Sunday, October 14, 2018

Sunday's stories

Sunday's story this week is autobiographical... the word prompts from Sunday's Whirligig are:
 shelf, look, hole, end, cardboard, tube, turn, strange, patterns, pieces, wherever, will

Seems like she spends more time looking for things lately than doing things.

No she's not a hoarder, well not in the truest sense of the word, but having moved house, she felt lost. She had a tactile memory of where to find things in the old house, the kind of memory that builds up over time. Here was a different story. Even if she found a new place to put things, she couldn't remember where that was after a day!

She wondered if the packers had put her valuables in a blender and poured them into brown cardboard boxes after the mixing process. Seemed to be no rhyme nor reason to it.

"Wherever  there's a will there's a way" was an old saying. Could she turn this around and get organized? She had pared down her belongings before the packers showed up, but they still mumbled under their breath about how much she had. And she felt the beginnings of guilt for having collected things over her long life.

Then she got a grip. They were paid to do a job, so they should keep their judgements to talking about her at their local bars after they finished! Who cared what they thought!

She looked around, tried to get a sense of what was left of her belongings and where they would now live... they had to move and get used to new digs too.
The studio was the hardest part to look at. Pieces of fabric, patterns, books, tools were in a pile in the center of the room like an archeologist's dig. She longed to sit at her sewing machine and just put color next to color but she couldn't find comfort in sewing til she sorted the mess.

She looked at the empty shelf and wondered which of 200 items should live there now. Her back ached from bending over trying to move things. Her heart ached from the disarray she saw here when her studio at home was so organized.  Being here still felt strange, like she was just squatting here in someone else's house, even though it was their mess to clean now.

Okay, just breathe, go make some tea and have another snack, maybe turn on the boobtube just for a moment, just to get lost in a story not your own.

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