Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Cole's Capers... Art-loving Poodle

Taking a little break to view the event
Can it be June already? We three went to Annapolis for the First Sunday Art's Festival. I love doing that!
There are lots of dogs to meet, and people to pet, and I love to shop!

LeeAnna here, he does. He shops and always has. When we travel and he's with us in shops, he looks at everything on shelves at his level. Luckily he only wanted one thing. Unluckily it was a hand knitted hat of boiled wool and about $100 so we said no.
Right off the bat we got to view the Plein Air competition. The painters had to paint something in three hours the day before. Again, Cole wanted the most expensive one. Cursed with good taste.

He is an artist's poodle, so he's very discerning.
Cole:  Here we were walking along, enjoying the day, and what should jump out but...horrors...
Are they shooting a horror flick? BATH tubs in nature? Yikes, welcome to my nightmare
Let's just move on and forget we ever saw this...
My peeps got a little take out lunch to enjoy while listening to music so I chilled under a tree
Might as well take a load off!

Dad talked to the musicians about making their living with music. Well, Dad listened while Momma interviewed them.

They've been a trio for many years. What a cool life, doing  what you love all the time. Daddy is learning guitar so he is a musician too.

I got tired... (I am too young to know the words) so...

I just found a comfy spot and lay down... What? Oh I'm fine, I can hear very well from the middle of the sidewalk... wow, I'm getting sleepy... maybe a quick "cat nap"
Zzzzzzz.....Zzzzzzzz,,,, Crosby Stills and Nash put me to sleep
LeeAnna: OY!
Right in the middle of the sidewalk. I felt like we needed Poodle Cones!
Yellow tape around the body  poodle. Luckily there was very little traffic, and everyone laughed as they went around, since there was space.

The lesson here is rest when you're tired, trust people not to step on you, and don't turn down a chance to listen to live music. Poodle lessons on life!
More Cole's capers under that label on the side   ===>


  1. Ooooh, I NEED this bad tub to wash my dogs!! It looks like you had so much fun!! Have a great week xx

  2. I'm glad everyone recognizes the Power of the Poodle.

  3. i feel like that some days! I love the poodle tails/tales from Cole! My aunt had a standard long ago that was her only child!

  4. I bet that music was soothing for a nice nap Cole. Wow looked like bunches of fun!

  5. Okay - I'm still confused - what was the purpose of the bath tub outside like that?

  6. Those are good lessons, Cole. Although I'm not sure Rita would be keen to trust folks not to step on her. She has trust issues! But she agrees - mmmm, boiled wool.

  7. A Standard with discriminating taste...and how is that any kind of surprise? Give Cole an ear scratch when he wakes up. ღ

  8. Guess Cole wanted to be the center of attention - and he was. :)

  9. Cole is so handsome in his bandana. I'm glad he rests when he feels tired and I love to see that he can go so many places. He is one lucky poodle. Yes , power to the poodle!

  10. Cute doggie, it is good to rest when you can. Happy weekend to you!

  11. such a cool idea the art lover taking me places

  12. Very cute post, lovely poodle. Looks like you all had a great time at this place. Looked like a lot of fun.

  13. A sweet poodle with a nice scarf.