Sunday, June 12, 2016

DOG-tor, will I ever fly again???

See, it's not like we can't afford a new stuffie toy every time one has an unfortunate accident with dog teeth...

The poodle has his favorites.
He kind of "loves them to death"
(We lived in a kind of terror of his fave fleece ball being thrown away... know what I mean? The poodle on an endless quest, tilting at windmills, seeking the squeaking youthful fleece ball that was gone?)

So my friend Glen (quiltswissy ) told me I could order new squeakers from Amazon
One destroyed squeaker, a bag of new ones
The DOG-tor is in!
The GAME is on!
I replace a squeaker, Cole watches, Cole does his poodle-best to break and remove the new squeaker. I do this sewing by hand. Usually. That's the only safe way. However...

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! I am the only one stupid enough to do this!

For surgery, no need to sterilize your hands... the dog spit does that for you.

I remove the dead squeaker from stuffie through the handy hole my dog made while breaking it.
Lots of opportunities to find a hole here!

It was like an episode of Botched!
Plastic surgery...STAT!

Replace squeaker, push remaining stuffing to side, if there's room because your dog ate some of the stuffing, I then wedge it under the presser foot and sew...

THIS is how I used my creativity today. THIS was my inspiration.
A safer alternative for repair when there is no room to put it under the sewing foot...
Some delicate work is needed I hand sew. Double thread, big knot, no need to worry about a scar, it'll be torn out in no time!

I make sure to trim threads close to bird, or my poodle will be flossing. 
All Done! Good as new, but with that old toy smell.
 Chirp! Lots of squeaks left in this one!

Now to sneak it back into the toy box...
before sleeping dogs notice...


  1. Our dog immediately goes for the squeaker. I made one toy for Lola and it was in pieces in seconds. I now just buy them.

  2. Same here. Our dogs think squeakers are out to destroy the world.

  3. I have been there. Our golden retriever thinks it is her job to get all the squeakers out of her toy. It started with 10 or 12 and I think there might be two left. But she loves the toy and it even has a name "squeakers"and she knows it. I have repaired many holes.

  4. A woman with many creative talents!
    Hope you're feeling better!
    Take care,

  5. I love your humor. And your sense of dog dedication. Cole is a lucky dog.


  6. Yep! Done lots of squeakie surgery myself. The Swissys LOVED squeakies, and Chloe the Smelly Basset misses them so much. But the Bad Basset Boyz eat them, literally. Well, McGee does anyway. So, sigh, alas, no one can have them.

    They loved them so much, when we would walk at night, each dog would chose a squeakie and hold it for the entire mile!

  7. I enjoyed the surgery reenactment! I don't think Cole even noticed;-)

  8. Isn't it hysterical 'they' manage to (a) have favorites and (b) find said favorite in a basket of other toys?! That Cole...way tooooo clever for his own good and you are such a good dog mommy to repair the beloved squeaker. Hopefully he'll live long enough to squeak another day. ღ

  9. I couldn't try that surgical procedure if I wanted too! I don't own a sewing machine and I am not very handy with a needle. In our house, the squeaker comes out and the toy is played with on "mute"

  10. What we do for our babies! :) My boys have favorites too and we desperately try to hang on to them for as long as possible before Mommy has to play doctor and give stitches to repair the wounds.

  11. Your fur babies are very luck that you are such a great Doctor!! :D