Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Is there a Doctor in the house??? YEP!

Not just another pretty face...
 There IS a Doctor in the house! He's my dear husband Drew... Dr. Drew! He studied for many years for this Ph.D. in electrical engineering. All while working full time in the field, taking care of home and us, and dealing with life's frustrations. This is such an accomplishment and I am very proud of him!
The day started with a picture with the school mascot, a retriever! We love dogs! Drew is wearing the robes of a Univ of MD Baltimore Campus doctoral graduate. The robe and hood are gorgeous colors, gold and blue velvet, just the thing for someone who loves color!

I sat upstairs with others who cope with physical issues and was lucky enough to be near this service lab who watched his boy graduate with a masters. The ceremony was wonderful but sometime during the introductions one might feel a bit tired and want to rest their heads.
The commencement speech was right up my alley!
The professor talked about how we are all connected, and must be nice to each other and remember the lessons we learned in kindergarten.
Then the adviser placed the hood over Drew's shoulders, read a bit about his work, and it was official! 

I love the sentiment on this bench. One students pass each day on their way to and from class.
The Regalia

We had lunch in Little Italy at our fave little restaurant, Amicci's then home to pick up the other member of the family for a walk around Annapolis and a mojito toast to the graduate!

Here's to the man! The one who is patient and kind, smart and funny, the doggie daddy, the dear husband.  Now you can resume your life already in progress!

Love, your proud wife,


  1. I discovered your blog a few weeks ago, and have been following ever since. I am not afraid of color either! Anyway, congratulations to you both. My husband has a ph.d. also and I know that it is a family accomplishment!

  2. Congratulations to Dr. Drew! Cole, you have a very smart Daddy!
    pugs and kisses,
    Romeo, Elvis and LarryPug

  3. You forgot to mention that he's Courageous! To wear that hat proudly takes a lot of guts and self confidence. Well done. Now pack it up in mothballs till next year.

  4. Hi LeeAnna!
    Congratulations to you all! What an accomplishment! Super news to read on your blog! Thanks for sharing this great moment in your life! You can all be proud!
    Take care,

  5. Congratulations. What an accomplishment. I always kind of chuckle for the people who get their doctorate degree in music--the colors are pink! My son is an optometrist and his colors are a nice shade of teal. He is now on the board of trustees of the university where he did his undergrad work so he gets to pull it out and wear it at every graduation. I want to send a copy of that bench to my friend who teaches English at the junior college level and had a lot of trouble this semester with plagiarism...

  6. Congratulations! Love the school mascot statue! And of course love the pic of your poodle peeking up over the lunch table. Cute! (Thanks for stopping by Pooch Smooches!)

  7. Congratulations Drew! After all those years of work..... You did it! What an accomplishment. You should be so proud!

  8. Congratulations Drew! And to you as well Leanne, as they say it takes a village, so you and the "mans best friend" should be very proud. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my sons achievements as well! There are at least 2 very proud Quilters tonight!