Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Cole's walkabout on Memorial Day

Hi y'all
Cole here again for this week's installment of Walks with Poodle
My peeps said, "let's do our walk this morning in Annapolis!" and I'm always up for an adventure! When we got down there, I realized it was hot so I suggested (rather strongly) that we jump on this cute pink scooter for our walk.
Great idea right? They were all, no Cole, it belongs to someone else
Like that person wouldn't be happy to see a poodle on a scooter!
I got Momma to take some "Red, white, and blue" pictures in honor of Memorial Day.

On historic homes in Annapolis they assign plaques by color according to their age. 
And the cadets just graduated so the city decorated for them. 
 LeeAnna here: I LOVED this wreath, don't you? A number of the historic homes have turned into bed and breakfast inns as has this one. Don't know if they allow dogs. 
When is the last time you saw an outside mailbox like this? Every time we walk around downtown I make sure to notice details in architecture, decorations, or details. Life is in the details you know.
Red curb, white street, blue mailbox...

There are always lots of flower displays around
Subtle Red White and Blue.
Cole here, now that the momma is finally done yakking...
Back to me! After we looked around, listened to guitar players on the harbor, saw lots of dogs, and did I mention it was hot? We went to Momma's fave store and while she shopped, I greeted lots of visitors.  
These girls were VERY polite. They obviously speak dog. They waited til I put my head under their hands and invited them to adore me. I knew they wanted to from their "awwwe" noises. I don't like little kids running up to my face but nice quiet girls are the best. 

You dogs out there get it right? It's challenging to train humans as they are pretty hard headed, but once they learn how to be polite they are a joy to pet. 


  1. Oh yes, we know it is not easy to train kids (or big humans) to approach dogs! McGee usually hides behind mom when someone rushes us. Chloe is like, all out there sucking it all up.......


  2. I love the doors.

    Cole - I like to see a poodle on a scooter! :-)

  3. Looks like it was a colorful day.

  4. Looks like a great outing. And, yes, I'd pay good money to see you on that pink scooter, Cole!

    Love all the red, white and blue! That wreath is really great! (We have a tangerine-orange front door though... so I don't think it would look too good at our house!)

  5. We liked the patchwork clothes on the girls you were training.

  6. I love seeing your walks and the interesting things you find along the way. I'm also glad you got some love from those sweet girls. :)

  7. I love that pink scooter Cole!!!!!!

  8. We have definitely found a human hard to train!

  9. What a coincidence, my Camera Critters post is our Poodle with a Scooter too. Cole is a lot bigger than ours though as Dixie is a Toy Poodle. Cole is beautiful