Sunday, January 7, 2018

new ideas for a new start

Can you read this?It says:
"We must take Adventures to know where we belong" 
I saw it on my recent foray into Joann Fabrics. It seemed to fit the situation I'm in. 

I feel so out of place, and frightened about this choice of location, that I thought what makes me feel better, besides comfort food?? 
Answer: wandering around sewing/craft stores. 
Time for some medicinal shopping....
 I took just as long as I wanted in the local Michaels and Joann's this week. I wandered slowly down each aisle. I imagined all the fun I could have creating lots of things. 

I wallowed in the familiar.  
we cannot find our hats and scarves, so I picked this pretty yarn up at Michaels, and the needles the free pattern called for, and thought I might just knit a scarf. New yarn, new needles, new pattern. Change. 

My focus word of the year. It doesn't have to be all scary, maybe change can be a good thing, a slightly less frightening change is to learn a new pattern while doing something familiar like knitting. 
 Or making the next quilt in my Valentine Series
 can you see it? 
I sketched out my idea and love it! In the same little notebook I keep lists to pick up at Target, and TV channels I like, I drew out this year's quilt. I cannot find my supplies, so while walking the aisles at Michaels I spied the almost hand dyed red fat quarter, and the black and white floral fat quarter, the wooden word, the embellishments, and embroidery yarn. The idea had been percolating and I went with my instincts and brought these home. 

I can see it done. 
Then when sketching it later, I added in some long curvy piecing, just to make it overly complicated heh heh, and started to get that little thrill one gets from the creative process. 

Oh nothing has changed, I still see a wall of brown boxes, can't find vital items, worry over what else is shattered inside the boxes, but for a moment, my soul was soothed, I was among my peeps, I saw the possibilities between the shelves holding new supplies. 

I'm going to need a design wall... and since the house itself has such a smell I didn't want new insulation board adding to it... what to do? Don't want to put holes in the wall... hmmmm Hey... these boxes are pretty big...
 Bet instead of buying lots of foam core, or a new insulation board, I could use them... next choose some batting to staple over... but I didn't like it and it was still expensive... what's this? Fleece on sale? Everything sticks to the fleece jackets I made Cole buddy... 
 since I was taking my time, I went back and forth down the aisles, comparing size and cost. This fleece was 64" wide, white, and on sale for $5 a yard. The clerk saw a slight discoloration on the piece left, 1.5 yards, so she asked if I still wanted it. I dithered a second, then she offered to sell it at damaged rate. I got the whole thing for $3.14. Bingo! I'll wash it first and bet it is good enough for a temp design wall. I'll just tilt it against the wall upstairs and no holes to repair. 

Ah but it feels good to be creative again. 

While looking at towns and neighborhoods yesterday we ended the day in Castle Rock. We had high hopes for a neighborhood we saw on line but it wasn't as special as we hoped. It all looks good online, where the pics carefully exclude the ugly. 

While there we found the quilt store, about to close. I ran in, and asked for the sale section
And a kit.
I can't find the special box I prepared with all I needed to do temp sewing in the rental. 
I spied this... 
 and was attracted to the lines, the choices made for me, just follow the directions. 
Then I opened the kit... suddenly I remembered my friend Nancy and her workshops on the Judy Neimeyer techniques. 

I'm not new to the quiltmaking rodeo, nor to paper piecing  or foundation piecing. But Judy's technique is a whole 'nother animal. The clerk said they are an "official, certified, Judy Neimeyer shop. She walked me through the technique... told me Judy's sons are engineers. 

Ooooooohhhhhhh. Yep, that explains the over construction/planning aspect. Good gosh y'all, I could draw this out, piece it in an afternoon my way, even piecing in the curves instead of applique. 

But that's not the point. 

Change. The point is to learn another technique, to try something new and see if any of it suits me. Stretch my mind. I usually, pretty much all the time now, make original art. But. Something in me wanted the challenge presented here. Why, it's even in neutrals. Not a palette I would choose myself, but one I may like looking at. 
Okay then... let the new year begin. Change.  

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  1. Happy you've found a few diversions to help you through this "neither here nor there" period in your life. Change is so difficult; I find myself paralyzed by change a saps your energy.
    I will be sending a prayer out for you with angel wings on it to shelter you....hugs, Julierose

    1. Aww, this is so sweet! Julierose, you are an angel on earth. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Hi LeeAnna, I told my hubby about you guys moving to Colorado and on a Saturday in the future we would like to meet up for lunch, so we don't have to drive in the dark. But he came home Thursday sick and has been sick since. I am spraying him, myself and the house with Lysol and praying I don't get it. To top it off my mom who lives 1 1/2 hours northwest of us had a minor stroke yesterday and I will be spending a few days with her. So I don't know when we will connect, but we WILL. Please feel free to PM me or call if you need a shoulder. Sharon

  3. Maybe having some creative outlet will bring major soothing to your soul. You are after all an artist in your heart. I recently bought that same Judy N pattern and hope to try it out this winter too. And I LOVE your plan and pieces for the Valentine quilt.

  4. Hi LeeAnna,
    Change! New colours and patterns! Looks great!
    We'll look back at the end of 2018 and see how Change has become the familiar!

    1. Exactly! Love this comment. Love that your creativity is a comfort during your transition.

  5. Hello LeeAnna,
    You are a courageous soul as you continue to blog through your pain, insecurities and fears....
    Your journey is helping me face my own as I realize we all are going through.

    Thank you for taking me on your journey of your heart and your healing meanderings in crafty shops. Working with what the heart leads us to is perfect - is healing. The heart wants what the heart wants - even when it's broken/cracked.

    You remain in my thoughts and prayers.

    Your comment, "medicinal shopping" brought a smile to my face! Thank you,

    A fellow sojourner through change, acceptance and fear

  6. A little creativity helps brighten the day. Glad you found some fun things. I totally understand the medicinal shopping.

  7. Good for you for getting out and visiting new versions of familiar stores. And good for you for embracing your word and all its connotations.

  8. Love the black and white background fabric and the wooden trust word for your annual Valentine project. It is good that you are keeping the tradition going. Don't get discouraged about the house/neighborhood search. Better to take your time and be happy with your decision. And, of course, change can also positive.

  9. oh, your valentines materials sing to me. I'll be happy to see what you create! I've seen that leaf pattern before. So pretty. And huzzah for getting that deal. Nothing like dithering to get the sales person to drop the price. :-)

  10. Hi LeeAnna,
    That first picture - the sign going into the store!!! OMG!! If that isn't a sign for you - that you saw it, that you needed to see it. You are where you belong, right now, this minute. It may not be where you stay but He just told you to relax and trust - He's got you. {{{Hugs}}} How rare to actually see His hand, but you my dear have been very anxious and upset. Enjoy your knitting, find comfort in your kit and learn a new technique and rest assured that you are where you belong. Right now. ~smile~ Roseanne

  11. You are taking the right approach, going with the familiar, and trying something new, too! The thing about Judy N's technique is there is less waste and placement of the pieces is easier and more accurate.

  12. a super bargain, maybe that is a sign for a super good year? I hope so. don't worry for the boxes, we still have 2 what are on our attic since we moved in... that was in 1997 ;O))))

  13. Haven't seen you mention Blue Twig Studio or Cottonwood, which are places that I have wanted to visit based on their online presence. Seems like the Artistic Artifacts of the west and like your kind of place. If that's near you, perhaps a visit...

  14. I'm so proud of you! You made a ton of changes and still get to do all you love to do. Well done. Love Timeless Treasures.

  15. Oh Lee Anna, I am so glad you found the store and the kit.
    I just thought, You needed the organisation of the store. Looking and seeing things in their place - and it helped to open up your creative instincts. Then the kit and your Valentine - again organised and they will be something where you can see the progress inspite of how everything else seems like it isn't.
    And from all that, you started to claim your own space, make your own mark on your house. As someone else said, you are brave. and you are especially brave to share it here.
    Big Hugs from the UK!

  16. I'm glad you found some creative therapy! It always helps me in times of stress. What is your address, LeeAnna? I need to figure out where you are in relation to where I am! :)

  17. Great bargain on the fleece! You should go on Youtube and look for a video done by Judy Neimeyer, she really explains her technique.

  18. Embracing change/focusing on what is familiar and constant - sounds like you are working towards finding a balance. And some more creative work for us to look forward to as well. Keep going, LeeAnna!

  19. There's nothing like wandering around a familiar store in a new setting to help put things right. And congrats on the fleece score!

  20. I really enjoyed this contemplative post. It resonated with me on several levels. Just roaming the aisles of Michael's and Joanne's sounds so pleasant and soothing. I looked at your skein of yarn and reminded myself that I wanted to get a knitting project going. I resolve to have one going in the background in 2018. I just finished knitting a circular blanket for a new grandson due in April and I enjoyed the comfort of the repetitive motion of knitting. You can check it out at this link
    The paper piecing kit you bought does indeed look fascinating. And again I resonate with buying something in colors outside the usual favorites. I tend toward jewel tones and yet I think one of the favorite quilts I've made was a Thimbleberries Hometown kit in olive greens, gold, maroon type reds, and black. FYI here it is at the end of this post
    No more rambling. I really enjoyed your post. Enough said!

  21. Such a big change you have had and you need time to let everything get rebalanced as it were. Feeding your creative soul is a good way to get there.
    Judy has some wonderful videos on YouTube that are relaxing and inspiring. Hang in there.

  22. Great bargain on the fleece, love the fabrics from the quilt shop I know how medicating fabric and craft stores can be and often time just the right dose of what we need. I look forward to seeing the Valentine piece.