Sunday, June 5, 2016

Art show weekend... purchases

We went to two craft events this weekend, both in Annapolis.
Cole has a lot of fun pictures to show you, from his perspective, later in the week!
For now, let's start with the important things... what did we purchase??
I fell for this lawn ornament made of forks spoons and knives...
All put together like a sun! 
Click on the top photo to see the mouth placement hee hee. 

It was $22 and worth every fun-loving moment I'll chuckle when seeing it!  We have purchased dragonflies made of spoons from them before. 

It's very inspiring isn't it? 

Imagine a quilt, with a sun made of odd things... right? 
And can a gal have too much jewelry? 

This was sterling silver with a carnelian stone, and reminded me of an eye. A protective eye. 

It was too small for a ring finger but I am going to be artsy and wear it on my first knuckle. I've done it for a day and it works. 
Now this is the big find...
Yep, chocolate. I haven't had chocolate really since I realized they put soy lecithin in all chocolate and I have a real problem with soy. 
These do not. And look, you can count the ingredients on one hand almost
Yea! I can have chocolate again! And it's medicinal... yep, dark chocolate is good for you, heh heh. I already dosed myself with the coconut one. Feeling better already.

Watch for Cole's post on the festival later this week...


  1. Good thing you bought that healthy chocolate because a girl needs her chocolate. Love the lawn ornament with the silverware. I have a clock in my kitchen made in a similar way, but with a denser collection. I also found it at an arts festival some years ago. And yes - it was worth the enjoyment I've gotten out of it.

  2. Definitely love the chocolate.......and the spoons, but I would lose that ring in a heartbeat.

    Oh, darn, it is raining again.

  3. Love the lawn ornament... Oh that spoon smile:-)

  4. Hi LeeAnna!
    The face is a treasure and at such a take home price!
    Perfect for the garden!
    That chocolate looks yummie! Pure is my fav!
    Great idea to wear the ring like that!
    Such a great start to June!
    take care,

  5. I love the idea with the forks, spoons and knives... I wouldn't leave this art show without this art piece in my bag that's for sure!

  6. Love the lawn ornament - definitely smile-inducing! Art festivals are always such a treat for the eyes...and for inspiration!

  7. Love the Sun lawn decoration it is so creative I would have bought it too. I love it! Carnelian stones are thought to keep one moving forward on lifes path and protection, ring is lovely Enjoy the healthy chocolate.

  8. Love the lawn ornament. It's so whimsical.

    Huzzah for chocolate!

  9. What a great way to use old cutlery! Your chocolate looks yummy; wonder if we get that brand over here.

  10. You had me at chocolate. 😇 As for that piece of yard art, too fun!

  11. Your Sun is a great find! So creative and fun for the garden. It would make me smile, to see it in the garden.