Saturday, April 30, 2022

My creative offerings for last week in April

for this week's sewing round up, I have 3 finished art quilts to share...

Spring flower 14" X 26"

(I shared the early stages of these projects on this post:    HERE!!

I believe all three qualify for the Table scraps challenge to use a word and our scraps to make something. 

made from scraps, some painted, some appliqued, some pieced then appliqued!

organic leaf shapes quilted in

since I just add elements until I feel done, the whole thing needs careful straightening before quilting edges.  I knew I wanted some straight lines to frame this.. 

this bottom strip came straight from my painted scraps bin, made years ago and waiting for the right time to be used. I love the little mushrooms, the flowers were formed by cutting out freezer paper shapes and ironing them to fabric before painting. The quilting is free hand. The butterfly was painted with markers onto black and white fabric, then cut out. The green may or may not be my own hand dye, or a purchased hand dye, who remembers?

the second finished piece was made using my pink scraps and freedom piecing 

stripes and squares  14" X 20"
 I call it stripes and squares. It also has painted parts

the small flower at the bottom left was done with markers, the flower on the right is a thumbnail photo of one of my paper paintings printed onto fabric. I did a large whole quilt of the whole image and these little bits were put around the print so as to not waste the printable fabric. I kept them, and they fit right in on this! The flying geese is my own version of improv flying geese and an element I'm repeating this year in most of my work.

the strip sets are really tiny scraps I methodically stitch together when I need meditative sewing time

I have several made and use them when the time is right. The squares were from a large quilt made years ago. 

RSC color focus of the month has been pink... use your pink scraps. I did and love my scraps... leading to the next tiny work, made first actually...

Earlier in April I thought I'd make some fan blocks and got out the tiny scraps, happily stitching them together as my whims took me. Thinking about people and how contentious they have become world wide, from nasty comments made online to attacking each other on TV, to wars. 

I wrote a story yesterday sort of exploring this theme, called Internal Landscapes see it (HERE

inked on with stamps them quilted with metallic thread

some fabrics are satin and look great quilted!

I have painted a lot this week too.... and watched videos on print making, zentangles in nature, and other creativity talks all in Thursday's " I Like" post (here)

she was done with two colors pink and green

quote by Tamara la porte

I'll leave you with a wonderful talk by Elizabeth Gilbert about creativity... so many sound bites I need to copy down as quotes!

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  1. Hi LeeAnna,
    Green and Pink ! A perfect Spring combination !
    Love the three petal flower !
    hugs, take care,

  2. just gorgeous!! I love the Spring one the best! Wishing you a safe and happy weekend!

  3. Wow! The green piece looks like that color of new growth and I love how you quilted it. The pink one with Peace on it - made me think of the facets cut into a gem stone. Beautiful!!!

  4. These entries are fabulous!! Each piece is unique and fits well within the parameters of the April 2022 TABLE SCRAPS Challenge, LeeAnna. LOVE that you continued to explore the prompts throughout the month!!

  5. Green and pink wonderart fur sure, very nice!

  6. The quilts are awesome, all 3 of them. Think my favorite would be Green Spring, those colors speak to me. You are very creative using up your scraps like that on your pink quilts. Nothing going to waste. Kudos to you.
    Traveling Suitcase

  7. Wowza, wow wow! Your quilts, LA!

  8. What a lovely round up. I really like all your quilts and especially enjoy how much detail you pack in. Having little strip sets prepared in advance and ready to go is a good tip.

  9. Wonderful quilts, Lee Anna!

  10. So much eye candy! Love your projects so much. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  11. I love all of these. I got nothing done during April sewing-wise. And it doesn't look like May will be much better, although I did finish the binding on the Minecraft quilt for my grandson which I will gift to him in person when he visits in June.

  12. Wow, I love all three pieces LeeAnna! Love how you blend various techniques to form a cohesive whole. Three happy, fascinating pieces. I love pink.

  13. Ooooh, your Spring mini quilt is so lovely! Love the little hands in the petals, and the FMQ too. The three projects are beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing ;)

  14. Great finishes. The FMQ on your spring piece is wonderful. Thanks for linking up with Thank Goodness It's Finished Friday.