Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Summer Breeze...

This quilt was made years ago. 

We had just married, moved from Fl. to MD and I met a few quilters. When we met we all did some version of this pattern by Jean Wells. 

(I'll show the book at the end)

Of course I changed it up a bit, heh heh
I did 3-D flowers with sun buttons for faces, and used lime green with a cherished purple batik. 
At the time we had little money so this was a real extravagance. 

I am hanging it up this week for the summer. I love a banner format. 

The point is, this was finished about 1997... old is not bad y'all. I still love this quilt. I learned buttonhole stitch with applique on this quilt. 

I used perle cotton for the hand embroidery. 
I think it's bold and modern. 
Made long ago but....
I never put on a sleeve. I used to stake it to the wall with straight pins. Yep. 
Yesterday I went to the scrap bin and pulled out a strip about the right size. 

 I didn't care the width as this is not for entry in a show. I finished the outside edges and then with wrong sides together sewed the long seam. Pressed open and hand stitched the sleeve with the open seam against the backing. 
I usually do a 4" sleeve, insert it in the binding and hand stitch the bottom edge. 
This was so much faster but it also didn't need to be larger than my hanger which is small. 
Does this count for a finish today!? 

 Nearly 20 years old, it looks fresh to me.
This is another reason to prewash. The chemicals were washed out before making so they won't eat away at the quilt as it ages. 
This is the book I used for the pattern....
Just for interest, I arrange quilting books by category so I can always find them. 


  1. A cheery summer quilt!
    Classic never goes out of style!
    Great inspiration! Thanks!

  2. It is fresh and modern, you could write you finished it last night, nobody would have guessed ;)) And the purple batik is to die for...

  3. It has stood the test of time and looks very modern. Love your color choices and of course the 3D flowers are perfect.

  4. Looks great. I'd never have guessed it was that old.

    I've done only one banner quilt so far... I need to make more.

  5. A lovely piece--and so meaningful in your sewing journey...I am STUCK in a mess of uneven blocks--I knew the pre-cuts weren't exact--but kept right on sewing...aaargh!! Need to rescue this one....hugs, Julierose

  6. thought i heard Seals and Croft singing" the jasmine in my mind" Summer Breeze song (1972). LA, your banner is sweet.

  7. Those sun face buttons are just as cute as a ?... I remember Jean Wells as a big influence. Coincidentally, the first quilt in my life was an antique with buttonhole appliqué. It dates back to the 1840's era, a Harrison Rose design.

  8. I enjoyed seeing your "old" modern quilt in the Sew Cute Tuesday linky party! I think it will always be cute!

  9. I enjoyed seeing your "old" modern quilt in the Sew Cute Tuesday linky party! I think it will always be cute!

  10. It is like reuniting with an old friend! LOL. Very summery, love it.

  11. Lovely banner quilt stood the test of time, love those 3D flowers.

  12. That's a beautiful finish! Now time to enjoy it!

  13. Its perfect for summer and I love that you still really enjoy it!

  14. It's a really timeless classic, and I love your take on the original! Thankyou for linking up today :)