Sunday, May 11, 2014

More fabric purchased

It's okay, it's my birthday!
My loving husband said, since we can't go out on your real birthday this year, I'll take Friday afternoon off and we'll do some day trips this weekend! What do you want for your birthday? A new sewing machine?

Oh. My. Word. Yessssss but I don't know which one I want to spend a fortune on yet.
We three got in the car, and headed off to Jenny Beyer Studio where I tasked DH to choose three yards of any fabric in her store to get me. This is fun! I get to see what he thinks I will like, and I will like any of her current fabrics.
 We loaded into the car, and headed for VA.
The DC beltway had it's way with us however, and some poor souls had a multi car pile up causing quite a long traffic problem. We are not known for our patience with traffic here in the greater DC area.

I needed some paint for the upcoming workshop so we decided to change plans and visit a new to me art supply store in Rockville. Then on to Mecca...
 It's just impossible for me to go to Rockville without a trip here. Look at the cutest of carry on suitcases! DH asked if that would be my gift... I zipped, unzipped, lifted, tried the locks, fell in love, and turned them down. Cute doesn't cut it when they don't function well and feel flimsy. Ah well.
 While in the shopping center, might as well visit Cole's store...

He shopped and visited, and we left poorer but with treats a food allergic poodle could eat.
 Reminds me of a comedian who when asked if her dog liked the expensive organic treats just bought, responded, "I don't know, he's out back eating bunny poop right now..." 

We continued the journey on to Capital Quilts in Gaithersburg, where the three of us shopped for mommy. Mr Not-Afraid-of-Color chose several fabrics to buy me including that multi colored one printed from a digital image. Very exciting. Wonder how I'll fit them into the stash?? Better go cut something big up into little pieces to sew back together and make room!

 Oh, I just had to include a pic of this wee little plastic chair we got yesterday on another birthday day trip, this time to the beach. I'll show you more tomorrow, it was quite a caper we had!
This little beauty reminds me totally of my childhood, it actually swivels too!! You'd have bought it too wouldn't you:?

I'll leave you with a gratuitous poodle shot.


  1. Seems you had a nice day. Have a happy birthday whenever it is!

  2. Many happy returns. That sounds like a good day out (apart for the pile up) and you have quite a catch there.

  3. Love the pink poodle in the red chair, reminds me of my Sister's Alter Ego, Fifi La Fleur, a pink poodle who wears 50's circle skirts. Happy Birthday!!

  4. Sound like a bunch of fun! Happy Birthday!!!

  5. Happy Birthday LeeAnna!
    Looks like you all had a great weekend!
    Cake? Did you eat cake? Dessert?
    The container store! I think the closest thing we have is Ikea.
    Take care,
    Thanks for sharing!