Saturday, January 20, 2018

Saturday's Critters

There is a link party called Saturday Critters and I love it. All God's creatures.

I love the image we took on a recent walk around Washington Park. The quiet of it is reflected in muted colors. It still has a reflection of the setting sun on the right. I like the water next to frozen ice... just like that our environment changes. The birds could choose between walking and swimming. I like the texture the ripples give.

I also like the stillness and peace, knowing any minute a bird could startle and all would fly off.

Change. Water changing to ice, changing light quality as the sun sets, changing habitat and likely location for these particular birds. Big change of habitat for the three of us.

 Washington Park is in Denver's Cherry Creek area.

See the sun quality change as we walk around the lake. All of these birds were ice skating.

I love the next one...

One among many. One who chose to stand alone. Impossibly standing on water.

Do you ever think about birds? Do you wonder if they have thoughts? As they live their lives in search of food, shelter, and a flock to belong to... how is that so very different from what we do?

Are we more important than other creatures on earth? Maybe to each other, but not in the grand scheme.


We also walked one afternoon around the Baker neighborhood full of interesting homes. 

I loved it so much. The homes are quirky. I wonder about all the generations of families, or individuals who found shelter and belonging here over the last hundred years? I wish I met them.

As we walked along, I noticed interesting yards, architecture, and this fellow in the top window...

So quiet. Intensely watching us go by with Milo...
Daddy says, look Milo! Look up! So he looks right up in the sky for a plane. He never noticed the quiet chap watching him from above.
This pic is slightly different, as we walk by. the angle changes. He has slightly shifted forward, nose closer to the open window. His expression changed as we got further from him, intensified. I wondered did he pined for Milo to come play in the tiny postage stamp yard with him?

What's your story, pretty?

yet another lovely home with a big wide porch. Built in Victorian times, when people often had large families. Built in a time when architectural details mattered. I plan to do a post on Monday with lots of interesting, at least to me, pictures of the homes.

Did a woman care for this home, keeping it clean and cozy for a family? Was she proud of how pretty it was, did she host women's groups where they planned how to win the vote? Didn't she see a lot of changes over her life? !

 Look closer in the window at the new family.
This gorgeous cat watched Milo parade by. When I stopped to watch it, a little boy ran to the front window.

the family changed of course, from 1890,  but I imagine back then a cat sat in a window and a little boy might run over to see why it was looking out. Changed but the same in a way.

More next week.
visit http://viewingnaturewitheileen. for more critter pictures


  1. Love old Victorian houses. I think about the birds around my house often (especially in bad weather!).

  2. I love to watch the birds build their nests in my tree out back!. And, hummingbirds devour my lavender nectar. Washington Park looks peaceful. I wish I had a park within walking distance!Can't wait to see your other posts on these homes. Have a great week. mary in Az

  3. I love watching the birds (and I may or may not talk to them...). Old houses are always so fascinating. Great photo of the little bird standing alone of the water.

  4. Hello, love the Milo shots. Cute seeing the dog and kitty looking out the windows. The birds skating is funny, they must get cold feet. Great series of photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  5. Hi LeeAnna,
    Birds! Always a favorite!

  6. Thanks for sharing the addy for Sat. Critters... love it. And I have also loved the old fashioned details on homes. Looking forward to your post on that.

  7. I really enjoyed the critters looking out the windows - surveying their kingdoms from behind glass. Our cat used to lay on the back of the sofa and watch the neighborhood. But in his geriatric years now, it must be be comfortable because he doesn't do that anymore. Luckily we have a couple low windows he can look out of.

  8. Wonderful photos and thoughts today. Looks like you are enjoying your new home and getting acquainted with the pretty surroundings. Milo is such a pretty boy.

  9. The Baker neighborhood is a great way to spend checking out lovely homes, much like some of the bungalows from NM Denver. Denver is nothing if not full of fascinating old homes, even with the Picasso/Lego newbies dotted it.

  10. There's something so evocative about an animal watching you quietly from their window seat.

  11. I love the ice skating birds and the watchful dogs and cat. I loved reading your thoughts, too.

  12. We have tons of different birds and squirrels in our yard because we have so many feeders, and we are always wondering what they're thinking! Loved your pictures of the animals peeking out the windows, too.

  13. I love the Washington Park neighborhood. I worked at Denver South High School a few years ago. I can’t remember the name of the neighborhood I lived in. Closer to this cool bookstore on Elizabeth Street. The houses in Denver are gorgeous! I wish I had had a dog when I lived there. I would have explored even more!