Thursday, January 11, 2018

I Like Thursday, #71

view down the street
Welcome to this week's list of likes
I took my camera along on our morning walk this week. I plan a post on that with lots of pictures for later, but for now...
 Isn't this a cool pic? Guess what? Snow does not melt in a day here, this is nearly three weeks old now.

I spent some time the end of last week in fabric stores so I feel a little better. Nothing like pretty fabric and familiar tools to lift your spirits. For those of you who come by once a week, that post is HERE!

Let's get started...
I sure enjoyed this video on Channel's fall line, and how they bead it. How those waifs can walk under the weight I don't know. The dress could outweigh the models!

I like this cup from Macy's, words to live by

I like tiny baby carnations from Trader Joe's on the mantel.

And the purple tulips already available.

 This place is very brown, grim and barren. These colors made me quite happy to see!

I liked finding  fleece on sale at Joann's to make a portable design wall. Not able to sew yet, as can't find my tools but maybe soon.

I liked coming up with a design for this year's Valentine quilt. They don't always finish the way they start but they always reflect that year of our lives. I gathered these two fat quarters and the embellishments at Michaels and the floss at Joann's.

 I have lovely things but they are hidden so these will work.
 I plan to hand-embroider over the heart, as I basically know where my hands are.

I like the next book in the teahouse series by Laura Childs.

When we joined the library, the librarian helped me to order this from another system, and looked up the list of finished novels. I was afraid I was nearing the end of the series but nope! Right in the middle, a really good place to be! Meaning, I have at least 10 more books ahead of me! Yipee! Then there is her other series...

I also checked out the latest Molly Murphy mystery by Rhys Bowen.

At the suggestion of a fellow I Like poster, I ordered the book 52 lists.
and did the first exercise. She gives you an action plan, this week to choose one of my favorite activities and turn it into a daily activity. I chose "talking to friends" contacted some to keep near the phone so I can talk to one of them each day. It has helped stave off the depression. I even laughed. I look forward to the other exercises as a growth opportunity.

My friend Mary from Boulder met me in Brighton for an afternoon of lunch, shopping and chat

I plan an entire post on that, as it was lots of fun and many stories to tell!

Milo and I both liked the scrambled egg whites with cheddar cheese this morning... a bit of bright color...
 I loved getting a treat from my friend Nancy... takes a long leg for flamingos!
Milo liked walking a lot and his new cookies... organic carrot cookies I ordered from Amazon
they only come in boxes of 24.

Milo: "what's wrong with that??"

We got freezing rain, so we both came in cold and sodden, so Milo put on his "house elf" coat-of-many-holes to warm up
"Look how the freezing rain makes my naturally curly hair more curly!"

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  1. Hi LeeAnna,
    That looks like a great store! And a great visit to read about!

  2. Awwww Milo you are one fine looking boy! Love your curls when you are wet! Love your flowers and finds! Can't wait to see what your Valentine quilt! Have a great day!

  3. Hi LeeAnna,
    HAHA - you know where your hands are! Nothing wrong with hand embroidery - don't you find it very calming and soothing? Laura Childs and Rhys Bowen - love them both! It's so great to enjoy a nice long series right from the beginning - so many good books to look forward to. And Milo - how cute and fabulous is he?!! ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. You sound better! Yay! Love those snow capped mountains. Can't wait to hear about your visit with Mary and to see your Valentine quilt. Hang in there girl! mary in Az

  5. It is brown and grim here in Iowa but....come spring it will be beautiful here and where you are LeeAnna. Milo is growing so fast, 52 Lists for Happiness sounds like a great book.

  6. That's a tasty looking cookie, Milo! I like your mountain view, Lee Anna!

  7. I'm impressed with your street view. Wow. I love those sunny yellow eggs! Pretty and look delicious to boot. What a fun mug. And those socks! Cool. Milo is so handsome with all those curls.

  8. Tulips are such happy flowers! And those purples ones are just gorgeous! Milo is a lucky poodle to get special cookies.

  9. Those mountains look gorgeous. It seems you are keeping busy and that's a great anecdote for defeating the blahs. Milo is a curly sweetheart.

  10. I'm so glad to see the likes even amid the struggles. I haven't been to Denver in a long time, but I remember liking the Natural History Museum there, so it might be a fun place to visit on the cold brown days. I love your little pops of color, We have the same brown winter landscape here, and flowers at least brighten it up a bit.

  11. Thanks for the chanel video. I love to see how they make these gowns.
    I will have to do scrambled egg for lunch tomorrow. I am a bit bored with crackers and cheese right now!

  12. I love that mug! Perfect for your house! Glad you have found the library and more of your favorite books, too. Getting lost in a good book now and then is good for us, I think. Happy Thursday!

  13. Oh, gosh, where to start. The socks - they are just perfect for you. I got a yellow pair for Christmas that are old-fashion library date due cards.
    And it's gray and dreary almost everywhere now except maybe South FL and Hawaii. Your mountains in the distance are gorgeous. It's 59.9° degrees here right now and all our snow has melted. It was zero a week ago. And we are expecting a foot of snow on Saturday. Roller coaster weather for sure.
    I'm caught up on the Tea Shop mysteries and several other series. I need to find some new authors.
    Enough rambling from me. Have to work on some RSC18 projects.

  14. Gotta admit, I'm a bit partial to seeing adorable curly haired spoos. And can I say...I LOVE those socks! Let's get together soon for some retail therapy mischief in 'Sweden.' 😍

  15. That is a great list of likes! and the curly hair - too cute

  16. I like your blue nail polish! :)

  17. That mug is super cool and so are your curls Milo! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  18. There is nothing like flowers to brighten the darkest days. I'd be searching out a warm spot like Milo too.

  19. Oh boy... just look how cute and curly you are ..xxoo

  20. milo is looking cute as ever...i need that mug and those are the cutest socks!

  21. Oh some fun I likes. I agree, the brown days get old. Some bright flowers help. Milo looked extra curly. Your library sounds cool, that is what I love about mine. I am not limited to just what they have. I have the whole county, but they also contract with many other library systems throughout Michigan. Lots of choices.

  22. Milo looks so regal! My dogs have shirts that are much the same! lol Thanks for linking up today and always. I hope you have a great weekend!

  23. That's a pretty shot of the snow and rocks! Very artistic.

  24. A fun post with some lovely photos, some neat advice and some kooky socks! :-) Sweet pup also! Hope you have a great week.

  25. So many wonderful things to like!! Thanks for joining Flower Friday this week!

  26. I ordered the original 52 lists project book and am working through it! We should compare notes at the end of the year :)

  27. Great post, you sound better, love the mug and Milo's handsome with his curls. Wonderful that you got out for fun and retail therapy. TX has tolls like that, I miss the signs and then they send me a bill. Flowers are so happy.

  28. We love the purple tulips, the freezing rain (which we have here too) not so much.

  29. Hello, I love your pretty flowers. Fresh flowers in the home make me happy. Milo is a cutie, I hope he enjoys his new home. I will have to check out those books in my library. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.

  30. Winter (sucks) Although here right now it's not so bad. (That could change though) - The video was quite fascinating. So many details to those gowns. - The book sounds good, I'll see if they are available on my Kindle.

  31. We love the embroidery video.Those clothes must weigh a ton!!

  32. Lovely carnations.
    Thanks for taking part in the Floral Friday Fotos meme.