Thursday, January 18, 2018

I Like Thursdays #72

Welcome to this week's list of likes...

DH showed up with my happiest of flowers, tulips. This time bright yellow and orange. I have many vases but they are still hidden in boxes.
  I did unload this Valentine vase since it was marked Family Room! Yea! Perfect!
Flowers bought with love for me, to make me smile deserve a V-day vase in red. Red, gold and orange... all hot colors to balance the ahem, neutrals outside. I read popular home dec colors this year are, ready? brown and tan.
Are those even colors? No thanks, I'll just continue to decorate with brilliant blue, bright lime, clear red.

I love the colors on these clearance towels from Khols.

Turquoise, red and white. So pretty, and good through the winter in my mind.

I am replacing the towels that shrunk and distorted over time, making them hard to use.

  I cut them in half, sewed the edges together and turned inside out and they are lovely washcloths for the kitchen! Very useful, slip a hand in if you want a mitt. The yellow color has faded through many washings but they are still yellow, a happy color!

I loved this sign at the entrance to the Native American exhibit at Denver science museum
It says, We are all different, we are all the same

I'm dreadfully tired of people judging others based on color, culture, place of origin, money, weight, or any other characteristic other than character. We might like someone better because of shared values, interests, or how safe we feel with them, that's reasonable. But every creature has value.

We three went on walkabout to Broadway! Not that Broadway, the street in Denver! Recommended by the physicist we chatted to at the science museum. But that's a story for another day... I thought I'd just tease you with the fabric buying trip to Fancy Tiger on Broadway in Denver.

My oh my, what a TERRIFIC store! I fell hard for this pink machine, although the color didn't translate well in my image
On the TV front, I'm happy the Amazing Race, Project Runway, Bachelor (I know, I know), and lots of ice skating is back. The ice skaters are amazing. SImply amazing.

I skated around rinks as a child, holding to the wall, one foot in front of another. I remember the miracle of learning to go backwards, and turn around while moving.

When I lived in Canada I took my first lessons and then practiced on the outdoor lake with my then boyfriend who was a hockey player extraordinaire. So balanced and strong on ice, with me basically still looking like a 2 year old. No, worse, a two year old has no fear!

 These Olympic skaters are so sure on the ice, are so brave to be thrown in the air spinning like meat on a rotisserie, then landing sure footed. Beautiful. And the men hold partners over their heads, spinning around while moving forward, the partner balanced on one arm.

If you come over once a week, please check out this week's posts on quilt patterns in the Science Museum and my startling vision on a trip to lunch

I love the little Japanese bowl I found at TJMax.

 We went in search of pyrex with lids as we can't find ours yet, and did not find those but found this. Such a pretty way to feed my pup, and a pretty bowl to see in the food stand.

Milo: whatever. I don't get the excitement... I mean it's not like raw meat appeared in it! Just a constant supply of kibble with the rare veg on top. Meh. I mean, I can hardly see the color anyway, but if the Mama is happy, guess I am happy too. I gave her a little tail wag, just to encourage her.

I Can't Keep Calm I'm A Poodle Dog Bandana | Choice red, blue, pink, black | Great gift for dogs and owners | FREE world ship
from etsy   link:
Milo liked walking with his peeps at Washington park this past weekend.

He liked riding in the car, meeting other dogs... well I'll let him finish here

Milo:    I liked the Canadian Goose poop!  hahahahaha, poodle humor!
Sure I liked being with my peeps, smelling something different, (especially the goose poop) and everything.

I admit I got a little nervous when Mama hared off into that quilt store but she came out and found us because I barked real loud and persistently so she could find her way back to us. I'm a loud barker.

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  1. I love the tulips, that is the best idea to beat the winter blues and the evil jack frost.
    I remember my dream about becoming an ice princess... it was over soon (chronic talentlessness) but nevertheless I enjoyed it to watch the girls who had more talent and to dream the one in that magic dress is me ;O))) btw: we love tk maxxx too, the best is that in most stores dogs are allowed, YAY!!! but a fb-friend shopped with her weimaraner and said it was pure hell, she ended with buying nothing because she was to busy to watch her pup LOL... (mark liked that and he said I sure can have phenny on my side while shopping hahaha)

  2. Gorgeous Tulips. Say it isn't so....beige, tan? Seriously? Goes with the minimalist approach to life many people take now. Pretty machines. I like Milo's dish. I am sure Bobbin and Lucy don't really care either. It is more of the huuman's aesthetic. :D

  3. I love wandering through TJ Max and have found some great things there

  4. Oh I love those towels and the tulips are GORGEOUS! I'm hearing purple or violet are the color of the year but I think everyone is choosing their own "color of the year". Milo is really grown up! He loves fantastic! Scout doesn't bark much unless we (or another dog) is not cooperating and playing when she wants to play. Have a great day!

    1. the panetone color of the year is purple but the home dec preferred colors are more dull and neutral

  5. Love tulips! And I've seen figure skating live twice with heart in fast they are and dangerous those lifts and spins are. But amazing.
    I like how you are always getting out and about and exploring your world. I really need to do that more.
    Love Milo info!

  6. Those tulips are beautiful, and that poodle bandana is perfect in every way! Happy Thursday!

  7. Love those tulips! We won't start seeing them in the stores around here for another month or so probably. Tulips are such happy flowers! I'm excited for the Olympics to start as I love, love, love watching the skaters and skiers. I grew up a block from our town's skating rink and practically live there in the winter. It was lit at night so lots of kids showed up after supper.

  8. You always have the coolest goodies! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  9. Your tulips are so pretty - Drew knows just the right thing for you! I enjoyed your posts about the museum and Milo's escape, too. I loved how you saw all those patterns through an artist's eyes. I enjoy seeing the ice skating, too - looking forward to the Olympics to see them. I haven't heard of that shop, but glad you found one you really like. Happy Thursday!

  10. You are exploring sites I have never been to. I've heard about that quilt shop and will have to investigate it soon. Haven't ever been to the museum. Wash park is a wonderful park, though very busy when the weather gets warm. The Botanical Gardens is very close to Wash. Love the tulips. Hugs, Sharon

  11. I love tulips too! Very pretty and colorful. I agree all people are different but should be treated equal. Milo's dish is pretty. Some dogs have louder barks, I guess Milo is one of them. Enjoy and have a happy day!

  12. great collection - like your new towels, love "can't keep calm I'm a poodle", and I also see lots of ice skating. They are amazing.

  13. One more thing we have in common -- I'm watching the European championship skating right now! So glad to have discovered the Olympic Channel!

  14. Poor tulips! I love the ice skating - used to do it as a child!

  15. I enjoy watching ice skaters too. The couples skaters amaze me.

  16. I've been in that store (at least I think I have!) and you're right, a fun place to go. South Broadway is a fun place to hang out exploring. Before the gentrification takes over everything. *Sigh Starting to get into Olympics watching mode. If politics its the two Koreas and a certain "dotard" don't take over, should be interesting. 😊

  17. Flowers are the best thing in winter. I have bought some recently. Our weather has been so gray and cold, I needed some color! Thanks for linking up today!

  18. I like Thursdays as here it is Senior discount day at my local market.... big deal 5% off ! But mostly i can see what Milo is up to in his new hood!
    Lee Anna , did you figure out how M escaped your back yard recently??

  19. I need to see if tulips are at the store already. love them. Beige and tan are pretty blah for the house. Great idea on the old dish towels!I would like ramen in that blue bowl. I'm looking forward to the Olympics, too! Thx for including me! Have a great day. mary in Az

  20. haha that milo! he doesn't even realize he's got quite the beautiful dinner set that snowman towel, so cheery! beautiful tulips!

  21. Those towels are cute. I will have to save your idea about the dish cloths. My dish cloths are still put together well, but the other person in this house washed them with dark things. Now they constantly look like you have been using them for a week already when you just get one out! I don't have many of the waffle towels, but enough to make one or two and then some towels I am not particularly fond, lets see when I remember to do that!

  22. ,,,your pup sure eats in style!

  23. Beige and tan - yuck! Good paint colors, but that's as far as it goes! My hubby surprised me with some flowers on Thursday - we are so blessed! I also love ice skating, especially the ice dancing, and am excited for the Olympics to start.

  24. Tulips do brighten up Winter days!
    Thanks for taking part in the FloralFriday Fotos meme.