Thursday, January 20, 2022

I Like Thursday # 280


Welcome to this week's list of likes... come on in, grab a cup of tea and visit a while! 

I love my poodle... what a good boy Milo is and what a sense of humor he has! I came downstairs this week to see him, er, well I don't know what he was doing...

Milo's Moment

Mama: ummmm Milo what are you doing? 

Milo: thinking... I've watched you and daddy look at the black screen for years and don't know why...

Mama: well, we watch the TV for entertainment, you're watching the fireplace

Milo: wha??? no wonder it's so boring!


Watching on TV (the real tv) 

All Creatures great and small, Around the world in 80 days on PBS, Emily in Paris season 2, last few episodes of Virgin River, Amazing Race pandemic version, This is Us, Great Kiwi baking show, and a few others. 

I am still avoiding people with rising numbers of infections, so I must try to have some kind of life here at home. I love talking with friends, and zooming with Joy and FT with my friend Cindy, phone call with friend Diane in Austin were highlights this week. 

Both Cindy and I are doing the stitch camp at TextileArtists this week, so we compared painted fabrics. Post on that Saturday.

just a small section
  I'm also doing a meditation/writing workshop this week with Kelly Blaser with two videos a day. I liked Brad Yates' information on tapping therapy this week, enough to sign up to get his free online gifts for taking the seminar. 

I finished my Project Quilting piece this week, more tomorrow on that, happy that's done.

I came up with a way to add curves to my flamingo piece so now it's just work. I love getting the flash of an idea, then the easy part is making it.

I am working on Table scraps challenge and did a red challenge for Rainbow scrap challenge. 


finished the audio book and started listening to this one on audio,


but plan to switch to a fiction book tomorrow instead. If a book doesn't hold my interest it's outta here

still reading on ebook


Fine Dining...

 I wanted to try a new dessert, and the Great Kiwi Baking show had just challenged bakers to make brownies so I tried this.... I subbed Oat Flour for the all purpose so Milo could try them too  

I made them with oat flour so Milo could have a bit, they were AWESOME!!! The frosting, homemade caramel that tasted like the best peneuche fudge ever, was easy.

continuing on the experimental cooking page...

my lunch didn't quite work to plan... my eggs stuck in the pan, not to the tortilla so that it took both of us to flip it onto a lid, scrape the eggs in the tortilla, put it back in the pan layer spinach/arugula, sliced mushrooms, left over crumbled turkey bacon, sliced red bell peppers and cheese. Then the whole thing sort of stuck as a whole. 

 I said, next time I'd make the eggs and layer them on a tortilla with all the other vege and cheese and make a quesadilla of it.  For a lunch, it's a change of pace, and filling. So I did that, with leftover scrambled eggs, swiss cheese, red bell pepper strips, leftover turkey sausage, spinach/arugula, and tomato made into the quesadilla. It might be the best tasting lunch ever!!! 

On youtube this week....

this guy has taught me baking, but now he's pointing out houseplant's indoor needs

I'm sleepy! 

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  1. we love the fusge... it screams our name ;O) and we love poodles... and we think not only weimaraners have a human brain, poodles too... but while weimaraners have the brain of Rasputin or Klaus Kinski, poodles have the brain of a genius like Albert Einstein or Nostradamus...

  2. I bet he was looking at his reflection. Ozzie does that & barks every time

  3. Love this post! So glad you are finding good things to watch on tv and keep isolated! Milo's expressions are so similar to Scout's! It amazes me!

  4. Milo is a hoot, sitting in front of the fireplace like that! We're enjoying All Creatures Great and Small, too. Love quesadillas, but have never thought of making them with an egg filling. We'll have to try that!

  5. Our cat once sat watching the fireplace like that, and then we discovered that we had ice melting and dripping down inside from the chimney. It kept him mesmerized. LOL I can't wait to see how you incorporate the curves for SAHRR. I still can't decide whether or not to play along. I'm so glad to know that I'm not the only person who has not-so-successful experiences in the kitchen at times.

  6. I couldn't stop laughing at Milo staring at the screen. He is a comedian. You've got to love dogs for making us smile and laugh.

  7. Hi LeeAnna. It does look as if the fireplace watching has Milo mesmerized. Your week sounds fun with classes and on line visits. I just keep telling myself we will be able to see our friends and attending live seminars one day. In the meantime you sure are helping me to keep occupied with the recipes you share and your book suggestions. Thank you 🤗

  8. Milo is a handsome boy. Maybe he is waiting for you to light the fire? The banana blondies are my next dessert as I have extra bananas and like this idea as an alternative to banana bread for a change. The egg tortilla video looked very interesting. Your version looks yummy even if the eggs stuck to the pan instead of the tortilla. I am always looking for a new breakfast idea. Thanks for sharing ... :) Pat

  9. HAHA! Oh Milo, staring at the fireplace is just too funny. He really is a handsome boy. His face is so expressive, too. Can't wait to see the curves on your flamingo!! Those baby animals - awww to the max. {{Hugs}} a bunch for you. ~smile~ Roseanne

  10. I am thinking Milo was admiring that handsome poodle sitting there. Your fabric is very pretty. I have been tempted to try some almond flour or oat flour lately too. Your lunch looks yummy though, even though there were some tortilla tumult.

  11. Oh all the pictures of Milo. Excellent. You made my day.

    Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday. Scritches to Milo. ♥

  12. Oh Milo, I know you were really waiting for Santa to come back! The brownies look pretty good...let's eat! Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

    p.s., how''s your ear Milo?

  13. Great likes. Mmm - Your lunch may have not gone to plan, but it looks great.

  14. Sweet sleepy critters! Good for lots of laughs. Thanks for sharing. I'm so glad for Zooming with my quilty groups. It certainly has helped. Have a great week!

  15. Milo is a hit this post! He is so person like.
    Love to read your recipes esp. brownies...awesome treats. That's a wonderful video too. Adorable.

  16. Love Milo watching the black screen lol. Your cooking looks really yummy.
    Annie x

  17. Does Milo watch his reflection in the screen? My dog likes to bark at his :( I do admire your ability to stay involved in activities while staying at home. Where I teach, they have decided to make masking optional on a permanent basis. Now are numbers are rising, with faculty getting sick. Not good. Anyway, thanks for linking up!

  18. Milo is so funny watching the fire. Our kitten watches the washing machine - she finds it endlessly fascinating. You sound incredibly busy with all your projects and your cooking looks good, especially the brownies. Have a lovely weekend. Elizabeth x

  19. Milo is TOO funny!! Wonder if he was cold and waiting for you to turn on the fireplace? LOVE that painted piece, LeeAnna!!! Glad to hear that you enjoyed the Stitch Camp videos.

  20. Milo is soooo handsome! You make me so hungry with your delicious food. Gosh, I do home Omicron and Delta vamoose soon, so tired of it. Love what you are watching ... have seen and finished Virgin River, Emily in Paris. Oh, and remind me to ask you if a friend of mine is in that class you are taking....

  21. I lovd the pet video! As the life is so monotonous due to the omicron, pets bring so much joy to life. Wishing a nice weekend.

  22. I'm terribly late visiting, but that is the story of my life lately. I really got a kick out of seeing Milo in front of the TV. He is such a cutie.

    Speaking of TV, last week you mentioned you bet I watch Around the world in 80 days and All Creatures. I LOVE David Tennant and watch him every chance I get. I only watch All Creatures because it is in between Around the world in 80 days and one of my very favorite shows on PBS, Vienna/Blood. Not THAT is my kind of show. Give me a psychological thriller and I'm in hog heaven! Just like Milo is when he gets his favorite meal. Happy belated Friday Smiles, dear LeeAnna.

  23. Milo makes my smile. He is a champion. Bless him, sitting in front of the fire! Waiting for you to light it? Was he cold?
    You certainly keep yourself busy with all the challenges, workshops and projects you are doing.
    I watched the plant video with interest as I love ferns.
    Your brownie indeed looks very delicious. You are making my mouth water.
    Have a lovely (rest of the) weekend,