Thursday, November 22, 2018

I Like Thursday #116 Happy Thanksgiving y'all

Welcome to this week's list of likes... Thanksgiving Edition
 I'll miss Fall... it's already snowed about 6 times, and we still have some from two weeks ago, but I caught this lovely leaf during a sunny day this week. I love it and the shades of it. Makes me want to paint one, or quilt one.
the weather's  been so squirrely that the grasses haven't had time to comb their hair

make the most of the last of this year's pumpkins because if stores are to be believed, it's Christmas season! If Hallmark is to be believed, it's Christmas movie season all year!
cows in the meadow.... it's time to bring out the Christmas towels and dishes and put away the fall lovelies til next year.
I enjoyed the recent snow on the cattails although I didn't catch a photo of snow on them

but I caught snow on the dog-tails

There is ice and snow from weeks ago... and it's cold at night so...
I put flannel sheets on the bed, and it's soooooo soft now. A pure joy to snuggle into at night. Of course it's harder to roll over, lol! There's a lot more "pajangle" (where your PJ's get tangled after you roll over a few times) going on.

One of my neighbors lit up the 'hood this week...
 I assume astronauts circling the globe find their way back home from this.

Yep, all at one house!
I found these cool magazines with art supplies in them at Barnes and Nobel this week
Whee! Milo helped me choose them, between flirting with teenage girls and snuggling up to couples who stopped to talk.

I am still kind of peeved at the results of Dancing with the Stars but I loved loved loved watching it this season. My guy, the 17 yo Milo Manheim, was outstanding. Can you even imagine dancing on national tv in front of millions of people at that age?

I had fun watching old Betty Boop cartoons on youtube... here's one
Now I love Betty Boop... here she is as Snow White... back when cartoons were Ka-RA-zy and inventive!

Milo's Moments
lotion??!!! Again?
what the heck has Mama gotten into now???!!!
whatever it was is ALL OVER her HANDS!
Here, Mama, stand still and let me get that off! It's everywhere Mama! How in the world did you get that all over your hands! My work here is never done!
I take my eyes off you for a moment and lookie here...
turn your hands over and let me get the backs... go on... if you're good I'll give you a treat...
whew! There you go, all spic-n-span again, smelling sweet of my spit!
Now try and stay clean, and no more lotion!

Ooops! Gotta go, I'm late for my nap!
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  1. that is always a little difficult to put the fall things away... it is still fall here and I'm absolutely not in christmas mood this year...think I'm getting old...sigh... Happy Thanksgiving to you!!!!! and thanks for being a friend

  2. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. That leaf would look pretty pressed and framed for next fall. I did that one time for some pretty frames in my bathroom. That's quite a lot of lights fr one house! I saw magazines with crafts inside at Joann's too. Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  4. Although I am a firm believer in not doing anything Christmas before Thanksgiving, I do love seeing the lights start to show up. They are my favorite part of Christmas! Happy Thanksgiving, LeeAnna!

  5. It is so funny. My house probably looks like your neighbor's house. We looove Christmas lights. I love all the doggie picks. He is adorable!!!

  6. Wishing you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving. Extra lovies to Milo. ❤

  7. Oh you made me giggle with the pjangle. I agree seems like fall was much too short this year. Great leaf, and cattails with snow are gorgeous. I am thankful for you my friend, and Happy Thanksgiving.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving (looks like Christmas around here). We missed fall, too. Went from 80 degrees one week to the 40's the next week and it hasn't improved since (12.5" snow last Thurs.). The village crews haven't even been able to finish the leaf pick-up since the leaves didn't want to come down. I always enjoy the I like posts and visiting the other contributors. Thank you for keeping the group going. We'll be eating around 5 PM, just the hubby and me. So much cooking, but I love the leftovers. Hope you, Drew, and Milo had a good day.

  9. It seems the seasons are rolling around too fast and our winter has definitely arrived too early but... What spectacular lights and how people make such an effort for all to enjoy. I love seeing them. Meanwhile pajangle...I wear flannel night gowns and they get pajangled too, LOL. And a big yes to the softness and warmth of flannel sheets. A real comfort. Murphy loves hand cream too but she seems to love everything...Hope it was a great Thanksgiving!

  10. Lots of wonderful photos and a nice clean hand thanks to Milo. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us and thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  11. I love the photo of the snow on Milo. The gold leaves on the pavement are so pretty! Happy Thanksgiving. :-)

  12. Hi LeeAnna,
    Like the upstairs lighted windows by the Christmas decorated house!

  13. Whoa...who knew the Griswold's live in your neighborhood?

  14. hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Love the photos with your sweet Milo. Cool art supplies and how sweet that Milo helped pick them out. Purrz from the Katie Katz

  15. Hello Milo!
    I enjoyed the Betty Boop cartoon!
    Have a great weekend!

  16. I an so in love with your dog - see some cross stitch I used to get s gifts

  17. So many wonderful memories right there in those photographs. Now as to Milo, I sure think the guy deserves a pay rise if he does massages and personal grooming in addition to walking the staff. MOL
    Have another lovely week.

  18. Betty Boop!!!!! Now, that brings back memories.
    Surely Thankful for YOU sharing such a color-filled world.

  19. I love the neighbourhood lights. They make Christmas so special!

  20. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Yes, I just said, it's still fall and we just had 5 inches of snow, wondering a bit about what winter proper might bring. Your neighbor's display is great, blue ribbon from me...I'm an unofficial Christmas lights judge, have been for years!

  21. Hey lady - laughing out loud at your post this week - starting with 'pajangle' - it happens to me all the time and now I have a word for it!!!

  22. I love seeing the Christmas decorations and Milo Layla agrees napping is one of the most important times of day