Thursday, November 1, 2018

I Like Thursday #113... spooky!

Welcome to this week's list of likes! Ahhh so that's where my tiara got to! On my pumpkin pin cushion!!

Halloween took center stage this week, with lots more decorations in the 'hood to enjoy
 this guy sways while playing  creepy organ music... I stopped and listened for several songs
this is what happens when you give up sugar
Let your freak flag fly!
even scarier at night

Now About quilting,
Sewing is so much fun! I had a ball picking out fabrics for this year's halloween quilt
the post with better pics of this Halloween quilt (36" X 36" ) is HERE !

I like working in my new space even though it's not set up yet...
studio one
studio two...
(feeling better about your sewing space? )

I enjoyed finding this site listing some of the most viewed quilting blogs... gave me some new ideas to see during life's quieter moments

I love this mix of fruit and nuts we found at Sams club

I liked finding my Fall decorations in the basement,

and finding lots of my fall towels to use from now to Thanksgiving, when Christmas season officially starts.
Did those of you who put up your Christmas decorations and lights the week before Halloween hear me?

this house has all it's garlands and lights up already
Stay with the tour! Enjoy each season!

What's in the candy dish you ask? tootsie pops and truffles!

What is playing in the studio you wonder? Swing music from the 40's on xfinity!

What books did I just check out one might enjoy...
 the one on the right is about returning to art school for an MFA after age 60

I liked the bright flowers still blooming despite our latest 3" of snow night before halloween, doesn't the snow look like ghosts as it melts?

My good friend Sonja in Hawaii sent me a surprise gift of her hand painted fabrics... I am already playing with them!

she included some heavenly smelling soap from gardenias! It's so good to have friends even if they are far away in body, they are close at heart!

Milo's Moments

Hi Y'all, this week Mama invented a game for us to play. It's not all that much fun and involves something called "stay with Mama!" but every time I don't pull on the leash and walk next to Mama, she gives me a tasty treat (or sometimes kibble but you never know) 
I'm getting really good at it but sometimes... you just gotta PULL! 
I am only doing it for her!!! 
When I pull I grind down my toenails so Mama won't have to touch my toes with that grinder

I only pull to make sure they are on the leash, not lost or something... and now they drop the leash, just like that when I pull, and then I have to check back to make sure they are there, and keep a VERY close eye on them, and walk VERY close to them so they don't get in trouble.  

But sometimes I pull on the leash to get a bunny, again for them. I'm just trying to feed the pack, but they do not get it! 

Sometimes if I pull, which I don't but might just sometimes, it's to lie down in shade because it's hot here in high country when the sun is baking your black fur coat.

Now, try to understand this... if you are out walking at night, and you run into a sleek black lab who is also one and a half years old, and who's name is Onyx, and who wants to play the same games as you,  then take advantage and let the peeps know you. Will. Play. 
You gotta take your moment to play even if it's dark and both of you are black and the night is dark
just be sure to stay close to your peeps so they don't wander off without you!

that's about it for this week, I'll give you more of my Poodle Ponderings Next week

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  1. I'm posting this week too. You have me listed as not posting this week.

    1. fixed that, my apologies... just cut and pasted the list from another post!

  2. Great pics as usual. Love all of the Halloween decorations, not many people decorate in the country. But we don't get Trick or treaters either. Um your sewing space part deux looks like mine also. Oh wait my whole house looks like your sewing space part 2. Hugs to you and Milo! Bobbin is learning to walk on the leash better, and our potty outside is going so much better....unless it is pouring rain. Then Bobbin and mommy are standing soaking wet, and it is a miserable fail for Bobbin....then we are put into timeout int he kennel.

  3. oh I love the halloween decorations... and I would like have such an organ guy here... but I wonder what the pups would do if they see such decorated yards ;O)

  4. What a cool neighborhood you have! Love all those Halloween decos. I agree-it's way too early for Christmas. All the stores here have had decorations out for weeks. It's my favorite time of year (and I am recording Hallmark Christmas movies), but I need to get thru Thanksgiving first. Thanks for including me. Happy November. mary

  5. We used to have snow on Halloween as kids- I remember having to bundle up over costumes which was never fun. I was at choir last night so didn't have trick or treaters, but I love seeing all your fun halloween neighborhood decorations. I love fall so I'm not one to jump straight to Christmas.... (though I love that too :)

  6. I love all the fun Halloween decorations in your neighborhood! I agree - much too soon for Christmas! Milo found a beautiful black lab friend to play with - he is such a social butterfly!

  7. We never know whether it will be summer, fall or winter on Halloween - so there were definitely years when the kids costumes were lost under the winter coats and snow boots. But last night was a gorgeous fall evening and we only had half the usual number of spooks at our door. Kind of disappointing as I enjoy seeing them. And I just don't do Christmas until after Thanksgiving here.

    1. me too about Christmas! Thanksgiving weekend is when we decorate. I've seen two houses totally kitted out for Christmas already!

  8. Oh that's funny with the skeleton, the Dad says he won't be giving up sugar any time soon. Enjoy those games Milo! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  9. Enjoyed reading your post! Great choice of candy. Such fun decorations. Love the giving up sugar comment, something I really need to consider doing or at least staying away from so much candy. I was just telling a preschooler yesterday, we have to eat turkey before we have Christmas. Though I think the early decorators may be trying to beat the weather. By the way, I did an "I like" post...not sure how I add it?

  10. Hi LeeAnna! Oh, I love the tiara on the pumpkin pin cushion. So cute!! One must be careful not to lose one's tiara! So you're not a fan of early Christmas decorations, huh?!! Well, I understand why someone would want to put them up in warmer weather. That wind can be COLD and snowy. They haven't turned them on yet, right?? That's crossing my line - they can be up but not on. HAHA! I'm sure glad Milo is such a good caretaker to his peeps. Happy Thursday to you! ~smile~ Roseanne

  11. Lots of great Halloween decorations...imagine what Christmas will bring out! Sewing space is getting there...mine is still a bit of a mess. Lovely gift and I've looked at the Piece of Cake book too. Funny how black labs looks so much clones really though the personalities can differ. Love to read Milo's take on his world...makes me smile.

  12. Hand painted fabric? Oh my...I am SO in love with it! Can't wait to see what you do. Enjoy your day and all of your creative fun. Hugs, Diane

  13. I LOL when I saw that one who'd given up sugar. Great post, Lee Anna!

  14. I like those Halloween decorations. I always enjoy the holiday, especially as a teacher. Not much on snow right now....maybe in December! lol Thanks for linking up today!

  15. Those hand dyed fabrics are fabulous! I feel like Mrs. Skeleton when I give up

  16. Ack! No Christmas stuff yet! Those Halloween decorations are terrific. Studio 1 looks terrific. Mmmm... truffles.

  17. I wish you success with getting Milo not to pull. Sounds like you've come up with a good plan. We used to use a choke collar (just a chain that you could pull up on to alert your dog that he wasn't "doing what he should." Gus has an electronic collar that one can buzz to get his attention. Whatever works, I say. In the end, a dog that pulls all the time on leash doesn't get many walks as a dog that is pleasant to walk with, so good for you for working on this.

  18. Your picture of studio 2 made me smile - I guess there are advantages to having to clear away at the end of each sewing session after all!

  19. I love Halloween and love to see decorations. Always fun to see what Milo is up to!

  20. holiday runs unto the next these days.

  21. LOL at the "this is what happens when you give up sugar" photo! So true!!

  22. Some interesting yard decorations out your way. And I thought our neighborhood had some fascinating ones but I think yours take the cake. Or pumpkin. 🎃

  23. Great Halloween photos. I had to do a double take when I saw the snow, though.

  24. Great photographs and perfect for this time of year. I also love to find forgotten decorations in my basement. What's old becomes new again for me. Right now it's time to begin cutting paper snowflakes with purpose since I want near 100 to put up the day after Thanksgiving.

  25. You know people in snow country have to put up their Christmas decorations before it gets too cold, right? But hopefully they won't turn them ON until Thanksgiving!!!

  26. Oh my, there is so much here to talk about! Looks like your "hood" does a great job decorating for Halloween. I LOL'd at the one about giving up sugar! Ours was a little more low-key, but still busy. I've got my Thanksgiving decorations out, but Christmas will stay in the boxes until after turkey day. We've had drizzly, cold days here so Cabo and I have not been walking much. Hope that changes this week. Your "space" is coming along nicely and looks fantastic. Hope you all have a wonderful week. xoxo

  27. You're a handsome man dog Milo. Our Little Bit would pull on the leash too so we got her a harness that helped not choke her. Never did break her of that habit.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday, Milo. My best to your mom. ♥

  28. Milo, you're giving your humans a wonderful dose of all-around good practice in being patient humans. Good for you. So says Molly the Cat. She, herself, has trouble shepherding us to where she thinks we must me.

    You're right, LA, I feel much better about L Studio, thank you very much. This morning I gave myself a pep talk to clear off the table so I can sew curtains for the upstairs hallway. I took the curtains down a few months ago, even got as far as choosing the fabric for the new curtains. Don't know what happened that they never got made. Such is life. lol

  29. Lovely shot . Keep commenting on my blog because I love your comments.

  30. A fellow sewing lover. I like it. I don't quilt, but love to sew and your post reminds me to get back to some projects. My sewing/craft/computer room is my messy space. I understand it when no one else does and have cataloged the mess in my mind to know where everything is when needed. But alas, I did get another tote to clean up the closet a bit. It does fray my nerves some after a bit. Thanks so much for sharing with Pictorial Tuesday so I could come visit a fellow crafter. Looks like you had a fun Halloween. :)

    1. Also, the puppers are adorable. Agree on needing to play and keep them close.

  31. Your neighborhood had some great Halloween decorations. Your gift material is gorgeous! Good luck with the pulling. It can be a battle.

  32. Thanks for joining the Pet Parade, you all make it so much fun! I loved the skeleton lid out as if he was waiting for lunch!!!

  33. Such festive shots!
    Thank you for participating in the Travel Tuesday Meme.

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