Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Milo goes walkabout

Milo here to tell you about my adventure!
Usually I like to stick to Mama like a little velcro piece but last week I had a walkabout!
Here's the story...
Daddy leaves for work, and Mama gets up to play on the computer while she drinks coffee. Sometimes I like to go back in my crate for a morning nap, and sometimes I am napped out and ready to rumble...trouble is Mama is no good before the whole coffee/computer/breakfast thing. On this morning I decided to go out back to the little putting green and bark at the prairie dogs.
Having a good Mama, I was allowed out. I always immediately turn around and ask her to come too but she had on not enough furs for this cold morning so...
I thought, I like to pee on things, but I refuse to pee or poop back here it's so small and let's face it, no dogs will come back here to appreciate it anyway. Mama was pouring herself a cuppa coffee so I .... wait.... what's that???
Is there something I must bark at or investigate??
Mama here: I turned my head, feeling all safe and warm inside, knowing dh put up extra fencing along the split rail fence. Milo never wanders far, he can't get out... but... suddenly I felt he was too quiet. I went to the door, and all pet owners now can feel my panic!
Where is he???
It's 20 degrees and I'm in my pj's with no shoes, and I began frantically going over the postage stamp yard to see no poodles! I begin yelling,
 "Come!" (as if)
Then begin making the come here noise I've used with all my dogs, a very high pitched "BOOP" that causes them all to stop what they're sniffing and come running.
more panic!
Here he comes, on the other side of the fence, running from down the street, laughing ears blowing in the wind, looking like a show dog running in a ring!
Milo: Hi Mama, come on out! come! Come out!
Mama: How the fizzy did you get out of the yard???
Milo: I have NO idea!
Mama: was it under the fence? Did you push the fencing out and go under here?
Milo: I have no idea?
Mama: well come back under right here! Come on, you can do it (grabbing a hand of hair and trying to guide a squirming pup under the bottom rail)
Milo: Stop! I'm way too big to fit under there! Stop pulling Mama! Come out here, it's so much fun! Lots of smells and rabbit goodies to eat!
Mama: Wait! Right there! Sit! STAY! (I dart in the house to get his leash, run back out and clip it on through the fence and make one last ditch effort to get him under the rail into the yard by tugging) (No go) Then I am saying not so nice words, all teaching and mommy-lessons out the window as I curse and yell and shiver (I'm in my robe skittering along the frozen gravel they love around here) I tie his leash to the fence and run for the car.

Milo: What? I did what she wanted, I came. She seems big on that. Now I'm stuck out here far away from her and she goes back in the house? I can't move! Not even to go play some more! Yikes, now I'm panicked!

Mama: I drive the car all around the 'hood til I get to the big road behind the house, park on said big road, skitter down the hill to retrieve my bad bad dog who's barking his displeasure so loudly so every dog knows he's tied to a fence by a bad bad mama.Into the car, home again, still in robe.

Milo: I don't know why she had such an attack over it. I would have come back when I was done.

Mama: Later, Daddy put up even more fencing, then ran it under the rocks a foot or so.
whew. Check! done the lost-dog-thing, no need to repeat that.

Milo: I don't know how I got out, or why I went out. I hate it when pawrents ask stupid questions. I was in, then I heard something or saw something and I didn't stop to think, I just protected the house! Yep, that's my story. I was just protecting the house!
Milo is 10 months old now, and has lost weight here in Colorado. I hope he catches up and grows some more. He's pretty tall, weighs about 53 lbs, long legs, stands beautifully. with a slightly gray face when shaved. He has another leg injury requiring rest so this brings the injury count to 3 times in 10 months. He's had to spend a lot of his short life not running or playing. Here's hoping he recovers fully this time and can find a playmate to drain this pup energy. It's been hard on all of us.


  1. Poor Milo - another injury is no fun. Good thing he is smart and mostly obedient so that he came back when he heard you. My daughter's golden can jump their fence and has a few times. But he hasn't ventured far luckily.

    1. so scary to expect them in the yard, then they are gone!

  2. Hi LeeAnna,
    Oh my! Milo your mom had a heart attack because those prairie dogs could EAT you. Or a car/truck could run you over. Or you could freeze to death because you forgot where you live. Poor momma. {{Hugs}} Poor Milo. {{Hugs}} Now you are safe and this is a learning moment for both of you. Milo, you are a good boy! I would give you a treat if I ever there. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. miss roseanne, i would sit, then kiss you for a treat. if you dont come see me how will i ever get a treat cause the mama keeps them out of my reach. can you believe it?

  3. I know I shouldn't laugh, but oh, what a picture! Poor mama! Here's hoping Milo will be better by spring and can go burn some energy at the dog park. Supervised, of course!

  4. Oh no, not another injury. Hope it's not serious. 🐩 Guess I'd better bake Milo up some treats so he'll want to stay in the postage stamp yard.

  5. Well after I stopped laughing about you in your robe, no shoes, etc. You both had an adventure before 9 a.m. Too bad about the injury, Milo; be a good boy for mama.


  6. Oh man, Milo, don't give Mama a heart attack. She's having enough trouble breathing in that thin air. Be good, now.

  7. Oh, how scary! OMG, I know I would have used a string of words no dog should here! I hope he doesn't do that again!

  8. So glad it was a happy ending! Scary when our fur-babies go missing! I wondered where you were moving to....Colorado - wow! A big change. Hope Milo heals quickly.

  9. Kids and pets can scare us to death. What a funny story you've made of this, LeeAnna.

  10. OMG, you paint such a picture with your words! I can just feel your panic. So glad you got Milo back okay, and I hope his injuries heal quickly. Thanks for the entertaining story today!

  11. Oh yea, we could feel the Mamma panic Milo, you best not do that or you might get grounded! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  12. Be careful Milo. I hope you heal quickly.

  13. Darling dogs...don't we love them! Our Bonnie doesn't want to escape her big, big, fenced back yard unless she sees a rabbit. Then she screams. I've had many dogs over my many years, but I never heard one scream before. Fortunately, there aren't any rabbits when we have snow, so life is quiet until one of the neighbour dogs starts barking, because Bonnie has to reply. The back-and-forth would last forever if one of us didn't bring her in. I think Bonnie would like Milo. Birds of a feather, so to speak.
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