Thursday, May 8, 2014

Then it became something

Remember when I made a studio piece, just to sew? If not, here is the post (click here to view)

I painted it using a stencil of blossoms, white,pink and blue iridescent paint,  quilted with metallic threads,
used peltex instead of batting and appliqued the flower.
The backing to the little quilt was more scrap strips.
At first I thought I ruined it with the paint.

 I sort of folded it in half and saw the potential of a notebook cover. I like it!

 This is it opened up. I just sewed a purple ribbon across the inside to slip a notebook into. I included a side loop for a pen.

 Here it is with a striped binding. A quick double fold binding done all on the machine with miters and top stitched with gold thread. I chose a happy little flower button & made a ribbon loop closure.

Next picture is the back.
I actually like the front and back better viewed as separate entities!

What did I learn? Sewing little scraps together can be calming. You can learn about color/value while sewing just for fun. Pretty paint on fabric may not look right even when all the components are right. You can salvage mistakes. Mainly, you don't have to know where you are going when you start, you can decide after it's nearly done.
If you don't blog about it, no one will know... heh, heh

At least I finished something today and that feels good.
I'm already using it too!


  1. Girlfriend, you have more talent in your little finger than I do in my whole body! Love your notebook cover!
    Pugs and kisses,

  2. It's beautiful.
    When you sew scraps together you see potential. When I do that I just see scraps! Thanks for explaining always; you give me hope.

  3. I just love it! You inspire me to try myself. I've always wanted to do such things, but I don't have the courage. May be now is the time?

  4. Hi LeeAnna!
    That something is terrific! Super! This is also a great idea for a creative quilt course in a day!
    You could make a whole series of notebook covers! All in different colours with different flowers! That would really cheer up bookshelf or office!
    Have a great weekend!
    Take care,

  5. What a great idea. I love it as a notebook cover. The flower button is perfect. I have a quilt that I made from African fabrics that I keep meaning to turn into a sketchbook cover. You have inspired me to do that.

  6. Very nice - it was pretty before but perfect for a notebook cover. Clever you! Joanne is right it would make a perfect workshop.

  7. The front and back do look like separate entities. It's a great notebook cover

  8. It is luscious! Yummy colors, and quilting... I really don't see anything that isn't wonderful. Good job!

  9. It is an incredibly inspiring piece and now also very practical. There are no mistakes. Only stepping stones!

  10. What a wonderful use of scraps and now you have a terrific notebook cover to use and enjoy.

  11. Love the project. Love the lessons learned. Thanks for linking up at Inspire Us Thirsdays on The Inspired Wren.

  12. Nice, nice, nice. Great use of scraps and a great format for experimentation! Plus, you have something quite useful and fun for daily use.

  13. Wow you learned a lot. I often don't know where I am going when I start but somehow I am usually pleased when I finish something. This is lovely.