Sunday, October 28, 2018

Sunday Stories...

the word prompt this week comes from The Sunday Whirl

Audie knew she should put down her morning coffee and go collect the eggs for breakfast but the breeze coming off the porch was so nice and cool.

It reminded her of her childhood here on the farm, misty mornings running around on the porch while the adults sat and quietly chatted, their coffee creating swirls of smoke over chipped mugs. It felt very secure like it would always be this way. Her gran would rock, sip, and sing an old hymn softly under her breath.

Mornings were a time to be slow. To be slower than a 4 year old could be.
 Loud voices were not appreciated, but a snuggle in gran's lap as she quietly rocked back and forth, looking out on the corn fields, was a good thing.

If she chattered on too loudly her gran would hug her closer, take a sip of coffee, and ask her, "Can you find a bird in the corn, Audie? look and tell me where!"

 Gran made life fun and she missed her now.

When you're a kid you hardly think about life in the future except when you play grown ups.

 Audie used to open the trunk in the attic and try on old dance costumes she found there. One never knew what you'd find in that attic! Dusty with cobwebs, it was a secret place full of unusual items. If it was quiet around the farm, and gran told her to go play, she often chose the attic where she felt like she was in a movie herself.

Dust motes would swirl around her making her nose runny. The old dresser up there had a mirror with black spots, but she could just see how she looked in the hat she found. Cool. Very grown up!

When she was a big lady she would wear hats like this, put on lipstick and earrings and spray her hair with Aquanet. She'd drive a fancy car, and go to card nights, sing to her baby, and go wherever she wanted.

She remembered pulling out an old baby doll from a box with writing on it. It had an old fashioned dress on, and one eye wouldn't open. She sat down on the dusty floor, and rocked it in her lap like she was the gran.

Now that Audie remembered that feathered hat from the trunk, she wondered if it was still up there. Gran was gone, but the trunk might still be up in the attic. Yes, she would rock a few moments longer, look out at the corn field and see if there was a bird out there, first.

Then she'd go look...

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  1. Wonderful story you have crafted......Full of sweet memories we all wish we had. x Karen

  2. I love these word challenges! Your story is full of beautiful descriptions and I felt like I was there. I also love the shadow on your photo. Great eye to discover such a beautiful pattern.

  3. I love the way you took the words and turned them into a sweet story about a woman remembering back of a time with her gram. It got me thinking back of my five-year-old self.