Monday, May 5, 2014

White in Nature

. This picture is from a view along my morning walks. Not our view, but it's close. I loved the fresh white chairs lined up so regularly.
 Let''s talk about white.White was the color of choice for walls, weddings, cake icing, and quilt backgrounds for a long time. It feels clean and fresh. Who doesn't love to see a fresh set of unwrinkled white sheets on the bed? White holds all the colors within it's boundaries, and I love all the colors

I love tulips, especially lavender ones but these white ones in front of a faded wooden fence are very appealing.
As artists, not there is a bit of gray, green, and yellow in these white flowers. They wouldn't look as lovely without these accent colors.

Dogwood tree in bloom

The dogwood is one of my favorite trees. It just seems so gentle. The little nip nature takes in the center of the petals.
Again, white, but look at the hints of pink blue and gray as well as the yellow and chartreuse.

My white daffodils have finally bloomed, alongside the tulips. The yellow ones have gone.

I always feel daffodils are girls, in frilly white dresses, singing.

 The white carpet of flowers is beautiful especially next to the pink azaleas. I saw this along the walk so don't think I have the green thumb of flowers.
I am an appreciator of landscape and color!

I will leave you today with a picture of a lowly dandelion. The most hated weed in suburbia. I have a bumper crop as I am allergic to a lot of week killers and pesticides. I should get one of the habitat signs for my front yard so my neighbors with the golf-course-lawn will think it's intentional!
Does nature inspire you as much as it inspires me?
Want a bit of fun? Here is a new quiz to see what color you'd be (click here!)


  1. Hi LeeAnna!
    What a great area for a walk!
    A sign that says something like eco friendly,international study for bees,would be good! There was a tv programme here in The Netherlands about how much pesticides are used by the nurery/growers. It is rather alarming! Bees and butterfies were dropping dead!
    And a Dandilion is a great flower, mostly in the wrong place! Look at that beautiful seed head! The yellow flower is so cheery! Slugs leave it alone! There is never a problem with mildew, mould, aphids, rust, and other diseases! And they say you can eat the leaves! What more does the consumer want?!
    I'll go check out that color quiz!
    Take care,

  2. I am green! I can see that:) Love these great moments you have captured, Beautiful.

  3. That dandelion picture is so pretty.

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