Sunday, January 21, 2018

A quilt store, a neighborhood of old homes, and a snowfall...

 A quilt store, a neighborhood of old homes and a snowfall...
                                                go into a bar...
Maybe not but they are the focus of today's post!
 MILO:    Heyyyyyyyy
How come I can't help dig? I have really strong front paws. I hate hearing, "Milo stay inside for a minute"
I know what that means! Keep out of my way! Don't run off chasing bunnies! no biting my coat!
NO Having Fun...

 LeeAnna: well, doesn't look like Daddy's having that much fun shoveling 5 inches of snow off the drive.Well the brown color is covered by white, and the sky is gray, and the small saplings are still brown.
I live in a neutral world.
Let's remember colors!
 Last weekend we went walkabout in Denver and lo and behold! There was a quilt store! Fancy Tiger. 
I told you about it in (this post) and  (this I Like post) this week. 
It was an oasis of color y'all. Just look at this bin of wool felt rectangles. At two dollars each, I bought three to play with! Whee!
They have unusual clothing patterns, lots of quilting cottons at normal prices, all forms of fiber to felt, weave, knit and embroider, kits for embroidery, tools for every fiber craft, several large classrooms including a cozy big table near the checkout counter, where I watched a group making what appeared to be mixed fiber wall hangings. I had to get some of this...
sort of crazy psychedelic girl pink crazy stuff. I have no idea what to do with it but I liked it! 

After I wallowed in color and talked to peeps that also loved fibers, I rejoined my Men Folk, one of whom was barking to tell me where he was while sitting on the lap of the other. You guess who was whom.

We walked around the Baker neighborhood, something I just love doing. It was started in the 1890s, and went from very modest little cottages to grander homes fit for large families. Imagine the time period. 
Loved this old birdhouse on the gate!

Turn of the century, gas lights, indoor plumbing becoming common, the cusp of telephones and electricity and cars. People still sat on front porches and called on neighbors. Windows would be open so one might hear piano's being practiced, children playing, a  Victrola might have ragtime music on. Horses would clop down these streets. There were likely streetcars on Broadway. 

Please enjoy the architectural details I took pics of!  I have a lot of cool images so stay tuned for following posts! 
Enchanting front yard, and colorful 50's metal chairs

The swirly tree branches create a mood for this 2nd story porch, don't they?
even the smaller homes had interesting shingle colors. Each home here was unique. Over the years, each owner left their mark, changing colors or creating little odd front yards. I have more shots for tomorrow's post, "eaves, shingles, yards and statues

This one has a very interesting entry to me, with a little porch on top! With a swing!
And all painted the most interesting blend of turquoise, blue, purple, and cream. Picture yourself sitting quietly watching people walk by, maybe reading a novel.

This person had a little lending library for people walking by. Nice to know it's a neighborhood of readers isn't it?
Yes, modest small homes next to grander versions. Very interesting. I always want to find a book on how a city grows. Maybe show the same land each decade to see when a house was squeezed in, when one burned down and a different style was put on that plot.
I'll leave you today with this image...
yes... indeed.
Wage peace! Put fervor into the process! Intent! Power! Power of Peace!
Instead of pretending we are all so different, guarding our resources, arguing over how to get enough, maybe like John Lennon said, we could... like this sign suggests... wage peace?

 Free motion by the River Tuesdays   


  1. peace on earth for sure - too much violence. Love the quilt shop photos you show and the others - cute little library

  2. Yup - these period homes have so much charm. And a whole neighborhood of them, well taken care of . . . Well that would be a nice place to live.

  3. those home fronts are charmingly amazing. wishing you peace while finding your new address !be well, sonja

  4. Love those wool colors! Fun fabrics. Love the housing details.

  5. What fun to see your photos and remember when I was there.

  6. the houses in your neighborhood are great... and I would like to live in the house with the fab front porch... and maybe I could ask the other neighbor for getting this birtd house... it has something what touched me... I have no clue what I would do with it, but it somehow asks the beholder for a new life ;O))

  7. Thank you for sharing your adventure with us! Love the houses and the store!

  8. Thank you for these homes. Such an interesting post. I love the blue home with the porch on the balcony. I can see a young woman dreaming on that swing. I just remembered I have a bird cage in the garage storage. I should put it outside! Peace to you.mary in Az

  9. You do live in interesting neighbourhoods! Lots of things to note and enjoy Leeanna and you can't beat the fresh air.

  10. Snow makes every garden the same/equal!
    Is it powder snow? Light and fluffy?
    Fun place to spend a few hours!The shop looks one you might visit again!

  11. Such a lovely post full of visual delights! The colors in the fabric stores are so vibrant, I want to be there right now! I'm always fascinated by older houses too; what a wonderful walk down a lovely street. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  12. Hi LeeAnna,
    It sounds like you're getting your LeeAnna back a bit. ~smile~ Ahh, shoveling. We were doing the same this morning with nine inches of the the fresh wet, heavy stuff. And the colors in that quilt shop - looks like heaven compared to all the pretty white (and brown) stuff. This too shall pass and soon we will enjoy those little green leaves budding and crocus. ~smile~ Roseanne

  13. Have you seen They let you fade historic photos and the current Google street view together. Some of it is pretty amazing.