Thursday, October 11, 2018

I Like Thursday #110 Easy as 1,2,3... fall snow festivals and a poodle

It's as easy as one, two, three! Welcome to this week's list of likes! Each week I try to focus on the small fun things to enjoy. On a walk this weekend, I happened onto the wee little pine cone, then the twig. One, two.
three. From a lovely bright golden tree. I was pleased with this, although Milo thought I should give the twig to him, then saw this across the street from our house... Four/ Fore!
We live in a golf course community
 I like doing a Monday Happy Homemaker post that is fun! (here) and writing fiction (here)

We went to the Horseshoe Craft show in Denver on Saturday, the three of us, and had a grand time
I liked this vintage party dress, complete with fancy footwear...

looking at fun crafts,

 meeting with lots of dog owners
These three moved here a year ago from... Rockville MD! What fun we had comparing notes and upon finding out they like cards, we exchanged numbers feeling the meeting was meant to be.

It was more fun than a Barrel of Santas!
The food lines were too long, but not at the vegan truck! We tried chia pudding for the first time, with mango and lemon zest.. It was... uh... the mango tasted good!
we passed on the sweet buns with bacon... allergic to pork (thank goodness) or the enormous s'mores
from a place called Love Pop
we had a quick lunch on our way to the container store to look for a really thin rolling cart for the studio...Milo enjoyed the view and the employees enjoyed him
the store is a riot of color! No cart for me, but I left with some colorful labels and this sweet little holder for tools...
Would you enjoy some bat soup???
Next stop was Crate and Barrel where we wanted to find a bench or sofa for the end of our bed. Something to keep a sleepy pup from falling off, and to sit on while dressing...Look at the cool bowls they had on sale! Yep, I got one! and two web plates for snacks!
bite the apple, my pretty!

And look at the beautiful pillow they have in a quilt pattern!
We finished the errands at Barnes and Noble looking for that Halloween magazine I got from the library. We can only keep them a week. Of course the September/October issue is gone, and the December issue is there (sad) ... and Milo finally had enough of the errands and shopping, so we went home. (we knew his displeasure because he began to attack his leash)
We did not go here
but it was tempting.
 And for an evening walk...
Come on Mama! We're missing everything!

You know how I was not happy with 95 F days in Fall? Well the temps fell to high of 30 and we've had snow four times this week!!! (We haven't seen the sun in a week now. Feels more like the gray east coast winter than sunny CO).
 The trees barely have time to color up! But I LOVE Fall colors
and going for walks wearing jackets
seeing gold and red and rust

And Halloween decorations hanging around...

Sure is windy here!
Rust, gold, orange, red and Pink for Fall

I like the enormous moths I see here. Isn't this fellow interesting???

So I'm thankful for fun outings with my husband and poodle...
Crate and Barrel
and a tired dog is a good dog
      Milo's Moments
Hi peeps! It's finally cool enough to be wearing a black fur coat! Yes, in case you're wondering, I DO have naturally curly hair! I narrowly missed getting groomed last weekend because
1. I'm not supposed to get my ears wet for three more days and
b. it got cold
Anyway, I got some good salmon treats at the fair and I've been eating my TJ's pumpkin cookies a lot
And I have been working hard on dismembering my "Indestructible Chicken" each night with Daddy
This is no Fly-by-night project y'all.
 It takes perseverance. I've had this toy for at least a lifetime!
One day last week I got a wing off, and tonight the final leg. I tried to get to the marrow but there ain't any! Dried up old chook. I let Daddy play with it for just a minute
I don't think he even knows how to take apart a chicken, he's holding what's left of the top, and I got that off once I got him to "drop!it"
How embarrassing he is! I mean, of course I love him, and don't mind sharing my game of "Destroy the Toy" but he's got no idea how to play! sheesh! People!
Just between you and me and the lamp post, I'd just as soon do it all myself.

Well, I like tearing stuff up, in fact I'd better go look for a pair of socks to chew on... you guys stay here, don't tell mama about the socks, and pretty-please with a pouf on top, visit her friends also keeping it happy this week!

  .http://homesewnbyus  (not posting this week)
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  1. oh I would love to see this event... eating my way through all this fabulous things what wait for me and my wallet... and I would be the doggie satan first, so Mark had to carry it around LOL

  2. Milo chews on socks? Naughty boy :D Great likes LeeAnna! I'm a liking that we don't have snow this early in the year like you are!!! Yikes! Have a great week!

  3. Autumn in the mountains! Beautiful!
    There's so much to do there! Another craft show!
    Looks like you're having fun!

  4. So glad the weather finally broke- Of course it had to be extreme, but maybe it'll warm up just a touch and you'll have some good fall. We've had good fall temps here, but they've been accompanied by torrential rain. I love the container store- I think they're about to open one here in OKC, but I have to force myself not to go often because I just buy stuff to hold more stuff I should probably get rid of! But oh so tempting.....

  5. You find the most interesting places! Seeing the party dress and cowboy boots made me chuckle. We're on the Eastern edge of ranching country, so we see a lot of cowboy boots here too. My niece wore her boots under her wedding dress, as did all of the bridesmaids. My husband's dress shoes are actually his boots. So that is pretty normal in ranch country.

  6. Another great week of Likes! The pudding comment made me giggle. Fall leaves are the best!

  7. I loved your one, two, three, fore! :) This cold, gloomy, gray weather is sure hanging on - I need to see the sun again! In spite of it, the trees are beautiful, and you got some good pictures of fall color!

  8. Hi LeeAnna! Lots of goodness this week. And Milo and his chicken - that toy did last a good long time for a change. We have been SO windy here as well - last night I thought we were going to blow away to OZ. ~smile~ Roseanne

  9. Santa might be ready for a round of golf. Hey Milo, do you ever chase the golf balls? Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  10. Milo sure digs his chook legs or with out. So Is he keeping Drew's feet warm or is it like what cats like Ruby do, doing so claiming a human by placing a paw upon. Had to laugh at weddin' dress surrounded by boots...i wore paddock boots under my linen coat dress as i rode into my wedding on a reception i wore my red Superga tennis shoes. I am thankful for your posts on
    the LIFE around you.

  11. Craft shows/Fall Fests around here are gearing up now. This one looks like it was a lot of fun. Snow? Four times? AACCKKK! Too soon for me. And, oh Milo......looks like your "indestructible chicken" was a bit misleading! Cabo has dismembered many luvies and I just keep sewing them back together. Mercifully, he doesn't bother the socks, shoes or slippers laying around the house. His paw spa day was the end of September so his winter coat won't be ready for a few more weeks. But if the temps keep dipping into the 30s at night, he'll wish he had more to wear outside!

  12. I am glad to see folks slowing down long enough to decorate for Halloween and Thanksgiving. It seems like the mad dash to Christmas starts earlier every year!
    I do like the bowls, but sweet buns with bacon - I don't think so.
    Hello, Milo - it is good to set goals (tearing up indestructible chickens) and work towards them!

  13. That is a VERY fun outing! You went to all the places I would like to go. I was hoping to get the Fall Country living magazine but I've probably missed it too. Love the craft festival! Hugs!

  14. I just love you Milo. You're a good looking pup.

    I did get stuck on all that food though. I'm hungry and it's not dinnertime yet.

    Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday. ♥

  15. Those buns and s'mores look delicious! The boots with that dress - lol. And this post has so much color! Lovely.

  16. If it has bacon on it....I am all in! lol Milo is such a handsome pup. I know you are blessed to have him. Thanks for linking up today and always. Have a GREAT weekend!

  17. Neat fairs you attend every weekend. I have a cool rolling cart I found on Amazon....which holds a lot of my tools and when I put them away like a good girl I can find them again. Chia seeds not so much but the mango was good? ROFL. Milo you are too cute and you did a great job dismembering your chicken. There may be a job in the poultry industry for you in the future.

  18. Looks like a wonderful place, and Milo seemed to enjoy himself with that chicken. That Santa reminds me that Christmas is approaching rapidly.

  19. Ha, I actually like Chia seed pudding once in a while. I just make it with almond milk and splash of vanilla though. Of course, I also like giant cinnamon rolls with or without bacon. How wonderful you were able to connect "live" with some fellow East coasters (Is that the right term?). Enjoyed hearing about all your adventures. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  20. ...fall is such a great time of year. Those eats certainly got my attention. Thanks so much for stopping by, have a special weekend.

  21. Hello, the Fall festivals are fun. It is nice that Milo was able to go too. I have never heard of Chia pudding, the S'mores look yummy. Cute photos of Milo. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.

  22. Snow! How do you keep up with the changes in the weather? Doesn't look like it stops you enjoying yourself though.

  23. Milo your adventures are the high point of my weekend

  24. Love the golden leaves, the vintage dress and the s'mores! :-) And the beautiful fall color and photos of your sweet pup. Have a great week!

  25. What a lovely post. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Try Joann's for that autumn magazine issue. They may have it, I've picked up Willow & Sage issues there when I thought it was gone. Good luck.

  27. Sometimes you've just got to take apart the chicken yourself, Milo. I have curly hair too, as a matter of fact they called me, "Poodle Head" for awhile as a kid.
    It's snowing there? Wha wha whaaatt? I'll have to stop complaining about the 30˚ drop in temperature then. Yikes.
    I don't know, that bacon on a donut looks pretty all right, as does the crazy s'more.

  28. I'm glad you linked up to Awww Mondays, Milo. You're a wonderful Awww.

    Have a woof woof Awww Monday. My best to your mom. ♥

  29. I like how you know when Milo has 'had enough'. I get a similar reaction from my hubby when it's time to call it a day … So glad you met someone from your neck of the woods, and it sounds like you found some nifty new treasures as well! We've had a couple of nights with snow - just a half inch, and it melts quickly. But the days have been very sunny and this week will be back in the high 50s - the best kind of fall days! Enjoy your week ahead!

  30. I like your found treasures of Nature. That's one bold strong looking leaf. It doesn't look like it would ever crumble. Barrel of Santas, ha ha ha. It has me thinking about making a scarecrow one day. Cheers, LA!

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