Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Nature's inspiration... leaves and rocks

So much in nature to inspire us!

Please enjoy this post written just before the move.

On a recent walk, I noticed the lovely shading on this leaf.
Doesn't it remind you of a pinwhieel block? It's just so even and straight line.

So some things that come to mind looking at it are
symmetry without being obsessive. Not totally symmetrical... more balanced than extremely even.
The idea of symmetry.

We do not need to be so worried about every little bit of quiltmaking... like this leaf our eyes want to find regularity and will.
Secondly I notice the strong straight lines at angles to each other, repeating to give strength to the whole.
Then I notice the subtle color variation.
And the light lights, and the dark darks  give it life.

It would make a grand quilt just as it is! I believe I will do just that! I can use this photo and paint a leaf, or create a pattern, or just be inspired by it to do an abstract with similar lines, or angles, or colors...
because I took it myself it will be automatically original art. Of course I give nature and God their due for providing a perfect inspiration.

Continuing along the way I see this one... the other side of the glossy, just about to turn leaf from before...
Lovely! I like the negative space provided by disintegration. My eye fills in the lines. The edges are irregular and very interesting, while the general symmetry is still there. The larges lines would be done by couching a thick glossy thread for veins. I've done that. I would quilt the main lines, then fill in with more, more more.
Quilting adds so much.

I've done work like this long ago... and saw it again recently...

 It was a class sample for a technique I taught for a while. Raw edge reverse applique.  Not the kind of workmanship I would do now... but still quite interesting. Not the colors I'd choose now either but I like it. I would now over quilt the background too. Funny how a person changes over time and doesn't realize it! This was probably done about 1997

So all that said, how would you interpret this in fabric? In nature it's all texture and brilliance in the sun.
Don't forget the dark dark areas... maybe bugle beads? Paint? Don't forget the medium gray-greens next to the highlights of almost pure white. 
You know it's white but in an interpretation all white would fall flat. It's all about the shading, the shadows, the repetitive lines curving away from center. The stray fuzz could be done with threads.

What do you think? What have you seen recently that made you want to take to your sewing machine?

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  1. Love stuff like this Lee Anna!

  2. You definitely have an artist's eye. And you are so right, our eyes fill in the blanks without even thinking about it.

  3. Love this post! We have all sorts of frosts on our windows. Been a big inspiration for me. Maybe I will write about it?

  4. Love this post! You have such an artist's eye! Thank you.

  5. I hope everything is going ok! Thinking about you!

  6. I'm always amazed at how an artist looks at color and texture. Thanks for the insight!! My cousin's husband is a wildlife artist and lately he has been playing with light in his paintings. It's so interesting to see how little subtle things begin to pop.

  7. Leaves always provide some internal joy. Must be Nature's way to get us to see tiny details that bring joy.

  8. Funny thing, I just wrote a post about starting with a leaf. I enjoyed your musing on your leaf and on white fuzz.

  9. I find such beauty in nature through your eyes. There's a specialty floss from Rainbow Gallery Threads called Whisper floss, and it's the first thing I thought of when I saw your last picture. I could see some stitching and fluffing that floss up gently.

  10. You are truly an artistic person LeeAnna!