Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Finding the Muse #2 Music

There is a difference between being inspired to "make" and being inspired to "create"

As quilt makers, we are often inspired by other quilts and quilt makers who have developed a style we like. I have made  quilts from patterns.
 I like them, but I love the quilts I've made that represent my unique vision.

As an artist I am more interested in what inspires us to create from our hearts.

I have a list as long as your arm of different forms of inspiration... it's all around us. I'll get to each sometime duing this Thursday Finding the Muse Series. In fact I was inspired to write this week from a walk I took yesterday but I'll save that for another day.

Today's inspiration is music. 
If you google "images of art inspired by music" you'd find great variety. I saw art that resembled a guitar, some that was abstract letting movement tell the story, one that looked like a treble clef, some inspired by words to a song and so much more.
Music inspires strong responses.
Just hearing certain songs will cause us to Feel, to react, to remember...

Recently I saw this piano improv at a Paris train station... two young men spontaneously shared music...
and this one in  Paris ... I didn't know that I loved this song but it made me feel something deeply...
youtube la foule
Both of which made me long to experience that kind of musical connection with another person.
Both inspired me to make my kind of art.
Just the current four favorites
What music do you play while working? I like bossa nova and samba music. From the 60's if possible.
Lately I am all kind of jazzed to work by Jake Shimabukuro playing Ukelele like an angel.

My favorite song of all, and I love music, is Girl from Ipanema. I listened to Astrid Gilberto's version while drawing the top sketch. A detail of the quick sketch...
I am sick. Head cold that knocked the wind out of me & gave me a wracking cough. I don't feel like sewing. I have little energy but I want to be creative so today it's drawing.
> I love how the ocher yellow color, one I do NOT like adds shading and emphasis to the turquoise and bright yellow.
> I like the line inspired by the song... a curve that could be a woman, a guitar, a shore line or beach
> Just as quilters do improv piecing, this was improv sketching in response to bossa nova.

(does it change your perception to see it from another angle?)
My words on the side set the tone and view.

I looked at the blank white page, and momentarily paused... what to do? What is the best interpretation of my song? There is no "best" just making. I started with intense pink. I colored and blended and made lines on a blank sheet of paper until I was done.

It doesn't need to win an award. It doesn't need to make money.
It only needed to flow from my heart today.

 Want more?
The first in this series is written word

PS,  this was made to interpret the song yellow polka dot bikini
post on "bikini body"


  1. Jake is ono amazing!! when he strums JS Bach I am uplifted!
    I hope you feel better real soon.
    "Girl from Ipanema" came to mind of fav bossa nova.What a great song to dance to!!!

  2. Your drawing would make a pretty quilt. I'm not sure I could live without music; it's in my head even when there is no sound, my toes tap constantly. I have a friend with AADD who finds music distracting to creativity. That makes me so sad for her.

  3. 'Creating' is magic, 'making' can sometimes be considered just work. Feel better soon❣️

  4. I have designed my own quilts and, if I use a pattern I change it. But I think you are missing the point as to why a lot of women quilt. The simple joy of just cutting, stitching and watching a quilt grow is life breathe to some people and is an act of creation in itself. These people come from a long line of craftspeople who have skills and put them to use. Not everyone is hungry to have their own vision.
    I like your work and I draw inspiration from many sources mostly visual since I am a visual person. I don't listen to music as I love the way silence sounds.
    pam at

  5. I love your drawings. Feel better soon:-)

  6. This is so thought provoking! I love that ochre colour (but it's one of my favourites any way) and enjoyed reading about your process. I prefer to create and work in silence, I think my house is often so noisy it's nice to have some peace. You have reminded me that music is inspirational though and so I will have to put some tunes on :)

  7. Drawing sounds peaceful....feel better soon!

  8. I listen to music all the time: whatever I'm in the mood for when things are going well, Beethoven's Violin Concerto when I'm stuck (no idea what that particular piece). I'm off to check out your ukelele guy now - love to discover new stuff.

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