Monday, January 22, 2018

What makes a place special???

What makes a house special? From the outside I mean... we are trying to sell our Maryland cottage now and it was very special to us but strangers see it as older, needs updates.
I'm continuing the posts on the architectural details of the neighborhood of Baker in Denver. We only walked here, we haven't found a new home yet. Look at the shingles, which are on most homes, but this owner painted them in shades of blue to resemble sky!
not a lot to see here, symmetry I suppose. Nice yard and picket fence but you know me... I looked closer!

I wonder if there are people inside wondering what I could possibly be taking a picture of??

 This time it was the ornament on the porch...

Little pink elephant watering can! How adorable. I want one! In the pic I see the periwinkle paint on posts.
In any other neighborhood, periwinkle posts would be astounding!

How about a putting green front yard? Hilarious! I call our rental's yard a putting green but this one actually works..
I almost clapped, but then noticed the statues in the "rough" stony area...

 snake! Why in the world? 

Betcha this yard evolved over time like most homes and yards do. 
As the years tick by, little changes add up and pretty soon you have a putting green in the front yard.

Or a bust of Michaelangelo? 

next to gnomes? A bench nearby so you can sit and contemplate Plato or whoever that is? 

 Whatever you do, it's your   "HOME" like the sign on this house...
Note the cool roof line ornamentation. 

Or do you give up on lawn and just cement it all in?

How odd the home... like two distinct homes connected.

They seem to be squared off or peaked with lots of roof lines and tiny windows in peaks.

How bout that chain link fence from the 60's?  Anyone remember those? I grew up with them keeping me in the yard!

Some shingles looked like quilt patterns. Hexies and 9 patches? Or cornerstones in borders???
What if you live in the city but want a vege garden?

Just build raised beds on the tree lawn!

Make yourself at home!

This is obviously a neighborhood of individuals!

Just dance like no one is watching!
But don't lose your head over it!

I fell in love with this porch.

Wrap around with great balance. Repetition of line in railing and top railings. For some reason I love the little street lamp next to the stairs. And the little window in the eaves.

How about their yard, obviously this owner knew a bit about creating visual line... look at their patio stone line, intersecting their walkway...

I trust it's nicer in Spring and summer. I am OVER all the brown. Over it.

We pondered that question while Milo pondered the smells around another tree. I mean, it is some kind of decorative statue built around a tree... is it a plane?
Who thinks this stuff up?!?!

Nearby was a yard where their portion of the tree lawn, the part between the sidewalk and the street, 
had a picket fence. Just the pickets, Ma'am! Forget the fence part.
Odd? Interesting? Make you wonder about the owner who carefully placed the wood where they wanted it, took an afternoon of planning and digging to create this?
Okey, dokey.
One last shot. This house has some intricately painted ornaments.

They sure don't do this anymore!

The peach shingle is repeated over the door and that little outline over the front window is plasterwork.

Yep, they don't make 'em like this anymore.

So glad a person found value in preservation.

Let's end with a nother yard ornament...

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  1. I think it has to talk to me somehow (crazy I know) no matter how it looks it is this special feeling ;o))) my favorite is the one with the special porch, if I close my eyes I can see me there ;O)

  2. P E A C E in the 'hood. ☮️ Gotta love it. Even in the wild mix of architectural elements.

  3. Definitely an interesting neighborhood. It will be interesting to see how things change in the spring with the arrival of green.

  4. Love that first house. That is so cool. Details on the other houses are pretty neat, too!

  5. What fun - checking out all those houses - some of them seem so small - yet they have character!!

  6. this was a fun walk through your really do notice everything and makes me think i need to look harder when i walk around haha...i always love your narration!

  7. I agree with Tanya, I love your narration! and the things you notice. Obviously, your DH and the dog don't walk as fast as mine do. Or he actually stops and looks when you say 'Look at that!' or how funny is that.
    I hope your special house finds you.

  8. I had one of those pink elephant watering cans. Actually there were about 20 of us in the office that had them. We got ours at Drug Fair, which is now out of business.

  9. Love the neighborhood. Obviously no la de da home owner association there. LOL

  10. Omigosh - you had me laughing out loud over and over again. It's like I am with you and eavesdropping on your conversation. You are saying (writing) the things we are all thinking but don't say out loud. You go, girl! We have never been big on 'pretentions' - we go for comfort - but there are certain compromises you have to make when selling a house ...

  11. Wow-such diverse artistic adornments in one neighborhood! Makes me feel like I have such a boring neighborhood! (heehee). Thanks so much for all of these. mary in Az

  12. Fascinating houses and neat photos ~ favorite is the pink/red elephant watering can ~

    Happy Week to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka, (A Creative Harbor)

  13. Those are some fun looking houses! I'm with you on that porch - beautiful!

  14. Lovely neighbourhood. Little pink elephant watering can is so adorable. Glad you got a photo of it!


  15. What a cute neighborhood! Love all the little details.....I'll bet the snake was to deter birds or critters and that tree looks like it has a squirrel determent around it. Gardeners are always creative :) Thanks for the fun tour!

  16. Oooh, I like that periwinkle blue. Very cool neighborhood. They're not afraid to show individuality. Good for them.

  17. The pictures of the neighborhood were interesting - and I agree with many of your comments! I am so over brown and dirt as well. Spring time - I'm patiently waiting for you!