Thursday, January 4, 2018

I Like Thursday #70 collard greens and prairie dogs

Welcome to this week's list of likes

I am trying to be positive about this big change we've made. 
There are positives but always couched in negatives, which contributes to our feeling like we've made a big mistake.
 The above picture is in our neighborhood, pretty bleak at the moment but you see the sky. 

I Like:  that our rental house is large and well laid out for us..... but it smells like chemicals from out-gassing, to the point we're still taking allergy pills and my inflammation is worse.  

I like finding new quilt stores, like Colorado Fabircs.... but the prices are a good $3 higher PER YARD than stores in MD. What!!! The clerk said it's because there are so many people moving to the Denver area that all goods and homes and services have skyrocketed in price. 
She went on to say it's to chase the transplants back out. 

I said, I'm one of the people just moving here... 

That being said, I am still, STILL trying to note the good things that I see. Here goes. I get extra credit this week for looking through my tears. 

I Like sun. When the sun shines here, the sky is BLUE, and the sun is intense. It may be 15 deg F. but it feels sort of warm in the sun. And who doesn't feel more energized in sunshine? I run on solar batteries.

We look at this thing from the back door... It is a landmark to help me find my way back.
I do not like it... but the mantra is, "it's only a rental, it's only a rental"

I like that my husband is enjoying his new work situation. That's a relief. It's early days but he seems okay. 

I like that the prairie dogs across the busy street behind the rental, are always watching for Milo. They see him and call out, "POODLE! POODLE! TAKE GREAT CARE... POODLE!" Milo stares back and sometimes barks at their high pitched calls.

glad that the plastic net is hard to see!
 I like the plastic fencing DH put up along the split rail fence so that Milo won't be darting into traffic to see said prairie dogs. You can hardly see it but the squares are only open about 3 inches.
that ball is about 14 inches in diameter! With a handle!
Sadly, our neighbor lost his dog on Christmas Eve. So very sad. When he told us, and met Milo, he wanted to give Milo his dog's gifts, including the big red ball. Milo has had a good time with it.
I forgot when people are packed into a small space, there is an unwritten rule to not talk to them across a fence. I said hi one morning and it made the neighbor uncomfortable as there is little privacy. He hasn't talked to me since, not to be mean because he's sweet, but from a privacy need.

I mean we left a third acre with lovely trees, and you can see Milo's putting green and my perch. "It's only a rental, it's only a rental" but the homes to buy are on equally small lots.

 Still I like having a fenced back yard and Milo is adjusting to being outside.
Milo checks out the prairie dogs
then he checks them out closer trying to smell them, as he sees and hears them. Some times he just stares at them through the back door and barks.

I like opening a badly marked box and finding something I need.
Why didn't the packers put lids with the pans? 
I'm trying to leave as much packed as possible for the next move, hopefully to a good home,  but I need to feel normal, and need to find my scarves and need to find my pyrex cooking bowls. 
They are still MIA 

I liked having a small saucepan available on New Years's day to cook some collard greens.
 I am Southern, and believe in magic of food! I grew up having collard greens and black eyed peas on New Year's day so we did that here.

 I just had two little bundles, so I washed the leaves, stripped them from the stalks, chiffonaded them  and steamed with salt and pepper. Our family tightly rolls the leaves, then cuts into little strips like you would fabric. 
 Learning to cook on a gas stove at high altitude. Takes longer.

 The black eyed peas I like fresh, instead came in a can but we ate them and happy to have them. 

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  1. Hi LeeAnna,
    I'm glad those prairie dogs don't come any closer. I'm not sure if they are dangerous or not? That woman at the fabric store didn't sound very friendly or welcoming. Geez! $3 per yard - that's a LOT and I would have thought it would be higher on the east coast, not near Denver. DH's job working out is a blessing but I just can't imagine not being able to unpack everything. How difficult! {{Hugs}} my friend. I think you will enjoy it more when spring arrives . . . but that is still three months away. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Glad you are trying to be positive and that DH is enjoying his job. I forgot about cooking with gas at altitude. I never got my coffee water to boil on a high altitude camping trip years ago.

  3. Oh LeeAnna I feel your pain-it's been a stressful few weeks here as well. I do hope you are in a short term lease. That weird looking ball building-what is that? I'm also concerned about that road so close to your back yard for Milo. Can you open your house some afternoon and try to blow out the chemicals? Or are they in the furniture etc-that is scary stuff. One thing us sewists need is a sweet quilt shop with kind people in it-where you went is not that and I could not go back there. We have that price issue here but I found good stores with nice people and decent sales. I pray you are able to get out and about to check out the sights and people in your area. Hang in there girl! thanks for including me. mary in Az

  4. I didn't realize there was an unwritten rule not to talk to your neighbors over the fence - I have lived in the country for years but when I last lived in a town back in the mid 70's we always talked to our neighbors over the fence and they did to us also - I mean it was kept short - but you acknowledged them ask how there day was going etc - it was polite
    It takes awhile to get used to a new place and high altitude cooking is a learning experience. I hope you settle in well

  5. I'm so sorry you're struggling so much with the move. I think I'd be driven crazy by the offgassing rental house, that sounds wretched. I love prairie dogs, they're so fun to watch. I hope they make you smile a little bit.

  6. I believe the big ball behind your house is the weather Doppler radar. I drive by one on the way to the airport here. I'm glad you are working hard to find some positives in this move. I'm confident that things will begin to get better, especially once you find a home of your own.

  7. I just realized you moved to Colorado. I live up in Greeley about 1 hour north of you. There is a shop in Brighton, called B-Right-On and their fabric is ALL $9.00 a yard, except wide backs and flannel and great quality. The woman at Colorado Fabrics is full of it. The price of cotton is ridiculously high and, of course, it trickles down. As far as I can tell you live to the east of Denver, so the ball is 2 things, a doppler radar or part of Buckley Air Force which is also east of Denver. You also must have moved to a snooty neighborhood, we talk across the fence all the time. Feel free to PM me, I would be happy to come down and take you to Brighton. Sharon in Greeley -

  8. hello dear! Good likes! Things could be worse--you could be dealing with the ups and downs of blizzards on the east coast! Milo looks wonderful! The prairie dogs would drive Scout crazy, Milo is such a good boy!

  9. I'm glad Drew is enjoying his job so far, and that this house and neighborhood aren't permanent for you. I'll send good thoughts out for you to find the things you need in the right boxes without unpacking everything!

  10. your man happy in his new job, fencing to keep the praire dogs out???or Milo in,? This is a rental, maybe short term, till you find your own home, and new friends will happen in time. meantime, hopes that you manage with good grace, the neighbours become friendlier, and out here, we send heaps of wishes for the 2018 year to be kind to you.

  11. Moving to a new place is always an adjustment. At least you are still in the USA. Moving abroad is really tough!

  12. Prairie dogs! What fun. I'm glad the job situation is good - a bright spot in all the uncertainty. Wow on the big sky - I bet that takes some getting used to. I hope things get more comfortable as you settle in. Hugs!

  13. Hi LeeAnna,
    Look's a lot like Calgary this time of the year!
    Drew has a good job!
    B-right-on looks like a place worth checking out!

  14. Hi LeeAnna,
    I looked it up....
    Although Denver's nickname is the "Mile-High City" because its official elevation is one mile above sea level, defined by the elevation of the spot of a benchmark on the steps of the State Capitol building, the elevation of the entire city ranges from 5,130 to 5,690 feet (1,560 to 1,730 m).
    and just to let you know...
    Amsterdam is about 2 metres (6.6 feet) below sea level!


  15. Oh dear. Not a very welcoming area is it? But then again I am sure Oregonians feel that way too. So many Californians have moved to Oregon that a very small house is at the 1/2 mil mark. I love prairie dogs, they are so cute. Good idea for the plastic fencing.

  16. Keep saying hello over the back fence. We do!!
    And bit by bit you will start finding the positives really do out weigh the negatives.
    But I hope the off gassing doesn't carry on longer!

  17. Even the most desired moves have some stressful elements. You're doing it right: acknowledge the negatives but focus on the positives. By the time you find your permanent home, the worst will be over and you can focus on the fun parts: new house to decorate, new things for Milo to explore, new sewing and craft room!

    Years ago, we moved to Abilene, Texas, not my choice of a place to live, but hubbie's job took us there. And prairie dogs were a frequent comfort to me. Abilene has a park with a prairie dog town enclosed in a retaining wall, as much to keep us people out as to keep the prairie dogs in, I'm sure. The park was quiet most days during school hours, and I would go sit on the wall and watch the critters when I needed some calm and solace. Their antics never failed to soothe and amuse me. I miss them now that we live in east Texas.

    Check out these two pages:
    You may find some comfort in the spiritual meaning of prairie dogs.

  18. You need to adopt one of those dogs Milo!!! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  19. Nothing like collards to make you feel well. I know there are good thing and hard things about moving to a new space. I hope the hard things smooth over soon. Thank you for linking up today.

  20. Wow - prairie dogs! Hope the smell goes away!

  21. So sorry you're not enjoying Colorado. We moved there in 2006 and had to leave in 2014. It's a beautiful state but there were some things we experienced while living there that were definitely not positive. Email me if you want; I'd like your take on the whole experience. Oh, and watch out for the prairie dogs! Boul died of the plague as a result of a prairie dog bite.

  22. First of all, I noticed a price increase at one of our LQS two weeks ago (from $11.00 to $12.00/yd) and asked the owner about it. She said prices were rising again. I wait for sales to do most of my fabric shopping and luckily most of our local shops have regular 20 or 25% off sales. But I'm going to have to start working on the stash, not buying more.
    All the Cool Whip in the US is made right down the hill from us and they have a special formula to ship to the higher elevation states.
    Glad Milo is getting outside a bit. He would be frolicing in the snow in MD right now. Our high tomorrow will be 4° and Saturday only 0° with -10° Saturday night. Surprised you have no snow. Lack of snow makes the brown landscape even more dreary, but the days are getting longer and spring will come again.

  23. Silk long johns were my solution to Colorado winters.
    It is good to see the sun; I love it.
    I think you will enjoy Denver once you settle in to your real home.

  24. Hang in there Lee Anna! I'm pulling for you!

  25. As someone who has moved a lot and just 18 months ago to this wooden house, I know what you are going through. It will get better. Like Mary, I am concerned about Milo and that road. Perhaps it is further away than it looks.
    You must have unluckily hit an oddball next door...I've never heard of not being about to pass the time of day with a neighbour.
    Good news the job is okay and I'm sure as you familiarize yourself more and more with your area, your feelings will settle down. Good luck with it all...thinking about you.

  26. So jealous you have a gas stove. 😲 It's so much nicer to cook on and far more efficient than electric but it does take a bit of time to get used to it. It's very different. And blue skies do wonders for one's psyche. Hope yours continues to improve as you familiarize yourself with the strange new world of Colorado.

  27. Funny about the over-the-fence talking rule. Never heard of it, and sounds a bit snobby to me. Great job keeping things positive!!

  28. I am sure prairie dogs are quite an attraction. - Margy

  29. Maybe you need to find an area with other 'transplants'. You could be glad you don't live here: fabric would be at least twice the price, your yard is a pretty average size for a town-house (in a small country we are all crammed in). In my experience we are so close together that most of us give in and chat over the fence on a regular basis.

  30. It's close quarters where we live, too. I still feel it weird not to say hello to neighbors when I hear them on the other side of the fence. I think I am being rude.I wonder if they feel the same way. We do say hello to each other when we see each other face to face. I suppose that's what counts. I hope that in time your new location feels like home.

  31. I find food from home always makes me feel better. And prairie dogs always make me smile, especially when they sit up and look around! I hope you keep coming across more positives.

  32. Good to list the positives and go back and read through them on harder days. Prairy dogs what fun neighbors! Hope you can find joy through the transition until you get your dream home someday.
    Thanks gor joining tge Pet Parade -Rascal and Rocco

  33. Thank you for this great entry and for allowing us to take a look into your life, LeeAnna. It's fascinating to take a look at how other people all around the world live.
    Many thanks for taking part in the Travel Tuesday Meme.