Thursday, June 16, 2016

Finding your muse #3 Learning...

Inspiration and Self-Talk... 
I give talks on increasing one's creativity.
One of the biggest factors (in my opinion) of being creative is self-talk. 

Do we choose to listen to our internal censor, the one who harps at us, "you are no good, you can't draw, this is crap and you wasted fabric on it, no one will read/buy/like what you're making, etc" Or....
Do we find a way to keep that shrew busy so she leaves us in peace to actually enjoy making something? (Without worry about the outcome)

This weekend I led a workshop. We discussed creativity, played creativity games and gave free reign to imagination. What a good time!

Later that weekend I attended another workshop on use of EQ7 led by a tech-savvy person. Now, planning is not in my wheelhouse. I don't often plan quilts as it takes the joy out for me. I did want to see how the other half lives, and see if there was some part of that process I could use. 
Bravely, I faced the speaker who had brought my nemesis to the party...A computer. Plus software.

I already felt out of place, out of my element, out of air. (cue scary music)

As she began, moving and clicking and speaking a language I don't understand, I looked around the room. Surreptitiously I made note of all the heads nodding. Uh Oh! Heads nodding when answers were given. 

I nod slightly, just to fit in. 

Tentatively I raise my hand to ask naively "Mary, what are you doing?" Graciously she answers. I nod. 

It became apparent,  I am not a participant, I am an observer.
"Relax" I say to myself. 
Out loud I mumble to the woman sitting to my left, " I am a techno-idiot and need a book, "EQ7-for-dummies-who-can't-understand-EQ7-For Dummies" 

She relpies kindly, humorously, 
"First we'll work on your self esteem self-talk"
HA! Hahahaha! Good. Now I can relate to something and laugh. I find my way to a mental safe spot. 

Golly, I didn't realize my inner critic had joined us... she needed to go sit in the back and just get out of my way while I learn something new. 

She's a sneaky one...

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  1. I welcome you into the select cadre of non-techno quilters--and well, well well, here is my own inner critic sitting in the corner of my brain, growing bigger every moment, berating my efforts... especially now--
    "Hah!! I told you-- you couldn't even sew a straight seam!!, See, now you have to RIP OUT all those sashings!!" etc (pardon me while I get nauseated!!)
    Phew--it takes courage to go your own way....and to believe in yourself. Not an easy task....
    hugs, love these posts....Julierose

  2. The inner critic is just best friend with my impostor syndrome. Sometime I am the boss of them, sometime not.

  3. too funny......ironically. Someties it creeps up on us, doesn't it?

  4. The inner critic is strong with this one....

    She speaks up as I open an email for my business, before looking at my class reviews, and more. I really need to lock her up somewhere!

  5. I agree with you on the not planning thing. I could see myself spending so much time planning the quilt on EQ, I wouldn't have time to actually make it. I think the fun of creative quilting is not knowing what it will look like until it's done. It makes me want to finish just to see.

  6. I Also agree with you both that" the fun (and my styles)of creative quilting is not knowing what it will look like until it's done. It makes me want to finish just to see." So each problem i set up by previous choice or decision determine what might be next.There in awaits the journey of the work and joy for me!

  7. Oh. My. Gosh!!! I love you! You are in my head!!! I see EQ 7 written anywhere and I shrink back into my corner and start sucking my thumb!
    Also, I don't plan my quilts. I can't follow the directions properly, apparently, they never come out square or matchy, matchy. So, I just do my thing and it all works out. A little organic most of the time, but useful and recipients never complain!

  8. Thanks for this great post!
    It's always good to have something to think about, ponder over, while gardening!
    Stepping outside the box, out of our own comfort zone, is needed once and a while. Just like taking a class about something so very different to what we do ourselves! Glad you took that step!
    One of those "Live learn and move on" moments that I learned from you! Thanks!
    Take care,

  9. If I did that much planning up front I would have no interest in the making; it's the surprises that keep me going. But that doesn't mean there's nothing to learn from the other side of things, so kudos to you for being open and taking a visit there.

  10. Sometimes it's not that you are "less", it's that you went in expecting to be less! The end result...well.. feeling "less"! When you have time to be pre-intimidated by something like EQ7, meaning the class is a few weeks out, allow yourself time to prepare! You approached the class as an observer. You mentally thought these people were different from you. They aren't! They are already excited and interested in the product! Which brings me to my next piece of advice. You draw\sketch your emotions. EQ7 is a "drawing" tool! Take the time to open the program, and then go STRAIGHT to the Help menu, nothing else. The FAQ's and video's take up more space on your computer than the program! The "tools" are right there. The manual.. Give yourself 20 minutes a day - read a chapter with your computer in front of you. Just one! You can do this! 6 months from now I'm going to see a blog post about how cool it is to DRAW\Sketch in EQ7! Keep on keeping on my friend. Don't let fear hold you back!

  11. No doubt you wrote half of that post in a foreign language (EQ7-that's Yugoslavian, right?). However you come up with your wonderful designs and art work, keep doing it notwithstanding any lack of EQ7 proficiency. ღ

  12. I'm one of those geeks that loves EQ. It does take some time to learn, just like any of the skills one develops in the sewing room. You have to start with simple squares and learn the basics before you can make a Mariner Star. But it's so easy to let that inner self doubt get in the way. I hope you have the chance to give it a try some time. It's a nice way to play with ideas.

  13. I love your work! You don't need EQ7. I enjoyed your post and the one line where you raise your hand to ask a question reminds me of something I read in a book (can't remember what book) where a student is sitting in class, teacher writing furiously on the blackboard. Teacher asks if everyone understands. Student raises hand and says something like "I understand that first word and that last word but all that stuff in between is totally confusing!!"

  14. I love EQ7 and am probably not even touching the surface of what it can do....Squash that crazy inner voice - you can do it!!!