Sunday, September 30, 2018

a plea to change direction

(Note: I publish fiction on Sundays but this week, I have a heavy heart and want to say my piece)

an open letter to the truck driving guy in Aurora on Saturday

I know you wanted to be mean, and degrade us, but it just served to settle me into my desire to change directions.

In fact, I'd be happy to start a movement to change directions.

You honked at us for not turning right fast enough at a red light, then roared past once we did, cutting us off at the entry to the highway. The fact that you continuously gave us the middle finger while we all waited to turn was icing on the cake. I sat looking at you flipping us off, and noticed the big American flag decal on your window. It made me wonder what you like about America? Doesn't seem to be the people here. Or the laws of decency or grace.

Not peace, as you spread seeds of anger and discontent.

Your actions saved you nothing as you sat with us waiting for the light to change. Then you roared ahead of other people, cutting in and out causing others to slow down so as not to hit your truck. You left a trail of people who felt disrespected and upset. All we could do was avoid an accident with you, and stare at the American flag on your truck.


What is it you do like about our land? America is it's people not it's landmass. When I was growing up, pledging allegiance each school morning,  we loved it's  Democratic principles, and human rights to self govern, it's ingenuity and contributions to the world in research and development. America's citizens reached out to other citizens of the world in support.  Integrity was important in it's citizens and leaders,  remember Truman, the buck stops here?

When a strong nation is secure they help others to be so too. When a person is strong inside, and has a sense of self, they have little to prove by bullying others. They are too busy living a good life to try to steal power from others. They don't waste their breath on defensiveness or pretense at being the  greatest, they get about the living of a great life.
They do not need to step on others to go higher. They know sowing the seeds of respect, creates a better world in which to live.

You were in a big truck, and were able to bully all the others on our shared road but you looked small in that big truck. You did not uphold America or it's values or citizens. You did nothing to make the world better, you simply took what you wanted. On top of that you were angry while doing it? All with the symbol I hold dear on your truck window.

Change direction please. And quickly before we all forget why we love each other.


  1. Amen. We all need to do our best to live up to the ideals we hold dear.

  2. You said it so nicely. Too bad that there are such negative people out there that ruin it for the kind folks who are the majority.


  3. There are a lot of bullies out there and they have been so emboldened by the idiot that was elected as our president. These people are miserable and unhappy and try to make themselves feel "big" by acting like idiots. I'm glad you weren't hurt or an accident caused by him.

  4. I hope it helped to get that out of your head. I don't think you would get that bully to change, even if you were somehow able to communicate with him. The best we can do is to be kind, compassionate and open-minded to all people with whom we have contact. I know you are like me in that incidents like you described stick with you long after we should just let it go. So go forth, be positive and spread your joy to all you meet. It helps to bring Milo with you, hehe.

  5. Sadly there's one of those kinds of truck in every neighborhood. Sigh.

  6. Nicely said and sad it needed to be said at all. I had an experience last summer with a big pickup truck that kept pushing me out of my lane little did he know I dialed 911 while at the traffic light gave them my location and by the next stop light flashing lights were behind us. We pulled over and so did 4 other cars that witnessed the incident 3 of which recorded the video on cell phones, he was arrested and his truck towed. Karma for sure was watching out for me.

  7. Well written. Bullying as an “all-American trait has gotten worse recently and no wonder as it actually been endorsed by our so-called president.