Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Mountain Craft show part deux

Part two of our trip to the Simply Vintage craft show last weekend.
This is the name of a business. Ain't it grand?  Yes! Let's all create good! 
I kept thinking as we walked through the building at the fair grounds... 
honey, we aren't in Kansas anymore... (Dorothy to scarecrow in wizard of oz) 
But there are a lot of Kansas people here!!! 

 This woman was a joyful person, so happy to be living in the mountains of CO instead of KS, as she and her husband love to fish, or live to fish! 

I mean look at her card!!  

What fun talking to her. She had joy. She was open, and held out her spirit like a handshake or a hug. 

She made jewelry and collected fun things like the turquiose skirt, for my enjoyment and purchase. 

That's a good life. She moved south of here, into the mountains to live and fish and create.
these hearts hung in her booth along with this cool poster
Looks like me as a 5 year old! I just stopped trying to use the cap gun, and bent down and hit the roll of caps between two big rocks! Pop! Pop!
Like the turquoise tutu with cowboy boots and western shirt... you know how to walk on the quirky side!

You might have to break some eggs....
Loved this idea... just plant the little seedlings... Something about this appeals to me.

These were in a really cool booth. With a REALLY quirky woman. I loved her joy of life! When I picked out a few of her figure sticks, allegedly for gifts, (right) she even gave me a discount!

Look at those faces. The whole concept is simple and captures gesture, as well as feeling QUILTY to me.
I would have loved to interview her but she was a whirling dervish of activity! She did come over to see which figures I picked, Rosemary of course, the one in pink. I love their sideways mouths!
I think I know these women... and Thyme in the blue. That's me. And of course I wanted "thyme" I mean who doesn't need more time???

She's kind of looking at the bird in this pic. I love tea. Since I gave up diet drinks I am obsessed with tea.
And he felt spring like... Along with Bunny who seems to want to get on with it!
They are merely copied drawings on paint sticks! She thought I might put them in a garden. Oh no.... I am not all together sure anything could grow in this hardtack ground anyway. Nope these guys are purely for fun.
these little birds are stamped on the stick bottoms! Life is in details!
 Their only purpose is to make me smile when I pass them. Stick around.

We were drawn to this business owner by her standard poodle. I didn't take a pic as the white female is a service dog, and the owner appreciated us not petting her. She said so many people didn't respect that and her dog was exhausted of all the attention. She was 10 years old and an epilepsy alert pup. The woman was from Georgia, and had many lovely things but this caught my eye...
I made these back in the day. Appalachian Baskets with willow, grape vines, rope, organic matter. I made many of them, and the packers hopefully got them here intact but who knows. I picked this up, I asked about the maker...
" a beautiful woman inside and out" was the answer. I put it down, and we chatted more.
 I asked the price, $12. I knew it to be worth much much more. Still, I'm in transition, I made baskets like this, I hopefully still have some of them in a box somewhere. As we were leaving, she said, make an offer! It's the end of the day! I looked at Drew, we had $8 in cash at hand, and she said, fine!
She said, don't worry about where you'll put it, or moving it again. Enjoy seeing it and you'll find the perfect place for it.

I didn't need it... I am in transition, but it is lovely. It reminds me of a time of my life. It connects me to other hands in the South carrying on traditions like I do.
Still do.
It gives me pleasure, and you can't ask more than that.

This weekend we returned books to the library and noticed a book sale going on. We looked in and DH found some CD's for me... Ottmar Leibert (jazz classical guitar) and Antonio Carlos Jobim my fave. We got them despite having no idea where the player is. Hope springs eternal.

As you can tell, I'm not quilting at the moment. I am not emotionally in that place but I am knitting a little.
super simple pattern, cast on 23, knit two, purl two to end. Turn do it again. And again....
I finished DH's scarf and will show you on Thurs likes. I loved spending time with other artists this weekend and decided I want to join an art group more than I want to join a quilt guild. I have loved belonging to quilt groups, and have already joined a local bee to commune with like minded people. I just want the stimulation of belonging to a more diverse group and don't know how to find one. Or a good PT to repair my now broken body from the first PT I tried.
oy. change is not always good.



easyweimaraner said...

I love the egg idea too that is eggs-cellent!!!! is there a part 3 too... so I can ad something more to my wishlist LOL

Libby in TN said...

So much to love in your post. Glad you are getting out and about.

Sara said...

I'm convinced that when my mind/soul is healthy, then my body will heal itself more easily. Finding an art group should be a positive step. I would ask at the library and at any local chamber of commerce.

Mary in Peoria Handmade said...

I LOVE the figure sticks! How will you make them stand up? In a flower frog? I wouldn't put them in the garden either-they'll get ruined. It looks like she used 30's fabric. So adorable. I saw a quote 3 years ago when I was not happy with my daily life and it actually made me set my retirement date! " Do more of what makes you happy and fulfills you and less of what doesn't". It worked because I thought-what if I never get to do what makes me happy? I have the quote on my sewing area wall to remind me. I hope you find an art group soon. Maybe, "google" art group in your city. That's how I found a list of quilt groups. I love this post-so much fun. mary in Az.

Julierose said...

What a lovely and diverse craft show! I love that kind.. Andthat basket definitely had your name on it--kismet for sure--it is so bootiful!!;))) I am amazed at basket makers' art. She knew you would cherish it...hugs, Julierose

PaintedThread said...

I've seen the egg seedlings before. I love all the textures on that basket. The colors in the scarf you're knitting is pretty cool, too!

MissPat said...

Such delicious finds. The eggs as pots was very creative. A google search for artists' groups will surely turn up a few. Visit them if possible before you choose. Glad you got out and about. We head to FL for our annual visit on Monday.

Ann said...

I've started seedlings in eggshells. It works very well.
Good luck looking for a physical therapist and an art group. There should be lots in the Denver area; hopefully one will work for you.

Tails Around the Ranch said...

The egg-crate seeding thing is a great way to start garden plants and there's no waste-you just plunk the egg in the soil and cover. Adds needed nutrients to the soil. So easy, so simple, so effective.

Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Egg crate seedlings, what a great idea. Such great fun, funky, finds.

The Joyful Quilter said...

I'm glad to hear that you have joined a local quilt group, but sad to hear that you still aren't "feelin' the love" for quilting in your new home. Best of luck on finding an art group. There's GOT to be one somewhere close by!!