Friday, October 26, 2018

when music, or art, transports you

How can a song presented by a group unknown to me but famous individually, create such a place in my heart?


Listen to the Silk Road Ensemble with YoYo Ma

I was introduced to this group by Tom the Back roads traveler, who's posts of beautiful entrancing photos and commentary each week, lifts me up from the mundane. He seems to create a mood with each post, by showing common views of life in America that one might miss if they are hurrying by.

He has introduced me to some mighty fine musicians too. Thank you Tom.

How is it, that a group of people, all very accomplished in their own way, could come together and create a piece of performance art that brings me to tears?

This work is powerful, and haunting.

What causes a person to love art?
What touches our hearts, and brings all our senses to a place of softness?

It's not someone bragging they are the best although I suspect the musicians in this group are each the best in their field. There is something about a musician who is so into their instrument that they lose themselves in the moment.

I spoke to a friend this week, who is seeking that feeling in her art. The moment when you are in the studio, and thinking and planning and take out your materials, then you are transported to someplace that feels like time stops. You are into the moment of creation and that's all that matters.

All artists know what I am saying about that glorious feeling of being lost in the process.

You can't find a roadmap there, you can't force it.
Like so much that is truly transporting, it just happens while you allow it.

The words to this song according to one interpretation are:

Anyone interested in the lyrics: Way to home, way to home; my way to home; quiet, quiet and my quiet my way home; it's not a long way in front of me, while door is open to me; I bear no agony (stress) and I don't have to wait long any more; mom is expecting me; dad is also anticipating; when I think of the reunion; I am filled with love..... The Chinese lyrics is a lot more beautiful than my translation

Ahhhhh, now I know that these words spoken in Chinese somehow made themselves understood to  my heart. I long for a home, a safe place, a place to thrive.

I am not alone in feeling like I've never fit in. I was adopted into a family who had no idea who I was inside, and tried to bully and change me to fit into their way of thinking. It was no home for sissies, and no home for a tender-hearted spirit such as me.  I often wondered what life would be like, if someone recognized my value as a person. My childhood home was not a safe place. My workplaces were not safe for women when I was younger either. Sometimes even quilting groups are not safe places for someone with a need to express themselves artistically.

I strive to make each of my  homes,  my safe place, and it's important to me. Peace and acceptance are hard to find, and must be watered daily with nurturing, they must be allowed to thrive.

There is so much to be gained by sharing art culturally.

Because Tom shared the group with us, and I researched them finding this song, I have been lifted to a soft place today. I hope you enjoy the music too.

Please find Tom's post for more beauty HERE


  1. I like what you wrote... and yes, no roadmap no forcing... it maybe is just to be?

  2. ...very nice LeeAnna, my soul would die without art.

  3. Perhaps because of love and hope and the fact that we are all connected and breathe in the same air...perhaps!

  4. Art and music of all kinds transport the soul in such beautiful ways.🎨🎢🎨

  5. We are always it seems to much in a hurry and move one from thing to the next without the ability to stop and enjoy what we're currently seeing or hearing. Life didn't used to be that rushed, or at least I don't think it was. I think of it often with kids, parents over book them and they get no time to just be. I don't know the answer about what transports us, am not knowledgeable about either music or art; often don't know why I like or dislike something; but........there's something very calming and peaceful about something that reaches you...even if you don't understand why or how. YOYO MA, such a talent.
    Traveling Suitcase

  6. It's fascinating I think how some songs and works of art can move someone. Interesting how this song made such an impression on you and that you found out afterwards that the lyrics of this song are about something that is very important to you. Almost as if you've felt it on a subconscious level. The world would be a sad and poor place without art and music, that's for sure.