Thursday, October 18, 2018

I Like Thursday #111

this little piggy still has flowers!
welcome to this week's list of likes. Mostly just pictures for this week's list.
blue skies, yellow leaves
blue skies with snow capped mountains appearing overnight
Apparently they moved in to the 'hood overnight. We haven't seen them since we moved in June, but maybe the wildfire smoke is finally out, and it's not raining right now so....
leaves painted on every edge
Guard Ghosts
small town America
small town cemetery
Peek-a-boo scarecrows
Like Peek-a-boo Snow-mingos
and Peek-a-boo cows on bikes after a snowfall
lindor truffles in a fall dish
snowflake lights that come in a little IKEA box
that will light up when we get the right size bulbs!
freshly groomed guard poodles in moon sweaters
front and back guarding
first snow that sticks 4.5", now all melted, icicles falling off mailbox like daggers!
then no snow...
then falling leaves...
then nightfall

I like doing the Happy Homemaker's posts on Monday, in case you missed it...(click here)

I also like Survivor this season, and the Durells of Corfu on PBS.  

I liked the four part series on youtube, if walls could talk 
about the four most important rooms in a home (set in Britain) 
This episode is on the bathroom and how it's changed since Medieval  times to now. The others follow the bedroom, the kitchen, and I haven't seen the fourth one yet! Link is
I've learned the origin of a lot of phrases like hit the hay, curfew, baby with bathwater, etc. I love history and watching shows like this that entertain and inform. 
                                        Milo's Moment

Wooooooooo! I'm a ghost! 

No, I just got groomed... POOR ME!!! (send condolence cards please!  #getmeouttahere" 
Once again, I had to suffer the agony of the bath, and hair trimming, including foot-touching. 
I got so mad I had to show my displeasure with this box...
I tore that thing to smithereenes and put the confetti all over the family room.... so my people can think about what they've done. I needed to wear a sweater y'all! Just so I didn't freeze my cockles,  off. (editors note: the "cockles" have been gone for months)
Oh they tried to apologize with the rice box from the Thai food they ate...I'm no dummy, I ate the rice  then tore up the box.
Then had my Man-Servant feed me my dinner
(Editor's note: no poodles were harmed in the grooming process. There may have been a close shave in certain areas but he looks good with no matts now.)

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  1. we love your sweater and we lobe th fab decorations!!!! and we all love lindor... except the bink bants of the mama :O)

  2. Hi LeeAnna! Wow, that snow on the mountain came quickly, didn't it. Oh Milo, you look stunning in your sweater and you are doing a good job guarding both the front and the back. We all have to get a hair cut now and then - put your big dog pants on and get used to it buddy! ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Great sweater. Bobbin acquired some winter clothes too, a couple of fleece vests. Gorgeous leaves.

  4. I enjoyed your parade of photos - you have such a great eye for details! Handsome Milo, the guard dog! I'm impressed you groom him yourself - that is a handy skill to have.

  5. Such pretty fall pictures. It's usually my favorite time of year, but it's been strange this year. Our ash trees are already naked and dropped their leaves before they even turned gold. The maples are still mostly green with just the beginning of red and gold appearing.

  6. I was loving your Autumn photos UNTIL I got to the snow! Noooooo! I like snow and lots of January.....and only if no one has to go to work or school. But, I do like your snowflake light. Very pretty. I'm also watching Survivor this season (all seasons) and have agreed with every tribal council decision so far...which is unusual. I think I like Christian the best this time around. Milo: you look fabulous. Would you please give Cabo some pointers on how to be tolerant of the brush and comb?! xoxo

  7. So that's what the mountains look like from your neighborhood! Very pretty; love how you can see the whole Front Range. Snow covered peaks are so cool.

  8. That green with the snow on the mountains sure is pretty! Hey Milo, that was some very professional shredding pal. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  9. I want those truffles! I love all the decorations. what fun. Ghostly Milo! lol. If Walls Could Talk looks interesting...

  10. Beautiful photos, LeeAnna. And big smile for Milo. Most handsome fellow.

  11. I love all the fall colors. Poor Milo...Ha Ha.

  12. Lovely sweater, Milo--you are ready for snow season ;))
    looking very dapper with your new haircut, too...hugs, Julierose

  13. This time of year is my favorite. If it snows one day, it's gorgeous blue skies and sunshine the next. Cute decorations in your 'hood. Milo, Sam sends his poodle sympathies. The consensus around the Ranch are that baths and grooming sessions are the pits.👎🏼

  14. I'm glad he wasn't harmed! He sure scared us there for a minute! heehee! Love the falling leaves....the snow? Not so much! But we would be happy with some falling temps! Enjoy your afternoon!

  15. Wouldn't it be lovely if the snow stayed in the mountains and you had green grass? Wishful thinking, I guess. No snow here yet, just some grapple yesterday, but it's much colder and flurries are expected this weekend. All the geraniums have been moved inside. But a lot is left undone in the garden cleanup department. Milo is looking handsome.

  16. Popped in from Thankful Thursday...I'd say I'm thankful you got the snow and I didn't, lol. Cute little ghosts for decorations. How did you make them?
    Traveling Suitcase

  17. I like Christian and Gabby on Survivor. I can't help but want them to end up being a couple when the game is over. lol Your series of photos is like a poem. Love it, LA.

  18. Nice to see that little piggy still has flowers. Mine are diminishing and I don't like it! Thanks for linking up today!

  19. Hi LeeAnna, wanted to pop back in. You visited Sandy's Space, appreciate the info on the little ghosts. I don't tend to decorate except for Christmas, but thought if they were easy, I might give it a go. It was my Travel Blog that was part of the Thankful Thursday, I'll leave you that link, so you can check it out.
    Traveling Suitcase

    Thanks for leaving the name of your blog, as your link only goes to your google+ profile. Let me know if you like help learning how to leave the link to your actual blog. It really makes it easier for people to visit your blog.
    Think I'll add you to my blog log, which will make it easier to visit back forth, but you leaving the link to your blog on your comments with others may help you get more visitors.

  20. ...I can see in your neck of the woods if you irrigate, things are green, if not brown is the color of the day. Snow already? I can wait. How do the guard ghosts work out? Thanks for stopping by, have a special weekend.

  21. Ooooh, love the snow-capped mountains!! Looks like you are totally ready and in the Halloween spirit. Enjoy your weekend!

  22. What a hilarious post about ’Small Town America’ !!! I enjoyed very much, and your poodle guarding the house looks so great in its new hairdo! Thanks for joining in Friday Bliss.

  23. Great photos and Milo is such a dapper looking guard dog! Snowflakes have been spotted in the air here but not on the ground...yet.

  24. Looks like a pretty busy and lucky yet there no snow yet on our mountains.
    Happy Sky watching

  25. Hello, Milo makes a cute ghost. Pretty view of the sky and mountains. The night time photo is lovely. Cute Halloween decorations. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.

  26. Popping back in, as I'm making blog rounds today. I do that everytime I have a new post. Also wanted to tell you I added you to my blog log, which made finding my way back here easier, lol. I like easier.
    Traveling Suitcase

  27. I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed watching that episode on bathrooms. Quite an education. I love that BBC actress and have seen her in other things on PBS. I'll have to watch the bedroom one another tie. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Wonderful fall photos and prep for Halloween! Snow? :-)

  29. You don't like groomers then. Too bad, but you sure showed them how not happy you were. They will make it up to you I'm sure.

    Have a woof woof Awww Monday, Milo. Keep up the good work. My best to your servants. ♥

  30. What a fun post. So many lovely fall scenes. Oh no, snow already...I'm so not ready for that and thankfully here we haven't had any yet. Nice to see your handsome Milo as well.

  31. LA - sorry - running a little behind on my blog reading, but this is worth the wait! LOL on the magic re-appearing mountains … hubby and I often turn to each other and say "Have I told you how much I love snow-covered mountains?" whenever one is in view. Love all the peekaboo creatures, especially Milo's peekaboo photo bomb!

  32. I'm new here, but I love all the pictures! My favorite has to be the snow covered mountains! Wow! Just breathtaking. I live on the East coast, and I can't say enough how amazing I find pictures of the mountains.

  33. Hi Sandy in England here. The next week, but seeing better.
    Love the peekaboo flamingo. But the cow on a bike is so fun!
    I forgot that Americans kind of go mad with Halloween decorations!
    The view of the mountains is wonderful with the snow on top. Glad I am not in snow country!

  34. Sheeesh Milo you nearly frightened us to death here. You look scary!

  35. You decorations and town are so cool! It is still hot here in Texas and I'm not expecting snow at all this winter. ☺

  36. What a great way to celebrate Halloween!
    Many thanks for taking part in the Travel Tuesday meme.