Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Fall Festival Wild West version

Pumpkin anyone?

I grew up seeing big orange pumpkins and now there are many varieties to see!

We visited Nicks Garden center last weekend to get vine ripened tomatoes, and found a festival going on!

Milo is welcomed there, so the three of us had a fun time walking around and seeing all the color and people!
what you didn't see here is that Milo calmly walked over and wet on the hay just before this photo. Oy, he's still only one year old.
Milo: "look, we were outside, and the place smelled like a farm, and I thought what the hay? Just do it!"  Then this guy told me it's like we're inside, Buddy. "Oh..."

These guys kinda scared me a little but this girl was really cute!
"I never in all my one years saw such a cute little human! I had to sniff that skin she had on though"
"And these kids got to play in the water!
which looked like fun til I realized they were actually like baths!" (shudder)
"Anyway, this place was big and busy! We walked and walked ...

and met a lot of kids... this one was playing with pumpkin balls and I wanted her to throw it to me but all the pawrents yelled, "noooooo" Sheesh! We were having a good time!"
 Then I heard Mama read this sign,
and this one...talking about lunch ladies. Hey, I'm getting hungry, I'll eat one!
" I mean they don't smell like much but I've eaten worse!"
These looked like fun to eat but Mama said noooooo, again"
Yep, we now live in the West! 
I'm more used to seeing corn in the stalks, but this one was squirrely!
everywhere we looked there were pretty vignettes
and unusual colors
and decorations
and games to play
and it all got us in the mood for Halloween season!
we did not get these
because we may live out West now but our tastebuds are definitely more East! nor did we get this monkey even though it was very chill
and on sale, because our poodle baby is still afraid of things like that! we did leave with tomatoes and some weirdly textured pumpkins...
and some hay...
that was free and sticking to my hayseed dog.
Check in tomorrow for the list of likes that has a few more pics to enjoy. Happy Fall Y'all!

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  1. So much squash! Those orange and white pumpkins are so pretty!

  2. We have one small farmers market here in town and they have tons of pumpkins, squash, and ornamental gourds right now. But no fun displays like you saw.

  3. Oh my, how you make me smile! Milo, you're such a lucky pooch since your mom takes you to these interesting and exciting places! I believe Cabo would have done the same thing. :-) We have a pumpkin festival coming up in a few weeks. It's always a great day (if it's not raining!). Happy Fall Ya'll!

  4. What a spectacular batch of pumpkins, in all sizes, shapes and colors! I know Milo was just claiming the bail of hay for himself. Nice pic of the fur-baby and Drew.

  5. Or maybe he was just returning a message??
    what a great harvest post! this is the time of year i start to dream of candy corn and try to remember to stop munching them before i feel queasy!!

  6. Fun pics, LeeAnna. Looks like Milo really got into the Halloween spirit.


  7. Hello old friend! Sorry for the absence...I been soooo busy!!! Maybe one of these days I will have a chance to snap some pictures and write on my blog.
    It was fun going to the Garden Center with you all. Milo is looking handsome as ever!

  8. Great pictures! The Garden Center festival looked so fun. I can just imagine the little girl wanting to throw a pumpkin ball for Milo.

  9. Oh the pickles look yummy. Looks like fun, and Milo is so good with people.

  10. Happy Halloween! That's one big fun garden center! You guys are really getting to know the area!

  11. How fun. You get to the the coolest things with your peeps, Milo.

    Have a woof woof Thankful Thursday. ♥

  12. Great photos. I love all things fall and Halloween.

  13. Hello, Cute post from Milo. The garden center looks fun. The decorated bench is a great place to pose for photos. Halloween will be here before we know it. Have a happy Friday!

  14. Those pumpkins that look like they are covered by lace but aren't are gorgeous. Never seen anything like it! Love fall! Love October! Now if it would only get cooler here. Have a wonderful week.

  15. Always an adventure when you have Milo along for the ride. I love places like this - pumpkins, corn stalks, more pumpkins, food, more pumpkins. But this is the first time I have ever seen a bath tub for a pumpkin!

  16. I’ve never seen so many different squashes. Quite amazing.

  17. Hello, Milo is posing with some pretty Autumn decorations. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  18. I love pumpkins and wish I had someone to cook them into all sorts of things for me, but I might scrape one and make the seeds and bake the guts into a loaf or something. Where did all that energy go, lol.
    Milo, you should always travel with a white dog for contrast, you look marvelous. I would be terrified of that monkey too, pal.

  19. Milo meets so many interesting spooks etc what a wondrous life he has !!

  20. I'd get in the mood for Halloween, too, if I visited a pumpkin patch like that one. There are so many things to like. The masked pumpkin. The little girl's layered orange skirt (I know a big girl who'd love to wear that. Not me.). The pumpkin with the lacy design. And those huge yellow carved pumpkins. I had no idea pumpkin was a fruit. Now pumpkin pie makes sense to me. Woof, woof.

  21. Great photos and such a colorful pumpkin patch. ALways fun to see the sweet felines and canines in action. Have a great week and take care.

  22. Such fun colors of the Harvest season. :)