Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Finding the muse #4 a poetry festival and a pet

Welcome to Thursday's series Finding the Muse. 
I've been inspired by many animals and many words, so that's today's focus. Inspiration from traveling with our poodle and seeing new things.

 First stop off at AAA for some travel info... let your poodle do the talking. 
After we got maps and tourbooks I found a cool travel purse, and as luck would have it... it was marked way down in price, Yea!
I liked this sign...                                        it says Find Joy in the Journey                   That fits  in with our inspirational posts doesn't it?                                                  Finding your Muse                                      Sometimes you set an intention of living a creative life, and see what comes in that journey. On this day at the poetry festival I found the muse in my poodle.                
 One after another poets stood at the front of the tent and read their work. That was inspirational to me. You know I love words.
Much of it was prose, so there was a merging of stories and poetry. Live performance is always so dynamic, one doesn't know what a person will say or how they will say it that day.
See Husband in hat, and dog along side
 Drew and Cole sat down to listen, and as smart as that poodle is, he isn't interested in poetry. He made himself at home. We didn't expect to find a health fair, a wedding and a poetry reading at the Rose Garden. Inspiration is all around us and I found myself wanting to draw.

Everyone was very kind to step around Cole who is not well. I haven't discussed it here but he is not well and tires easily. He loves to walk and meet people and dogs but if a chance for a nap appears he takes it.

 Drew took a walk around the grounds while I did watch-dog duty. 

Luckily I had my sketchbook and pencils with me so as I listened to poetry I sketched Cole. I was standing so that set my perspective.  Mid-way he sat up a bit, sensing I was concentrating on him. The day was very inspiring, the words, the beauty of flowers, the people doing reike under tents, the wedding, the colors, and my boy...
I don't know why it looks pink here... camera tricks
 I am not trained in drawing. I was told, draw what you see not what you think is there.  I sketch for the love of it, laying down lines without over thinking it. I colored Cole in with purple just because... I tried to capture the sense of folding-chairs and people's legs. 

The words are my poem that day, of the moment... 
There is something compelling about not planning "creation" just allowing it to happen.

 Listening to Poetry
People, strangers, surround him.
Lying in the grass---He makes himself at home
Wherever he is...
Seeking comfort from heat and old bones
Secure, trusting his people will not leave him as he sleeps the sleep of old dogs who no longer hear.
Not even poetry being read. 
"I lived it, he thinks"

Have an inspiring day, and I hope you think about the inspiration all around you. Draw something...

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  1. I love your drawing and your poem... and I specially love that Cole is such a fab muse :o)

  2. Great post, LeeAnna, as usual. I'm sorry that Cole is not feeling well, but you sure do your best to make him happy. Love your poem.

    I haven't been to that rose garden in years, but Woman's Club is planning a visit. It is spectacular.

  3. Most definitely a wonderful muse my friends! XOXO - Bacon

  4. There is inspiration all around us if only we stop to look and listen. Sorry that Cole isn't well. Glad he still enjoys the outings.

  5. Looks like a fun day.

    I'm sorry Cole isn't feeling well. That can be so wearing on your own mental health. It's good, though, to see him enjoying things.

  6. Wow Cole did just make himself at home.... He looks so relaxed!

  7. Wonderful poem and so perfect...glad Cole is getting some peaceful rests....hugsx2 Julierose

  8. What a great find, that festival in the rose garden. You are so smart to make these trips with Cole.

    Speaking as a person with no training and who draws anyway, I think your drawings are perfectly good!!

  9. Love it-your sketch is WAAAY better than anything I've done. For the record I'm never sending you another sketch again! ;) Well done on the sketch and the 'topic'. Yes, very well done my friend. Ear scratches for my favorite black poodle and hugs to you. 🐩

  10. I've read your Cole poem twice and cried each time.

  11. I love that poem. May send on to my daughter who just lost their elder dog yesterday.

  12. I love how open you are to life - inspiration is anywhere and everywhere, if we open our eyes and our hearts.

  13. The worst part about Poodles is that they get old far too soon. Best wishes to all.

  14. Just finishing reading all your Finding Your Muse posts...thank you. I've done something terribly odd the past two days and that is: nothing. Nope. Nothing. I've enjoyed my morning walks. I've ate. And I've watched dilly Hallmark movies all relaxed in my rearranged studio....having not an ounce of motivation or inspiration to sew or stitch or quilt. Your posts reminded me that sometimes we find inspiration through observing and just letting some days flow and finding joy in just watching...absorbing. :)Thank you.