Thursday, January 25, 2018

I Like Thursday #73 Quilting, iris, and movies

Welcome to this week's list of likes. 
I liked this little muschroom emerging from the snow... I love the little heart shaped dot!!!
 I admit I am not feeling very positive this week.
The whole moving experiment has become old and crunchy. Like the constant ice, snow slush.
The weather, specifically the 5 snow storms with ice since we've been here is old.Both my van and my body do not do well on ice and they do not plow the neighborhood.

 That just about sums up how I feel right now...

That said, I have done my level best to scrape together some likes to share. Here goes...

Visiting my friend Mary's Boulder Quilt guild and listening to the effervescent Angela Walters speak for an hour. A folksy story of her life and her quilting life. She got a long arm machine because she didn't know she could quilt on her domestic machine.

My face continues to get puffier as my allergies to CO build up. My body is the same but my face has just swollen. "Young and vital "is so overrated, n'est pas?

DH brought me Iris this week. Oh how the deep violet blue makes my heart sing! The baby carnations are still hanging on. I love how long they hang on. The yellow tulips have one foot in the grave but are still looking pretty in the kitchen.
 I watched two dvd's from the library. My review?

"A walk int he woods."... really good. Robert Redford is still compelling to me. He was an older man crush in my teen years, I saw him in person at his place in Utah, and he made a good film. Nick Nolte, Mary Steenburgen, Emma Thompson also star. Based on a book, a very old, very accomplished writer decides to challenge himself by doing the Appalachian trail. There were similarities between his walk and our move.

"Miss you already" was harder to watch. Usually a girlfriend movie and any Drew Barrymore movie get a thumbs up. This one involves two women friends from grade school as they navigate cancer and life. It was not an easy watch, I don't even know if I liked it. I finished it but it left a sadness despite the feel good end.

Image result for we'll meet again on pbs
I loved the PBS show reuniting people after a lifetime that has taken over the W. Gates show slot. Two women who met as girls during WW2 reunited this week. It gives me hope. I so want the researchers to take on my case.
I was adopted with little info on birth mother except the possible name of Barbara Ann Wagner.

My birth mother was from German immigrant parents, and lived in Geneva Ohio if I can trust any info from my adoptive mother. She was born around WW2 as well.  I am sorely in need of a family. If you have any leads for me, please email. I got an ancestry dna kit but it got packed and is lost in a sea of cardboard.

I like this little cocktail of Pomegranate juice and sparkle water.

I like these perfect crackers

I like having a richness of books from the library

and being able to put them on hold to be picked up all at once. Isn't that a nice feature of today's public libraries? I am trying to locate some ghost towns to visit when, IF , the damn ice ever melts and I'm free to move about the country. I went to one once, and it was sooooooo cool.

I was asked to preview a new book of quilter's stories by Frances Dowell . After I read it I will do a giveaway of a new book from the publisher. Stay tuned.

I liked this dog bed at TJMax, but Milo would never use it. His new heart throb might...
 Milo has a big like this week.
Here he is...

MILO: Hey, y'all! I went for a ridealong with my peeps on errands and to the town of Littleton. Mama's camera gave out because she uses it so much, but she got one pic of my new friend at the Creative Needle quilt store.

Adorable and fun, Ellie is 5 months old and full of fun! She kept jumping up and patting my nose with her widdle paws. I so wanted her to come with me but her mama said, she's a shop dog now.
Heh heh, well I know where to find her!
See ya!
 I liked going along for all the errands and walking around the town of Littleton. Mama kind of lost patience with me, since I felt like I both needed to guard her, and hunt around outside instead of inside a store.
I tried to explain but I think my Bark must be BIGGER than my bite, since she and Dad hold their ears when I try to explain anything to them. Sheesh! The shop keepers were all nice and invited me in but I voiced my desire for us, and by us I mean ALL of us Mama, to go outside.

Tucked up keeping warm

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  1. I love carnations' long life too. they were my Mom's favorite cut flower. Hope you feel better soon and that the weather quiets down for you. Hugs, Julierose

  2. Aww, Milo's new friend Ellie is so cute. They make a cute couple and as usual the tall guy always likes the short girl. Story of my life. How COOL to meet Angela Walters! I'll bet she was interesting to listen to - she seems like a nice, genuine person. The carnations are so pretty - they were always my mom's favorite too. Oh, and by the way the damn ice will be done in no time. Really - the sun is closer at the high elevations so you will have to be careful with sun screen much earlier than us low-country folks. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Aw, Ellie's behaviour is how Scout used to play with Greta :) I love Angela Walters, so lucky you got to meet her! I love all cut flowers and yours are lovely. Hope it warms up soon for you!

  4. I loved that little mushroom!Swollen face? Sounds like maybe a new product being used on your face? Or even an allergy to a food product? Scary stuff. I hope you find your DNA kit so you can continue that search. Have a great week. mary in Az

  5. have you gone to an allergist? are you sure it is allergies causing the face puffiness? Good luck on your search for your biological parents but always remember it might not be the happy ending you are dreaming of

  6. Little Ellie is adorable! I can see why Milo would like her! I love the public library - I am always putting books on hold and then running down there to pick them up. You might also be able to do genealogy research there. Our library has a room with computers set up to go on (for free!)

  7. I like sparkling water added to all kinds of things and by itself, but haven't tried it with pomegranate juice. Sounds tasty! I'm so sorry the unending nasty weather is getting you down. Makes total sense, and what an unpleasant situation to be in while trying to adjust to a new place. Yuck. Speaking of movie-like things, have you guys watched Planet Earth 2? It's a six episode series that came out last year I think, but I just recently watched it on Netflix. If you haven't seen it, it's really really wonderful, all about the world, with video and cinematography that's amazing. Definitely helped cheer me up as I stare out at the dead brown of winter here. Hang in there, I'll send good vibes!

  8. I loved that Redford movie!! And my husband and I both loved the new PBS program. So interesting! Maybe when it's "springtime in the Rockies", your spirit will revive too. Winter can be tough anywhere it's cold for several months.

  9. I can see why Milo was smitten. Love the library. I used it all the time. How cool to see Angela Walters. I am green with envy. Gorgeous sweet hubby brightening your day.

  10. You've met Angela Walters! That's so cool!
    Snow, cold dry air, blue sunny skies! I feel my skin drying as I think back to four years in the Canadian Rockies!
    I don't do ice either!
    Good thing there are shops to check out in your area!
    Winter brings more creative time indoors!

  11. I love the photo of Milo with his feet tucked in. I didn't know dogs did that! Love the mushroom in the snow, and the beautiful quilting. Ah... pretty flowers.... it's what will keep me going until we get warmer weather.

  12. Blue...that makes two of us this week. Think it's the January blahs to some degree along with other 'stuff'. It helps to write down likes and share them, and oh YES putting stuff on hold at the library and going to pick it all up is wonderful, just like Christmas right?! Angela is the BEST!! I have a similar photo of her with me when I listened to her speak at the Sarasota quilt guild, and then the next day took a class with her, ahhh. She's real. Feel your pain with the stuff packed and who knows where it is....(I did my monthly post today if you want to add it to your list, wink)

  13. Ellie is a little cutie! You had a lot of wonderful photos and interesting likes today. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  14. I just read a book and copied a lot of the resources for ancestry. Some of the free ones were,,, hope one of these can help you.

  15. I must admit that the cold weather/snow is very unmotivating for me. I don't like it and just want to stay at home by the wood stove. I hope things improve for you. I appreciate you linking up this week. Stay positive!

  16. I am so glad to see Ann Curry back on tv!

  17. Quite a list of likes for feeling old and crunchy, you sure had a great list of likes! You are a ray of sunshine! That quilt is so gorgeous!

    I do hope you find your birth family! Hey, have you heard about the 2018 Library Love Challenge? Based on your stash of books, it would be a cinch for you!

    Take good care!

  18. Winter is getting a little "old" here too esp. with the latest freezing rain making walking treacherous. January is a long month to punch through but almost there.
    I'm envious you got to meet the great Angela...I've watched her videos. And I think libraries are just about the best things on the planet. I don't know what I'd do without them.
    Btw, my sister's name is Barbara Ann.
    At home in Newfoundland the Blue Flag iris/violet grows wild and we always kept a couple of sprigs in a vase. I love it. Thanks for jogging a nice memory.

  19. Youth is wasted on the young! I'm with you on ending winter. Finished with that! I do digital borrowing at the library and the book downloads right to my tablet, no need to leave the house at all. Waiting for the tulips to sprout, but you can make yours last longer if you put them in the fridge at night. They like cold! Hope you get some allergy relief soon. Maybe petting some fabric would help. Or swearing! :)

  20. Oh Milo...your adventures always make me smile. 🐩 Tell your mama I have something for her she might enjoy while she's still trying to plow through an endless supply of boxes.

  21. i'm so sorry about all the cold and ice and snow...i get that way too when it seems to drag on...we were in a arctic blast for a while there and had a record amount of days below we've been juggling between nicer and cold but that's ok...we do have another blast coming next week...i can deal with it when we have a break here and there but i admit i'm ready for spring! i love milo's "big like" haha...the flowers are beautiful! i saw the robert redford movie, it was cute...i do like him too! i'm sorry the linky wasn't working but i closed that one and started a new one and linked you and it works! so your linked up and thank you! have a great weekend!

  22. ...I saw 'Woiwe'll Meet Again,' what a show!

  23. I loved Walk in the Woods (I too crushed on Robert Redford) - Your dog is adorable. Soory to hear you have allergies. Is that a real mushroom in the snow?

  24. So sorry the weather is getting you down - hang in there - spring, summer and fall in Colorado are beautiful!!! How sweet of your hubby to get you iris ... We watched a Walk in the Woods when it first came out and really loved it. If you like that sort of humor, I suggest you look for Bill Bryson books in the library - he wrote the book behind the film and he is so entertaining! As are you - I loved your suggestion for the caption on my furbaby picture - keep 'em coming!

  25. The iris are beautiful and the tulips made me smile - I keep them until the petals fall too.

  26. I hope you can find some answers about your genealogy. It helps in some ways but can be troubling in others...but you probably know that. Love that stack of books from the library. Enjoy your weekend!

  27. Lvely mushroom and little dogs!

  28. Great set of photos, hope you are able to get some information about your familial roots, once you have located the Ancestry kit. Thanks for sharing :)

  29. We have grown some of those small carnations...they are called pinks here in the UK.
    Wow, the little mushroom! I have seen red ones, but not orange. and with the heart, it is almost like disney and too much to believe.:-)

  30. How sweet that your husband brings you flowers. Mmm...carnations. I love their longevity and spicy scent. I had an armful of them in my wedding even though they were not a popular wedding flower at the time. I am sorry that Colorado is not being kind to you. I do hope that with spring there will be some changes. I'm glad you can still find positives to report. Yea for libraries! Not appropriate I suppose to comment on someone's looks especially when they are bummed out about physical challenges--but, I think you look lovely in your lavender scarf in the picture with Angela.

  31. SEW jealous that you got to meet Angela Walters!!! Sorry to hear that your allergies are bothering you. That is NO FUN!!

  32. So sorry about your allergy! Great collection of photos!

  33. Living with allergies is not easy (I know from friends) - thank you for this series of photos and linking to All Seasons - greatly appreciated:) Wishing you a better week than the last!

  34. I love those Dutch irises!
    Thank you for taking part in the Floral Friday Fotos meme.