Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Painted Seashells and sandcastles

A Day at the Beach  24" X 24"
Feels like summer is coming... This quilt was made for a challenge, interpret A day at the beach. I made it years ago, and aside from a fold line, it's as fresh as a daisy!
The reason I am sharing it with you now is I am teaching a workshop on painted seashells on the Eastern Shore of Maryland in a few weeks. I want to share pictures of the technique being used in a quilt.

 As always, just click on a picture to enlarge it and see details better.

There are beads hand sewn on the finished quilt, couched threads, but the fun thing about this is the
 sandcastle uses a fused bead technique.

I placed a layer of fusible web over the front of my sandcastle, probably steam a seam at the time.
I poured on tiny, and by tiny I mean miniscule glass beads, smoothed them out, and heated them up with an iron. They fused to the fabric and haven't moved yet.

They feel so sensual, and well, sandy.
 Another close up of the shells, thread work, and hand beading.

The technique I teach is so much fun. It is free-ing to your spirit, allows you to play with paint, is like coloring in a book, and can be done with any image.

I use textile paints, supply the paints and beads in a kit fee, and the student leaves with an almost finished small quilt. Win!!

This is the class project. I show you how to paint the shells, do free form curved piecing, applique your shells, hand bead, and do a quick binding by machine. It's a full day but a fun day.
I'll be speaking to the Olde Kent Quilters on the evening of May 19th, and running the workshop the following day. There may be room in the class, so contact me if you are interested in attending either function.



Joanne said...

Hi LeeAnna!
What a fun class to take! So much to learn in a day! Love it! And just in time for Summer!
Take care,

Created by Kathi said...

LeeAnna, found you on Bee Social :) So happy you linked up.. your fabric art work is AMAZING! Thanks for sharing it! I feel so inspired by your work... wish I could come to the class but I am not near you! lol Kathi

Ruth said...

Fabulous! Too far away to participate but I loved reading about your process especially adding the sandy effect with the beads!

Jacqui S. said...

Your work is exceptionally beautiful, very lovely. I began one of my pages today with a photo of shells, and that summer is coming. I love the way you made everything, it takes me to the sea.
Thank you for visiting me.

LA Paylor said...

just a little reminder... I speak/ teach to guilds all over the US and would love to come visit your guilds!
social and loves to teach fun people fun stuff

Paula@TheSassyQuilter said...

Wow, that sandcastle is amazing! You are so creative...I never would have thought of that.Really looks sandy:) I bet it will be a fun class!

Pam @Threading My Way said...

Just amazing!!! I've enlarged every photo to see the intricate details.

Anonymous said...

It's really gorgeous, and your detail work is AMAZING!

LA Paylor said...

I just have to thank those who replied and your compliments are
soothing my tired spirit. The details are important to me!!
I love you all!

Unknown said...

Wonderful seashells

Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation said...

your pieces are always so fun to look at!

Thanks so much for sharing at Needle and Thread Thursday!

:) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation