Saturday, January 22, 2022

sewing saturday... lots of projects


Welcome to this week's sewing round up... the first picture is from working with red scraps this week... 

I've been occupied with three challenges, a meditation/writing workshop, and Stitch Camp this week! I am sorry to tell you I am not able to show a lot of photos since the only thing I finished was the Project Quilting piece.... make a silhouette (post HERE!!)

I can admit I felt like I was running from pillar to post though, from one activity to another, and filling the days with creativity! 

Stitch Camp was offered by TextileArtist and involved getting out some paints and misc. tools to make marks on fabric. It was very warm here so I was able to work at my portable table outside with my partner in crime

Our task was to make marks on fabric then cut it up and hand stitch over it.

I finally used the toilet paper stamps made a while back, bending one into a leaf shape, one into a heart shape, one into a flower spray. I used markers, corks, brushes, a leaf stamp, and other things to make marks too. Trouble is I loved the finished runner, and don't think cutting it up will teach me anything.

a small closeup

so my new plan is to take down my box of hand painted scraps and use those in the activity instead, and make a hand quilted runner from this with backing only. I've been wanting to try that technique of long parallel stitching through two layers. 

I plan to do a post on what I've discovered/learned/made from this 5 day workshop soon... stay tuned!

I worked on my snowman piece too, trying to keep it to 20" wide by 18" tall to fit on my bedside tabletop but it's wanting to be larger... I pieced in the top geese, and am working on a finish for next week. 

I showed this pic because it shows the 9 patches that ended up too intense for this little piece but were perfect for my new project... improve color blocks made in monthly rainbow scrap challenge colors, RED for this month

I began a week ago with two 6.5" squares

then this week did some quick improv log cabin blocks and joined them

adding in the 9 patches, some 2" squares to make the blocks go together

and some random geese cut down to fit, put it all into a big color block

I think I might do a big improv color block each month and see how they fit together at the end... maybe, I have "artistic license" to play with art, right? 

I finally sandwiched all the octagon sections to their backings ready to quilt, freeing up the design wall, put away some fabric not used, and came up with a great idea for curves for "glamingo" and the round robin... and looked for a free paper piecing pattern online as a starting place. Heehee! I love getting the idea, then it's just making it which is easy! Hopefully today I can do those blocks and sneak into the link party...

There it is... a week full of purpose. Why do so many people compete to have challenges all at the same time on the first month of a new year? I sure wish I could space these out to relax into a challenge...
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  1. That poodle makes me smile every time I see it!

  2. Wow, LeeAnna!! What a wonderful and creative week you had! I'm with you on the wish that the SAHRR didn't fall during the same time as Project QUILTING. It makes it doubly challenging to participate in both. Especially with the monthly events, too! I get around it by trying to combine projects for "twofer" or "trifecta" finishes, when possible. LOVE how you incorporated RED scraps into several projects for the RSC!

  3. Love all the wonderful creativity here - beautiful and vibrant. So nice to enjoy a day outside, too!

  4. Your Disco Poodle for PQ is adorable! Looks fun to make, too.

  5. Wow, were you creatively busy this week. I may try the improv blocks as an alternative to crumb blocks as a challenge to myself to use up triangles and other odd shaped scraps. Milo's dancing silhouette is cook and I'm looking forward to seeing the flamingo RR evolve. Cold and snowy here.

  6. Sometimes creativity flows like a fire hose, other days like a leaky faucet. Glad you're able to get loads done.

  7. I can always count on you to share lots of lovely projects in bright colors. Sounds (and looks) like you had a busy week. Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap!

  8. I love your very creative big red improv color block! The flying geese are the perfect extra blocks to add!
    Thank you for sharing, and linking up ;)

  9. Love how your red improv project is coming along!

  10. Oh, I love your PQ project with the dancing poodle in silhouette! Are you aware of the other students in the textile artist class? I think I know 2 others taking it. The reds are looking good, hoping to cut into mine soon!

  11. Every time I see your silhouette of poodle it makes me smile. Thank you.