Saturday, January 15, 2022

sewing saturday round up


for this week's sewing round up... I took a little rest from PQ13 and Sahrr and worked on my table scraps challenge for the end of the month. 

I love red, and it's the color of RSC scrap challenge this month. I've been doing this for years and it gives me a focus to use my scraps which are a little gold mine of color and pattern, each month. However....

I am in possession of a RSC block cemetery. Blocks done each year yet not finished. I find them fun to make but putting them together takes too much design thought,. I have been looking through quilt books, and online to get ideas for blocks this year... meh...

 I've quilted since I was 6 years old. I've been there and have the UFO's to prove it.

I still love quilt making and sewing it's just a combination of general malaise and wanting to work originally right now.  

I sewed some small pieces together to make 6" blocks with the red scraps, with no goals in mind

I could finish the project from last year

except I really got into making another bedside table topper with snowmen. Oh we no longer get snow in the mile high this year so I want to do snowmen with theJoyfulquilter (prompt) , as a sort of "rain dance" to bring some back to colorado. 

I started with free snowmen paper pieced patterns from carol doak 
I enlarged the  on our printer, to 6" finished, and 4" finished also making her original 3" 

and made a checkerboard with red scrap squares cut at 1.5" and starry fabrics. I decided to use my wild flying geese in this piece and wanted to keep in around 19" X 15" for my night table.

(Don't want to spoil the surprise so just a few pics of the process) 

So I've moved the components around a lot this week, decided where to put the words and how to embroider them, and then found this strip set in my scrap/parts dept bin of red

I know you can't tell much from this photo but it lightens it up, adds whimsy, and brings it more into the size requirement. See it's never over til it's over. Also, no piece is too small or inconsequential that I won't dither over decisions about making it !!!

Tomorrow we find out the project quilting prompt for the week and that will take up a lot of bandwidth

we might find out also the next row for Stay at home round robin... that will take design thought and work to make.

I hung up a Valentine quilt this week, in my stair well and it gives me happiness to see it

I've begun looking at knitting and crochet patterns again this week too. Also on the menu is a meditation/ writers workshop with two speakers a day for over a week. That takes a LOT of energy and promotes a lot of growth and creativity.( presented by Kelly Blaser ) so I might not notice the world outside the house this week! 

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  1. Owo sweet snowmen, LeeAnna. Looking forward for seeing what you are doing for the Table scrap challenge. Love the eye candy.

  2. Your quilts look very vibrant and cheerful for this time of year. I guess it IS time to get out the Valentine decor.

    best... mae at

  3. An "RSC block cemetery." I laughed out loud! I think a lot of people have those! Maybe you could clear some mental space by offering your blocks to someone else to complete. That way they would gain new life and you wouldn't have to resurrect them. Love the snowmen and looking forward to your project!

  4. The paper-pieced snowmen are darling! I took a look at her site, too. There are so many fun, free ideas out there!

  5. Block cemetery is much more accurate than ufo. Your snowmen are delightful. I'm sorry there's not more snow in Denver and hope this brings it on. It's hard to be stuck inside all the time. Best wishes to you.

  6. Oh, LeeAnna! What fun scrappy RED bits are floating around your studio!!!

  7. Ok! Now I am curiously awaiting your bedside table cover reveal! What a good idea to add JOY to your snowman creation! Keep on creating! Keep on learning! Keep on being you!

  8. Cute little snowman, I love its hat ;) The secret project is looking good!
    Stay warm inside, and have fun! Thank you for sharing, and linking up ;)

  9. Those snowman faces are just too cute! They kind of blunt the whole snow is unpleasant when you're out in it vibe.

  10. RSC block cemetery, hahaha. I have one of those, too. It's snowing here now, the start of 12-18" by tomorrow night. I'd be glad to share some with you. Can't wait to see your snowman table scraps. I still haven't started one, although I have made a few blocks for other projects.

  11. Oh dear, a block cemetery! I love seeing all the little bits you are working on. Enjoy your courses...they do sound like a lot of work!

  12. So many beautiful projects with those luscious reds. I also really like your ambitions...working with wool is a wonderful feeling too and gives a satisfaction that fabrics don't to me.

  13. Love your scrap blocks. I'm interested to see what they become.

  14. Sometimes you just need a break from creativity and a chance to respark, and it sounds like the writer's workshop is perfect! Love the valentine's quilt. Makes me happy too. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.