despite a certain leader's comments, did not cause nor deserve this natural disaster. I LOVE California, it's food, it's movies, it's wine, it's flowers and beauty, especially it's people.

Milo's Moments

 HUH? It's Thursday already? 

 Heh, heh, well I was doing one of my favorite things... helping Mama!
I noticed she had put all the sparkle water in the fridge and the empty box was there waiting for recycling... and... that's where "Party Poodle" comes in! 
Yep, I'm the best there is at making quick work of a piece of cardboard. I managed to spread it evenly across the family room too... so Mama would notice I helped! And give me Poodle Points!
Just between us, I'd do it for nothing!

Oh and I liked playing with little Murphy this week. I spied him down the block and took off running to make sure Mama didn't get confused and want to go home
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  1. you are a pro in making party decoration Milo :O) the christmas tree is super fabulous, I want it...

  2. Hi LeeAnna! I am so thrilled to see creative projects being shared again. And flamingos too!! Woot woot! Oh Milo, I can see what a big help you are with that box. And then meeting Murphy. What a good boy you are! Hi Connie! Aww, thank you. Each week I tell myself, limit the pictures of Dominic. This isn't a blog about him (although Thursdays have turned into that for me!). But then I look through my phone and I'm like, this one is TOOOOO cute to not include. And then I end up with seven and a video slideshow. But seriously, can you just imagine me sitting there on the floor with him and he is reading his book to me?!!!! Pointing to a picture, telling me about it, letting me ask him questions about it, and then going to the next page. OMG!!!!! It was so sweet I can hardly stand it. Happy Thursday to you! ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Crocheted curlers! LOL I'm likin that barbed wire tree. Milo is just too cute. Thanks for including me. mary

  4. Yep we jumped from leaves barely falling to snow too. First was just a skiff, maybe a couple of inches. Then there was the "pretend snow" which was more like 1/4 inch thick ice pellets. This morning while Bobbin and I were outside it was ice pellets again, but we have really flakey snow now. Which means that Bobbin is a bit quicker at the out, do her business and back in. Great pics and great to see you back creating.

  5. I enjoyed the snow on Sunday, too - but love even more that it has warmed up now and the snow is pretty much gone! I love your photo of the tree with red berries covered in snow - so festive. The photo you caught of Milo with the bit of cardboard in his mouth would be a fun one to caption! "Who, me?"

  6. I had to zoom in to find the bird, but there it was! Very pretty little scenario to enjoy. Glad you've gotten some good creative time this week. Not me, but I'm going to an all-day quilting class on Saturday and am so looking forward to having a whole day to sew.

  7. Ever since I've known you and your liking of flamingoes, I now notice them and am constantly surprised how common a motif they are even up here. Daughters next door neighbours go to Florida for the winters and have a surprising number of flamingo flags, signs and statues. You would love it! Your flamingo piece is lovely with the quilting lines really pretty.
    Wish I was around to toddle off to some of these crafty fairs you visit. I love hand made and esp. jewelry.
    Rex spread chewed up paper towel around, something we don't see much of anymore. That photo of a "caught in the act" Milo is so cute.

  8. The barb wire is as great as your comment said...I would be concerned if I had pets or small children...but it looks so fun! I like your flamingo quilt.

  9. I love all your likes and especially Milo and Murphy. So cute.

    Have a fabulous day. Scritches to Milo. ♥

  10. Hello, I love the flamingo quilt. The tree with the red berries is pretty. We are getting 406 inches of snow today, early for Maryland. Cute photos of Milo. Enjoy your day, have a great weekend ahead!

  11. Oh my, Brrrrrr on the snow, it always makes my whiskers shiver. Hey Milo, good job on de-boarding the cardboard. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  12. I'm sure Milo enjoyed helpfully taking care of the box for you. Mine did that with a friendly stick of butter I left out the other day... That crochet hat with the curlers is about the funniest thing ever. So creative! Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  13. I can't believe how hard I had to look in order to spot that bird in the tree!! SEW happy to hear that you are beginning to get things organized in order to get back to work on your art. Off to read more about your flamingo quilt...

  14. I do love the barbed wire tree and Milo is always so handsome! Thanks for linking up today and every Thursday. I do appreciate it.

  15. I like those beautiful red berries against the snow. I like those horseshoe flowers and goofy photos of Milo. :-)

  16. ...Bob must be think skinned to work with barbwire.

  17. Hi LeeAnna,
    Thanks for showing that hat! hilarious! It would cheer someone up who has lost their hair.
    The berry tree is beautiful. I am not sure I found the bird or not.
    I would think the same as you about the lights staring out from under the tree. What monster lurks below?
    Milo, Next door's puppy tears up all their recycling and leaves it all over the back garden(lawn). Plastics or whatever, what a fun game! Not for the people when she decides the pile of clean clothes on the table must be for recycling!

    I am Sorry, I missed this week. I had eye checks and stuff. I even took photos for it, but never got to the computer.

  18. Oh Milo....I'm right there with you! I can't believe how fast the weeks fly by lately. Good job with the cardboard! I'm sure you earned some Poodle Points. :-) There are certainly a lot of craft shows where you live. I'm not too sure about that barbed wire Christmas tree.....looks a bit dangerous! Hope you and your mama have a wonderful weekend. Cabo ran in the yard and must have stepped in a hole. He's favoring his left, front paw and looking very forlorn that we can't go walking or throw the ball for a while.

  19. Loving your snow!

    I really enjoy all the craft fairs going on this time of much home made fun!

  20. I saw snow in Colorado, too, when visiting recently. Although I'd read the weather report I still forgot my long johns. Brr.

  21. The hat with curlers is a crack-up. Very creative, she is. The barbed wire booth reminds me I have chicken wire waiting to be put together into an elephant. If only the air was healthy enough for me to work outside for a few hours.
    I like the flamingo quilt. There's so much depth to it.

  22. Colorado seems to have more craft shows than around here. Those hats are hysterical - lol. Thanks for sharing.

  23. You had snow! That seems so weird when it's been warm here. You are certainly finding lots of cool craftspeople in your new area.

  24. Berries in the snow is one of my favorite things. The items displayed looked so interesting. And as always your adorable dog!

  25. Thanks for sharing al your likes this week. That fun moose was a real treat, and those lights around the treat most whimsical– just like some car headlights can be. As to the snow, well I think you can hang onto that if you like as we dont need it here in UK yet, though we could do with a healthy dose of rain to fill our empty reservoirs.
    Toodle pips and happy quilting to you

  26. Milo you look adorable,and I love all your adventures this week,xx Speedy

  27. I know what Milo means about Thursday already I missed a week due to being at work away from Home!!

    Happy Sunday Selfie from the Dash Kitten Crew

  28. Your quilt is beautiful! Took me a long time but I finally spotted the robin in your tree. Hope you've had a wonderful weekend so far.

  29. Milo is a cutie. I like the hat with the curlers, too funny.

  30. I love craft shows, there is so much talent out there! That face looks so innocent, even with the piece of cardboard in its mouth!!

  31. Adorable Milo ~ love your photos! Mom is pretty creative too ~ ^_^
    But you are the 'best in show.'

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  32. OK, I have to get that moose! I am heading your way right now … about 12 hours, right? OK, maybe Thanksgiving week is not the right time. Sigh. I am jealous of your snow, girl! We are ready for winter sports, but we need some of that white stuff. And you know what? You need to hire Milo out for commercials - he has VERY expressive eyes! Happy Turkey Day to you!