Sunday, January 23, 2022

stay at home round robin round 1... curves!

 for this round of the Stay at home Round Robin, the prompt is to use curves...

keeping with the tropical feel of "glam-ingo" I thought what has curves... nearly everything! 

lots of fun curvy fabrics in my tropical stash

hibiscus, hula dancers, flamingo necks, sandwomen, and seashells!!! 

I looked online for a free seashell pattern and printed out this from

 I resized it to finish at 3" and printed 6 of them

I got out some pinks

loving the satin pink with sparkles on it

to make this one with seashell sand colored fabric around it, but...

I wanted a base for them so I just made one for each!

do I want them on the side?

ooops already sewed two side by side...

or along the bottom?

and will I insert some curvy sand first? Sewn side by side they would fit perfectly right now...

so I'm having a good time with this but it is rushed. I do not generally like mystery quilting, I like designing my own, so the real challenge for me is not getting it done although it's tough doing four challenges all at the same time. It's not knowing the next rows, and how I prefer them to be laid out. 

As I've said before, I have artistic license to make it my own design while still playing along with the themed blocks. Not as much fun as a day at the beach but still a lot of fun!

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  1. I love the seashells, especially in those pinks! I feel the same about the unknown in mystery quilting, but you have embraced the challenge wonderfully!

  2. This is so fun! Your curve units are very creative and cool!

  3. OMG - the seashells are perfect for this! The colors you chose just work so well together. Wow!

  4. 3" seashells, yikes. But they are perfect for this piece. And remember, it may be a challenge (or 4), but if you're not having fun, then it may be time to rethink doing all of them.

  5. Clever idea for your curves. Great job.

  6. The seashells are perfect. This is going to be such a fun, tropically happy quilt!

  7. Such fantastic fun!! Pretty, curvy seashells, gorgeous pink flamingoes, fabulous batiks.......all are splendid. I too have curves; probably too many. =)

  8. looks like fun...very cute and tropical!

  9. Since flamingos get their color from the shrimp they eat, is there a paper pieced shrimp you could add?

  10. THose sea shells are just adorable and go very well with the pink flamingo!

  11. I would tend to hold off until I saw the other prompts before adding my shell blocks, but I do like them on the side! You can still add curvy sand below the flamingo. This is going to be so wonderful! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.