Monday, October 1, 2018

This week at our house #4 pumpkins, furniture repair, lessons learned

Welcome to this week's Happy Homemaker post!
The weather here
It finally cooled off. We can open windows at night now for a while. Not over night as allergens plague us but to cool off the room.
We went to the local garden center who sells fresh vege and got some lush tomatoes. The ones from the grocery store were hard. I made turkey bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich and it was wonderful I don't toast them, I do put mayo and there is little better in life to me than a ripe tomato sandwich.

To Do list
well, this morning the furniture repair guy is to come look at and hopefully repair my great granny's treadle sewing machine cabinet, and my current sewing cabinet. Probably the two most important items I had moved. My great granny ordered this machine to rural Alabama in the late 1800's, left it to my grandmother who taught me to sew using it. She left it to me, so it's been around the block before making it to me in Tampa.
My sister moved it to her house in TN, then we picked it up and took it to our rental in MD, then to our home in MD, then one movers brought it to the CO rental and the second movers from rental to our home, and they were the ones to damage the veneer. I mean, that machine made it all over the place with no damage ...til now.

I sew daily, once set up in a working studio, so the current cabinet being hurt really peeves me too. I warned them not to slide it, but they did, in front of me and in a second it broke.

I am also back in treatment for my back after a year. Miss my PT in MD but am trying a new to me Chiro provider here and am in lots of distress. It's so hard to get used to and trust a new person with your body. I have to go more now in the beginning, since I slid on the wood floors and did a new injury to my pelvis. Oy vey.

To do... stay upright and try to enjoy life anyway.

Currently reading
Four Funerals and Maybe a Wedding (A Royal Spyness Mystery)
Happily reading the latest Rhys Bowen Spyness mystery. LOVE it and look forward to reading it each night. I know these people now, and love to read their latest antics. The main character is a young royal (like 40th from ascension) who gives up her royal status to marry her Irish love... and laughter ensues...

so excited to be watching Dancing with the stars again!!! I'm an old dancer, ballet, tap, ballroom, cajun, contra, disco... love dance. This caused me to include a tango flash dance in last Thursday's post, (go see it here!  )   lol
Also Survivor is back, and if Amazing Race returns I'm a happy girl. Plus "This is us" is back, and might be my favorite regular channel show. Yea! Good tv just when I need it!

I went with my friend Monika to a scrapbooking show and had a great time!!!

I got a new craft. It's called diamond painting and a cross between paint by number and cross stitch, with sparkly bits because:
1. JulieRose (link) is doing it and loves it
2. there was a booth selling kits at the show

Haven't opened it yet but I am excited!

Tips and tricks
I needed to move a big heavy box this week, so I put those glider furniture movers
 Smart Surface 8295 3-1/2" Round Carpet Furniture Sliders 16-Pack in Resealable Bag
under it and it slid across the carpet like it was on wings. Not just for furniture anymore. Milo better look out or I'll put them under him so I can pull him easier

lesson learned this week

There are a lot of bullies out there these days, and one nearly caused an accident this week (see post here) After that happened, on the positive side, we had an interesting experience at the library.

On our way in, at an outside table,  a young Asian woman screamed into a phone. It was disturbing, seeing the intensity of her face and hearing her anger. The phone was on speaker so we heard someone scream back, both were speaking a language I don't know.
On the way out, she was loudly sobbing.

Loudly sobbing, with her hands covering her face in obvious distress. A man had gone over to help, but she rebuked him. He looked to be middle aged and a different culture and (of course) gender than hers. Then two women, one about 60 and one about 40 with a little girl, both African American, went to comfort her. She didn't push them away but was not responding to their pats and soft words.

I had wanted to go over but felt she might actually push me and with my new injury I knew I couldn't be jostled. I watched from a distance to see if there was something I could do.

So, as to what I realized:  it's disturbing to see and hear anger in real life,  but anguish brings out the kindness in strangers who want to help.
I've intervened many times in life, once praying with and for a woman on the DC subway in rush hour as she had just buried her son from a random gunfire death.
Saturday, I watched Americans, and we may speak different languages, or have different tones to our skin, or have been here for generations or only been a citizen for two years, but we are all Americans,... care.

We care about others. When able we will take care of others. We are a country of different people but we all belong to the human race and are all connected. Good to see. Good to know.
zen monkey at the garden center
Well, that just about sums it all up.
I must go ice my back, and watch tv.

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  1. Enjoyed reading your post, haven't got mine put together quite yet (slow Monday morning). My husband swears by those furniture glider things. What a wonderful inspirational story. Hope your back pain subsides soon, glad the good tv is back on for you. Have a wonderful week ahead!

  2. Good post! I'm with you on the excitement over return of Survivor, This is Us, Big Bang Theory - and more. I enjoy DWTS sometimes, but this season hasn't hooked me yet. And now I must check into the books you mentioned because they sound like some fun reading.

  3. Good luck with your new PT and the furniture repairs. I've read the Rhys Bowen series but didn't realize a new one was out. Thanks for the heads up.

  4. Great post. - hope your back mends quickly and that the furniture repairs turn out good.
    People do care, but are just afraid to show it. Thank you for the reminders of how to just CARE.
    Have a great week

  5. Oh my heavens...who was that old biddy you went with? LOL Hope you get used to the new body worker.

  6. We suffer from allergies here too, but it's just so NICE to have the windows open finally! lol The Rhys Bowen series sounds really good! I will have to look into that.

  7. So sorry you've injured your back. Be very careful walking Milo. Hope you find relief with the new PT person and that the treadle cabinet repair was successful. It's really cooled off here (only in the 50's yesterday and today) and gloomy, but that means I can stay in and sew.

  8. Oh so glad you are trying out Diamond Painting--i am loving it!!; right now I am working on two (yes TWO) Fairy canvases for my grandgirls for Christmas..they have a lot of "confetti" sections--but I take that as a love love my DP's --
    hope your back feels better soon-my hubbie has thrown his out too--no fun at all! hugs, Julierose

  9. Enjoyed reading your post and love your tiny pumpkins pic. Have a blessed week ahead! <3

  10. Do you know how special you are? Despite your pains and your disappointments, your heart (as big as Texas) wants to reach out to others in need. Inspiring!

  11. Hope you Feel better soon . It’s hard enough to find new Drs and medical help in a new place even when you’re not in severe pain...good luck. Thank you for the reminder about how we’re all neighbors and how important it is to remember that.