Monday, October 22, 2018

the week ahead #7

 Welcome to the week ahead, prompted by the Happy Homemaker's link party!
                                  the weather here
perfect. 70, sunny, cool at night. Perfect fall weather all week.
We went from 5" of snow to this in a day

                                   To-do list this week

Hooray!  the garage door guy came out last Monday (instead of Thursday like the stupid Home Warranty agreed to). It took all day. When torsion springs break, the door cannot be lifted so my husband's car was trapped and he had to take the day off from work. Better than my friend Fran, who said her torsion springs broke as she was backing out, and the door fell on her car wrecking it. OMG.

BTW, you're supposed to replace torsion springs (not the motor) every 7 years, did you know that? We've never had a garage before. Like smoke alarms themselves not batteries but the alarms have to be replaced every 12 years or so.

So along with the usual daily chores,
I hope to get the file cabinet drawer system we bought to go under our office desk, put together and the last of the office boxes unpacked into it.

 I want to clear out Studio 2 of stuff to be sorted, carry it all down the hall to another room so I have space to move around in there and find new homes for my supplies.I just realized I have to do it this way.
I want to sew this week. I usually sew daily, but haven't sewn for about 4 months now.
It's taking it's toll on me.
I want to write a post showing all the cool things I'm seeing in people's yards! and write my I Like Thursday post too.

Most of all walk around and enjoy the extreme Halloween decorations!

 people chow... the same kind of things over and over because I don't feel much like cooking. My husband and I like to eat, but he could eat the same thing over and over, and I don't have energy for cooking right now. So we have some protein, two veg each night. 

                               What I'm reading
I'm trying to read, then recycle magazines I brought with me from MD because I had subscriptions and love LOVE magazines but had no time so now I try to whittle down the stacks. It's heaven to me. 

I'm reading Agony of the Leaves at night.  Because of Miss Pat's comment, that she read The Four Tendencies, I read it too, and did the quiz and found out I'm a "questioner

The author,  pretty much described me, how I can use my tendency at work and play, and how to overcome some drawbacks. I found it fascinating.
 I am an ENFP on the Myers-Briggs personality inventory, and this was just another way to see personality types. 
I used to be a social worker, always for kids, during my work life, and still am fascinated with social psychology.  

What's on TV
I love TV right now. Unfortunately we finished the latest season of Brokenwood (NZ mystery) but tonight is a new Hallmark GoodWitch I think, and there's Dancing with the stars ( I like Juan Pablo and Milo to win)  and Survivor ( I like Christian and Elizabeth). I watched a cool series from BBC on youtube this week, four shows on If  walls could talk about rooms in a house from midieval times to now. 

Creatively Speaking

I finished the Halloween embroidery, yea! and hope to finish the pillow this week. I also want to repair the chair slipcover zippers this week, now that I found some zippers. It's not going to be easy but I have to figure it out as my slipcovers are blue and IKEA doesn't sell that color now.  

Tips and tricks 
Did you know each time your computer updates something, it keeps the file and clutters up your hard drive? DH did and cleaned out the old stuff so my computer runs faster again. 
I thought I might share how I fold away t-shirts, pj's and DH's running clothes...
. I used to stack them in the drawer on top of each other but now I fold them twice, then lay them edge up so you could see them all at a glance. I like to fold pj's together by putting the shirt on top of the pants then rolling them, putting rolls in the drawer so they are automatically together.

 DH likes me to pair up his running duds that way and it's handy in a suitcase.  I think they all fit better in the drawer too, and I'm more likely to pick a different one to wear this way as I can see them all. 

                     Lessons I learned this week
Well, it may sound silly but here's the story... we went to Colorado Springs for the afternoon, so of course I went to two quilt shops. In one of them, as I was checking out the woman next to me showed a picture of a high heel shoe block she made. It was really cute and I said, "I used to wear those in my younger days. Now I wear comfortable shoes only. Not so pretty".

The clerk said, she is the same, but she calls her sensible comfort shoes "pretty" because she wants them to feel pretty like the high heels of her youth.
Why not see  the lot dealt you, as however you want, so you can be happy? Why not call your birkenstocks "pretty" so you feel pretty and stylish ?

No reason indeed. "My birkenstocks are so pretty! Yea! " (and comfortable)

And the second lesson was in a bead shop in Old Colorado City (also in Colorado Springs) where I felt surrounded by eye candy. I said I wanted one of everything! . I need nothing, I want some of each. The owner laughed, then said, no, you want TWO of each, or else your earrings will look odd!

Yes, if you're dreaming, and want some of each, might as well want two of each!
(of course where will you put it? )

Instead of a picture I offer this video...I discovered John Prine because of Tom the Backroads traveler's blog...

True love, I defy you not to relate

I am a realist, and a romantic, and this video plays to both sides... I see someone as they are and love them because of it... enjoy

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  1. we had this trouble with a garage door two years ago... the darned thing jumped out of the rails and I screamed like an air raid siren while I tried to keep it away from the car ... fortunaterly a neighbor rescued me ... mark "repaired" the door, but I rather park the car outside... because... well ya now...

  2. Interesting link-up theme - to plan your week in advance :)I have forgotten planning altogether! Enjoy your week!

  3. No sewing for 4 months!!! Egads how are you even breathing---oh okay, you were embroidering. Whew! I have loved John Prine for years, at least since the 70s, thanks for sharing that video! Have a great day!

  4. What a great post. You are one busy gal. But, I can't imagine going that long without sewing. I love that Halloween yard photo! I don't like to cook much but when I do I try to make several meals . I don't like the cleanup so I need a maid. heehee. Thanks. mary

  5. I didn't know you had to change a garage door opener every 7 years... Have a great week!!

    1. neither did we! Not the motor, but the torsion spring that helps you get the door open, and shuts it gently, is like replacing the smoke alarms. They need to be replaced, not batteries but the alarms every 12 years or so.

  6. My garage door spring broke about a year ago - while I was standing in the garage. I thought a gun had gone off because it was so loud. Luckily my car was outside at the time. My husband hates it when I park outside (usually if I'm leaving again shortly), but had to admit that time it was fortunate.

  7. Learned a few things on here today... garage door spring every 7 years, change detector every 12 years. What a lovely lesson about the shoes. Great music. Have a good week

  8. I didn't know that about garage door openers! Wonder if my husband knows, of course, we don't park in our garage, doubles as a work space for my husband. Gretchen Rubin is one of my favorite authors! I'm a rebel & close to you on the M-B as an ESFP (sometimes ISFP,no kidding...I'm 51/49 on the I/E) Highly recommend her other books if you've not already read them. Always enjoy reading your posts. Hope you have a great week!

  9. I didn't know that about garage doors. We fixed it over 10 years ago, I think. Hopefully that fix lasts our lifetime. I could use some new pretty shoes, aka what I call ugly shoes. I'm usually barefoot at home and wear sandals, hiking boots, or converse when I go out. If only I were more confident about buying shoes online.
    I used to roll my t-shirts and such before placing them in my drawers. Now, I'm back to stuffing them in and shutting the drawer quickly so I don't see the chaos. lol Cheers, LA!

  10. Yes, you absolutely must get back to sewing. I miss your creative, eclectic projects. Several weeks ago, our CO2 monitor started chirping and indicated it was an end of life signal. Who knew? So DH decided to buy two replacement units that are combo smoke and CO2 detectors. Now he sets the upstairs one off almost every time he takes a shower! I haven't decided whether I'm a Questioner or Obliger. Some of both I guess. Don't wait to get the studio perfect. Start sewing.

  11. I've recently started to fold my clothes the same way. Love it!

  12. I caught glimpses of Brokenwood, looks good. Guess I didn't see enough to know it wasn't from Oz. Ach, Red Sox on top 2-0. Anyway, I wish I lived in a place to stroll down the street but too many cars and no sidewalk. I've been seeing some cool Halloween decorations out though. People Chow, lol. I picture a large bucket of ground beef with M&M and raisins mixed in.

  13. LA - I worked in Human Resources for many years, and I was certified in Myers Briggs. I could have guessed that you are an ENFP … that Feeling type especially is written all over you. You are the same type as my hubby, and I am the 'opposite' - ISTJ. It works, and proof paid that opposites attract! Thanks for the TV tips here and in your email!

  14. I didn't notice this was John Prine, have to listen to it while David Price strikes out all my boys at the top of the second. I loved him in college in the mid-70s. I think of simpler times and floods and rain and mayflies and weed whenever I hear him. John Prine that is. Brings up all kinds of happy feelings for me. I'm loving what I hear so far.