Thursday, October 25, 2018

I Like Thursday number 112 trips, books, candy apples and a poodle

Welcome to this week's list of likes!
We went to Colorado springs this weekend, and walked around the oldest part, Colorado City. How about these caramel apples?? Who loves apples?
yes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away!
rip out your fillings with caramel and chocolate???
We didn't get one but we loved the tiny shops and how cute they all were.
I liked both quilt stores we went into and purchased a couple pieces of fabric to give at Christmas.

Despite this, they were not pre-washed
We did purchase two bottles of wine however. We haven't had wine since we gave it up to help me fight off the pesticides in MD.
It was fun to try local wines again. Would you like to come over for a glass??
Milo here, I loved the wine tasting, because this guy was there too and we compared notes....
"my peeps are amusing with a hint of sweetness"
"My people are full bodied, with a slight caramel color"

I like the shirt I  bought at a craft show...
the craftswoman added the beautiful sheer fabric to sleeves.

I liked writing my happy homemaker post for Monday... it's here if you missed it
Mick Mouse became a vampire for Halloween
 Milo here, man some of these decorations are downright scary!
I mean, this thing was swaying in the wind... Mama went right up to it and put her hand on it!!!!!

Please, help my mama, she has no sense of self preservation!

LeeAnna: I love seeing the new decorations showing up daily around the neighborhood and have more pictures to share next week! Woooooooo!
like to cook? Eye of newt?
I liked this book, and found out I'm a "questioner" and my husband is an "obliger/upholder" and how our strengths and weaknesses can be dealt with.

I am very much enjoying this book by Anne Lamott  who marvels at the human spirit that can worry about the current political situation and still plant tulips with expectation of flowers in the spring.
I could find it because my kitchen desk is on it's way to being organized
look a there! A countertop to use was under all that stuff!
I wanted it to stay cleared off but decided I like my cute things too much to put them away! Ah, the conflict between clear space and fun stuff...
 flamingos and poodles... Mary Englebreit "don't look back", lovely container from the container store and a hand made object from Maryland craft show.
lovely pink poinsettias for the howlidays

Miracle! I sewed again... got the pillow kit top embroidery done, and the top sewn 

with prairie points... facing in and out. I'll finish and stuff it tomorrow hopefully, and start my big halloween star piece.

I am in love with Jake Shimabukuru and the ukelele. My fave might be "while my guitar gently weeps"

                                      Milo's Moment
I liked touring the town last weekend with my peeps and leaving calling cards on lamposts.

I like getting my alligator (whimzees dog chews) egg-sack-ly at 8pm every night. That way I can chew it before watching a little tv. If Mama forgets, I remind her with my intense poodle stare.I hear, Milo what the fizzy? What's wrong with you? Oh, he probably wants his chew" then I head over to the alligator cabinet to wait for one of the pawrents to paw open the bag and (finally) give me my treat.

 I only eat them because I want my teeth to stay nice and white!

that's my whimzee, I'm busy chewing it now, leave a message!
Then I go for a last walk every night with my Dad. Then...

I like him to sit on the floor and let me wallow all over him while I chew the ear off of a squirrel
Notice that squirrel is now no-feeted and almost nose-less.( don't tell mama I swallowed the arm)

 (I know Milo)

I like keeping to a schedule otherwise you miss stuff.
Now, y'all sit, stay, and visit Mama's friends here keeping it paw-sitive!

 musings of a menopausal melon

  .http://homesewnbyus  (not posting this week)
Minou's Minute  

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  1. oh that a super howloween decorations... and the apples are in our memory like sone monuments... we want one...right now...pleeease!

  2. Love caramel apples haven't had one since I was a kid! So glad you are sewing again, it looks good! That washer display cracked me up! PS--I posted this week. I"m super busy and am making time when I can!

  3. Oh what pretty caramel apples. I am always so envious of the neat places you, Milo, and Drew find to explore. The T-shirt is gorgeous! Lucky girl great find.

  4. Your Halloween pillow is so cute! I like the orange and lime green points around the embroidered center.
    What is Milo going to be for Halloween?

  5. Hi Sandy in England here.
    Love that you have so many quilt shops to visit where you are. But I am glad the one 'near' me is actually quite a distance away.
    The old washer is a brilliant idea for display!
    Good you have got back to sewing. I am trying to. :p I can read ok, but the sewing is a bit of a struggle. Still, I do want to enter Forced to Flee. and the deadline is the end of the month! :o
    So, back to work!

  6. you have so many neat places to visit! Those apples look yummy. Great use of that washer. I'm likin that tshirt idea. Thanks for including me. mary

  7. I was curious, took the online test. I'm a questioner. I always love how caramel apples look, but rarely like eating them. That shirt looks really cool!

  8. I'm happy you are sewing again and such a cute pattern. I think I fit Gretchen's questioner category as well. Love both your books there...we think alike. I love caramel apples and seeing all those decorations. My favourite is hearing life from Milo's viewpoint. He justifies the chewing just like Murphy used to when she was young. She just carries things around the house now rather than chewing them...a much less expensive habit!

  9. Hi LeeAnna! Lots of lovely loves this week. Those apples look fabulous - I probably would have had to buy one or two. I would love to come over for a glass of wine. Thursdays was always the day to have one glass of wine after work - another reason to love Thursdays. We gave that up but I would be willing to restart just for a chat with you! ~smile~ Roseanne

  10. I love your Halloween embroidery - hooray for a chance to create again! You're finding lots of fun neighborhood Halloween decorations, too!

  11. " i look at the floor and see it needs sweeping...still my guitar gently weeps." You had me at Jake! I love when he starts up with a J.S. Bach piece. We love him here !!!
    Wonder what Milo will pick for a costume, too. great post!!

  12. Thanks for taking us along on your adventures. I haven't gone anywhere fun like a craft show in way too long so it was fun to see what you found. I love that little Halloween pillow - so cute!

  13. Oh, watch out for that witch's brew! Everything is ready for Halloween. Hey, we are big Jake Shimabukuru fans here too, that dude is amazing. Have fun Milo and get ready for lots of treats. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  14. Such a fun post! Those apples look great. Just added your Anne LaMott book to my "want to read list" Fun decoration, there's a house somewhere near here that goes "all out" for Halloween, reading your post reminds me I really need to search it out. Hope you're having a wonderful Thursday!

  15. Thank you for the book suggestions. I am always looking for a new read. I love Milo's post each week.

  16. so glad you got the pillow finished (almost). The prairie points are really cute. I love the sleeves on that t-shirt- I wear a lot of t-shirts and I like that way to dress them up a little. Milo is so good when you are out in public! Blue would just pull as hard as he can to go meet the other dog. I need to take him to obedience school!

  17. Little by little your new house is becoming a wonderful home full of life and creative energy. Keep up the good work!

  18. That poinsettia looks more like a dahlia - it is so plush. Love that pink color. Yum caramel apples - too bad I can't eat them any more - bad for my crowns. Thanks for sharing, Lee Anna.

  19. What an interesting week you had! The book The Four Tendencies looks great I will check it out. I miss my kids be little for Halloween!

  20. I've added the Anne Lamott book to my (very long reading list). So funny, I thought when I retired, I'd get a lot more reading done, but it hasn't happened. I don't understand how people can be bored when they retire. The pillow looks great. I'm glad you're easing back into sewing.

  21. I love seeing the old washing machine. My grandmother used one like it. I would love to have one, myself. Thank you for linking up today, and always!

  22. I recently finished "The Four Tendencies" myself (also a questioner, with occasional rebel flares). I love "Why do we need a motto?" I also read, a couple years ago, Gretchen's "Happiness Project." After that, I started listening to her podcast. If you like podcasts at all, I recommend "Happier." The latest featured a listener question related to the four tendencies, and she was so invigorated by it, she could barely talk fast enough. Anyway, if you're interested, you could check out

  23. The sheer sleeve on the shirt is ooh-la-la pretty. I love that idea. I'm working up courage to cut and merge clothing in my closet that I keep for their fabric.
    I'll check out Anne Lamott's book. I'm doing my best to be one of those people.

  24. Love everything, but Milo is the very best.

    Have a woof woof Awww Monday, Milo. My best to your peeps. ♥

  25. Fun post and Halloween photos and love the doggies!

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  26. I absolutely LOVE the sleeves in the top. What an inspired idea!